School Teacher Resume Samples

A powerful teacher resume is an important step on the path to your next teaching position. Whether you're a preschool teacher, elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, or high school teacher, these sample resumes can provide you with the tools to put together an eye-catching resume of your own.

When writing your own teacher resume, it's important to mention all the necessary education certifications required for your position. You'll also want to highlight any skills or awards relevant to the job. You should also refer to the job description and mention any relevant teaching experience mentioned in that. You should include a headline or summary statements that clearly communicate your goals and qualifications.

These resume examples are modeled off the most-contacted resumes on Indeed. Use them to guide you to as you write a resume of your own. If you're ready to apply for your next teaching role, upload your resume to Indeed Resume and get started!

Sofia Flores

Anchorage, AL(123) 456-7891


Devoted and nurturing Teacher with 3+ years of experience in early childhood development. Focused on organizing and leading quality lesson plans and activities that promote individual growth, active imaginations, and positive learning experiences.


Jan '09 - May '13

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies


OCEAN ELEMENTARY, Kindergarten Teacher
Dec '15 - Current
  • Implement age-appropriate reading, writing, and mathematics curriculum through the application of creative and innovative learning methods
  • Incorporate dance, song, and movement throughout lessons to increase focus and encourage cognitive development
  • Researched and instituted behavior management strategies, decreasing adverse interactions between students and developing a culture of caring
  • Conduct parent-teacher meetings to address specific needs of individual children and recommend strategies for improved social and educational experiences
  • Restructured and revitalized the institution's blog, increasing parent/guardian involvement in school activities ~30%
KID START, Preschool Teacher
Current - Current
  • Organized and led state-approved, engaging educational curriculum and activities to promote learning in a fun and supportive environment
  • Cultivated a nurturing environment conducive to developing healthy values and character traits
  • Built relationships with parents and guardians through an open line of honest communication
  • Observed, assessed, and documented student behavior and performance on a weekly basis


  • Proficient in American Sign Language
  • Early Childhood Education

Malik Rabb

Boulder City, NV(123) 456-7891


Compassionate and strategic Teacher with more than 15 years of experience invested in coaching students to achieve success. Employs creative tactics to engage minds, promote educational exploration, and generate a spirit of collaboration.


Aug '96 - May '00

Bachelor of Arts in Special Education


OCEAN ELEMENTARY, Middle School Teacher
Dec '11 - Current
  • Develop and lead state-approved curriculum, incorporating innovative lesson strategies and consistently leading students that produce grades 5% higher than their peers
  • Incorporate hands-on team activities to encourage collaboration and analytical thinking skills
  • Spearheaded development of electronic monthly newsletter designed to inform parents of classroom and school activities, increasing parent involvement in extracurricular activities by 30%
KID START, Elementary School Teacher
Current - Current
  • Formulated quality daily lesson plans for core subjects, including math, science, social studies, and English, challenging students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Proactively addressed and redirected negative behavior, earning reputation as a skilled mediator
  • Pioneered development of and coordinated annual spelling bee competitions
CRANE ACADEMY, Elementary School Teacher
Current - Current
  • Provided clear classroom instruction and maintained structure in lessons and activities
  • Assessed individual learning styles and adjusted lesson plans to accommodate each student
  • Defined and enforced appropriate behavior rules, encouraging positive student relationships
  • Designed system to track student performance, academic growth, and personal development


  • Conflict Resolution and Behavior Management

Common Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Organizational Skills
  • Powerpoint
  • Special Education
  • Teaching
  • Typing

Common Certifications

  • CPR/First Aid
  • Elementary Education
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Notary Public
  • Secondary Education
  • Teaching Certificate
  • TEFL