Recruiter Resume Samples

Recruiters are responsible for identifying and processing candidates to fill job openings. These human resources specialists screen and interview candidates, serve as liaisons between employers and applicants and facilitate job offers.

Recruiters typically handle the following tasks:

  • Posting job openings
  • Identifying candidates
  • Vetting candidates with hiring managers
  • Attending job fairs
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Making employment offers

National average salary: $53,040 per year

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Job outlook: Projected to grow 7% faster than the average from 2019-2029

Having a strong recruiter resume is an essential part of your job search. In this article, we will provide you with two recruiter resume examples and best practices for creating your own resume.

Sofia Flores

Honolulu HI(123) 456-7891


Decisive, strategic Recruiter with 3+ years of experience targeting top talent. Leverages metrics and modern methods to seamlessly fill high-priority positions, improve processes and build a strong employer brand.


Aug '10 - May '14

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


TRADELOT, Recruiter
Jul '19 - Current
  • Strategically develop and implement recruiting plans for organization with 2K+ employees
  • Collaborate with management team to attract, identify and place qualified candidates for established roles critical to operational success
  • Pioneered college recruitment program and coordinate annual visits to universities statewide
  • Develop relationships with and routinely contact industry leaders to share open job positions; filled CTO role within 2 weeks
Aug '15 - Jul '19
  • Evaluated source of hire metrics and proposed improved strategies to source candidates via social media, career webpage and job boards; decreased time to hire by 5 days in 2 months
  • Improved quality of hire with comprehensive job role descriptions, requirements and qualifications


  • Microsoft Outlook, Excel & PowerPoint
  • College Recruitment

Ivy Haddington

Montpelier VT(123) 456-7891


Energetic Senior Recruiter with 15+ years of experience managing full cycle recruitment. Implements strategies to accelerate hiring processes, adhering to strict deadlines while drawing in high-performing, accomplished candidates.


Aug '09 - May '11

Master of Science in Human Resource Management


CRANE & JENKINS, Senior Recruiter
Jul '19 - Current
  • Expand recruitment efforts by building connections with associations, universities and professional organizations to attract quality candidates for $1B healthcare organization
  • Spearheaded push to optimize job application process, boosting completion rate by 30%
  • Analyzed and redefined recruiting KPIs to better align HR goals with business objectives
TRADELOT, Recruiter
Aug '15 - Jul '19
  • Proposed use of applicant tracking software to automate posting open positions to job boards and social media, which decreased time to fill applied phase by 4%
  • Implemented use of Boolean search logic, streamlining recruitment efforts and concentrating searches on targeted candidates
  • Developed long-lasting relationships with potential employees by sending customized monthly newsletters and weekly job opening updates


  • Microsoft Office & Applicant Tracking Software

Tips for your recruiter resume

Below you will find tips on how to organize and create a recruiter resume.
1. Choose the right format. As a recruiter, you are no stranger to seeing the variety of resume formats. You might consider using a chronological resume format as it is the most straightforward and clear. It’s great to use when you have prior recruiting experience. If you are trying to break into the field of recruiting with no experience or recently took a long break from the workforce, consider using a functional resume format.

2. Include an eye-catching summary. You likely know from experience that reviewing a resume can happen in seconds. A strong resume summary can catch the eye of an employer by providing a brief overview of what makes you qualified for the position. Use two- to three-sentences to highlight your relevant skills, qualifications and experience in the industry.

3. Highlight in-demand recruiting skills. By including a mix of your hard and soft skills on your resume, you’re more likely to catch the attention of employers and applicant tracking systems (ATS). It’s best to have a dedicated skills section towards the top of your resume, perhaps after your summary section. Recruiter skills you might list include sourcing, applicant tracking systems, negotiating, communication skills and any areas of expertise (ex. if you are a technical recruiter, you may include your knowledge of technical skills).

4. Include certifications. If you have certifications relevant to recruiting, make sure to include them in your resume. They can be included in your skills section, education or a dedicated certifications section. Common recruiting certifications may include AIRS, ASA, NAPS and SHRM.

5. Emphasize relevant experience. The content in your experience section should be results-oriented and achievement-driven. Use this space to highlight your recruiting skills and accomplishments. Include numbers to represent your impact by quantifying your experience when possible.

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