Manufacturing and Maintenance Resume Examples and Template for 2023

Updated September 8, 2023

Professionals who work in the manufacturing and maintenance industry can have various job responsibilities, such as building products, repairing equipment or managing shipments. If you're applying for jobs in manufacturing and maintenance, it's important to review the job description so you can align your resume with the position. Knowing how to prepare a resume can help you showcase your qualifications for jobs in this industry.

In this article, we describe how to write a manufacturing and maintenance resume and provide two resume samples to help you prepare your own. When you're ready, you can upload a resume file or build an Indeed Resume to begin applying for jobs.

Manufacturing and Maintenance Resume Examples

Leo Lopez
Memphis, TN | 901-555-0135 |
Driven and detail-oriented Machine Operator with five years of experience operating equipment to streamline efficiency and improve productivity. Proven record of collaborating successfully with other team members to achieve production goals, including a 13% increase in production within six months. Hard worker with excellent communication and teamwork skills.
Hardiman Technical College, 2020
Machine Operator Technical Certificate
Pakma Industries, Memphis, TN, Machine Operator
May 2020 – Present
  • Operate machinery and observe production to detect malfunctions, helping to increase production by 13%
  • Perform maintenance and repairs to keep equipment running smoothly
  • Inspect batch of finished products to ensure quality control
  • Maintain assembly supplies and minimize waste, helping to save $5,000 in production costs
  • Complete paperwork to document daily production and prepare reports for supervisor
McHardy Manufacturing, Memphis, TN, Machine Operator Apprentice
April 2019 – May 2020
  • Monitored machine operations closely to identify problems, proactively performing maintenance when necessary
  • Calibrated new and existing equipment to ensure accuracy in production
  • Recorded materials quantity using computer software to maintain thorough records
  • Lean Certification, SME - 2021
  • Machine operation and maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Computer software
  • Safety standards
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Physical stamina
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How to write a manufacturing and maintenance resume

Here are the steps you can take to write a manufacturing and maintenance resume:

1. Highlight your qualifications

Write a concise professional summary to highlight your top qualifications for a job in manufacturing and maintenance. In two or three sentences, describe your experience in the industry or your relevant skills, such as machining or lean manufacturing. Discuss some of your career accomplishments, such as helping to streamline assembly processes by 13%. If you have little or no professional experience in the industry, highlight the relevant education and training you have, such as an apprenticeship or an associate degree.

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2. Outline your experience

Provide your work history to outline your experience. For each job you've had, list your job title, employer's name and dates of employment. Underneath each position, write bullet points to explain your duties and achievements in the role. Use the STAR method to describe a situation, the task you completed, the action you took and the results of your action. When possible, use data and statistics to quantify the results of your actions. For example, you may write that you led monthly safety training to help a team reduce warehouse accidents by 18% in six months.

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3. List your relevant skills

Create a section on your resume to list your skills for a manufacturing and maintenance position. Choose six to 10 skills to feature on your resume. Include both hard and soft skills to show employers you have the technical knowledge and personal attributes to perform job tasks effectively. If you're unsure what skills to include, review the job description to see what skills an employer has listed as necessary for the position. Include those same skills to pass an applicant tracking system, which many employers use to scan and rank resumes.

Common skills

  • Product design

  • Machining

  • Equipment repair

  • Data analysis

  • Fabrication technology

  • Hand and power tools

  • Good manufacturing practices

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Safety standards

  • Quality management

  • Computer software

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Problem-solving

  • Physical stamina

Common certifications

  • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician

  • Lean Certification

  • Certified Production Technician

  • Project Management Professional

  • Certified Maintenance Professional

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4. Provide your education

List the name of your highest degree or diploma to provide your education. For example, you may list your high school diploma or an associate degree in manufacturing technology. If you've completed a certificate or technical diploma program, such as a machining automation program, you can also include that information in this section of your resume. Provide the name of the technical institution, community college or university you attended. Include your graduation date if you've received a degree, certificate or diploma within the last three years.

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5. Mention relevant certifications

Many professionals in the manufacturing and maintenance industry choose to earn certifications to learn new skills and expand their job search. If you have relevant certifications, create a separate section on your resume to highlight those credentials. List the name of the certification, such as Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician. Provide the name of the certifying organization or agency and the year you earned or renewed the certification.

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