Veterinary Technician Resume Examples and Template for 2023

Updated September 19, 2023

A veterinary technician helps a veterinarian with many tasks and procedures, including providing care to patients and conducting exams and routine tests. When you search for veterinary technician jobs in the workforce, carefully review each job description to learn what the position entails. Knowing how to write a veterinary technician resume can help you apply for one of these jobs with greater ease.

In this article, we list the steps for writing a veterinary technician resume, provide two resume samples and review the common skills and certifications for the role. When you're ready to apply for a veterinary technician position, you can upload a resume file or build an Indeed Resume to start the process.

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Veterinary Technician Resume Examples

Cody Fredrickson
Hartford, CT | 773-555-0199 |
Caring and hard-working Veterinary Technician with proven experience providing quality care in a busy veterinary clinic. Dedicated to improving each patient's quality of life and skilled in animal surgeries and behavior techniques.
Carlsbad University
Bachelor of Science in veterinary technology
La Jolla Animal Hospital, Veterinarian Technician
September 2020 – Current
  • Admit and treat animals under Veterinarian's supervision
  • Conduct physical exams for small- to large-sized patients
  • Help the Veterinarian with surgeries and provide sterile instruments
  • Maintain a friendly demeanor in the hospital
  • Collaborate with Veterinarians
Andy's Pet Center, Veterinary Technician
June 2019 – August 2020
  • Helped the Veterinarian with surgical procedures and anesthesia administration
  • Monitored patients after their surgical procedures
  • Triaged and admitted patients of all sizes
Carlsbad Pet Center, Veterinary Technician Assistant
June 2018 – May 2019
  • Conducted routine diagnostic tests as needed
  • Documented each animal's condition and helped with surgery preparation
  • Received and filed patient check-in materials
  • Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Animal Behavior Society – 2022
  • Human Animal Bond Certification, North American Veterinary Community – 2021
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal
  • Collaboration
  • Anesthetics
  • Animal care
  • Communication
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How to write a veterinary technician resume

An effective veterinary technician resume can help you appeal to hiring managers and show them the value you might add to their company upon hire. Here are the steps for writing a veterinary technician resume:

1. Start with a resume header

Before listing your credentials, help hiring managers identify your resume by adding a header. Include your first and last name, followed by your contact information. You can add your phone number, email address and your city and state. If a hiring manager wants to learn more about the information on your resume, they may call or email you to screen you or schedule a formal interview.

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2. Include a professional summary

A professional summary highlights what makes you valuable as a candidate. Discuss your relevant skills, work history and your career achievements in two or three sentences. Make sure to use strong action verbs and quantify your achievements when possible.

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3. Add your work history

Create a section that outlines your industry experience. Include similar positions, such as that of a veterinary technician assistant, or any other job that helped you develop the skills you may use in this role. For every job you include, add the name of the position, your previous employer, the employment dates and your prior duties. Include any jobs and duties that strengthen your candidacy for the veterinary technician position you want to pursue.

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4. Mention your veterinary skills

In your work experience section, share your relevant skills as a veterinary technician. Consider using keywords from the job description to highlight how your qualifications meet your prospective employer's criteria. Here are some skills you can include in your veterinary technician resume:

  • Communication

  • Surgical procedures

  • Customer service

  • Time management

  • Anesthetics

Common skills

  • Customer service

  • Animal behavior

  • Compassion

  • Organization

  • Communication

  • Surgical procedures

Common certifications

  • Human Animal Bond Certification

  • Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

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5. Share your diplomas and degrees

In the next section, highlight your academic career. This lets hiring managers know where you earned your fundamental knowledge as a veterinary technician. Typically, veterinary technicians have a degree in veterinary technology or a similar field. While many have an associate degree, those with a bachelor's degree may have more responsibility at their place of employment. For each diploma or degree, include the name, the granting institution and, if you graduated within the past few years, the year you earned each.

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6. List your certifications

Though each state has its own regulations for veterinary technicians, many require a passing score on a credentialing exam. Apart from this exam, you can also pursue additional certifications to expand your knowledge. If you have certifications, you can list them in this part of your resume. Include the name of each credential, the hosting organizations and the date you received or renewed them.

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