How To Write an Art Teacher Resume (With Example and Tips)

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Updated March 28, 2022 | Published April 20, 2021

Updated March 28, 2022

Published April 20, 2021

Creating a well-written and aesthetically pleasing art teacher resume can help you stand out when applying for jobs. Learning what to include on your resume and how to write it can ensure you present your best qualifications and show how you can excel as a teacher. In this article, we explain how to write an art teacher resume and provide a template and example.

What does an art teacher do?

An art teacher educates students about art history and theory and how to create art. Art teachers help others express themselves through mediums like drawing, sculpting or painting. They also educate students on technique and help develop basic artistic skills.

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How to write an art teacher resume

When applying for a job, create a resume that shows your most relevant skills, achievements and work experiences. You can use the following steps to help guide you in writing your resume to apply to be an art teacher:

1. Review the job description

Read the job description for which you are applying in its entirety. Pay attention to the skills and tasks required for the job so that you can list any qualifying skills or experience of your own. You can also identify keywords from the description to include on your resume, which may attract more attention from employers as they review your resume. Consider revising your resume each time you apply for a job, which can help you impress the organization and show your interest in that specific job.

2. Provide your contact information

Add your name, address and contact information, including an email address and phone number. If you have an online portfolio or personal website, include the web address in this header. This is a great opportunity to provide a visual aid for your skills and experience.

3. Give a professional summary

In this section, you can introduce yourself and your art resume to potential employers with either a professional summary or an objective statement. A professional summary uses a few sentences to describe your work history, achievements and most relevant skills. An objective statement is to share your goals as a teacher and intent for the job.

You can describe the type of teacher you are by highlighting skills and success you have had in your teaching experience. This is a great way to showcase your qualifications.

For either the professional summary or the objective statement, it may be a good idea to personalize this section for the needs of the school or institution where you are applying. A school's website may state its goals, and if applicable, you can show how you could help meet those goals.

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4. Add your educational background

Provide your educational background on your resume to show you have earned the necessary qualifications. Art teachers commonly hold bachelor's degrees in education or art. List the degree you've earned, your major or area of study and where you went to school. If you have received honors or special achievements that could be relevant to teaching art, you can include them in this section.

5. Share related experience

Starting with your most recent job, include the job title, organization name, location and dates worked. After that, include a bulleted list of responsibilities and accomplishments for each role. Try to be as specific as possible when listing your responsibilities, such as how many classes you instructed and the typical class size, to give hiring managers a better perspective of your capabilities.

6. List relevant skills

Remember keywords from the job description when adding your skills. Include any skills you have that they specifically asked for, if able, and skills you feel relate to teaching art. While you need to know how to teach, there are many other skills that can prove you are an excellent educator. Here are common skills art teachers have:

  • Knowledge of art history

  • Understanding of art theory

  • Communication

  • Developing lesson plans

  • Managing a classroom

  • Engaging students

  • Ability to cultivate creativity

  • Evaluating students

  • Aesthetics

  • Critical thinking

  • Active listening

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Art teacher resume template

When writing your resume, it is important that it is readable and properly formatted. You can use this template as one example of how you can format your art teacher resume:

[Full name]
[Street address]
[City, state]
[Phone number]
[Email address]
[Professional website]

Professional summary

[one or two sentences to summarize your work history, achievements and skills]


[Degree and field of study] | [College or university], [City, state]
[Dates of attendance]
[Award, certification or achievement]

Professional experience

[Job title] | [Company], [City, state]
[Dates of employment]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Job title] | [Company], [City, state]
[Dates of employment]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]


  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

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Art teacher resume example

You can use this example to help guide you in writing your own art teacher resume:

Anne Wright
2244 Wright Lane
Columbus, Ohio

Professional statement

Educator with 4 years engaging, motivating and teaching students with a diverse range of age seeking employment at Wrightville Jefferson Middle School as the art teacher to help further the institution's mission, collaborate with educators and promote creativity and self expression for Wrightville students.


Bachelor of Education | Wright University, Columbus, Ohio
April 2015

Professional experience

Art teacher (part time) | Franklin Elementary, Franklin, Ohio

August 2019–May 2020

  • Collaborated with classroom teacher for literacy advancement plan

  • Created lesson plans and examinations to test a student's aptitude

  • Coordinated trips to art institutions to increase student understanding

  • Managed classroom of 15 students

Middle school teacher | Westville City Schools, Westville, Ohio

August 2016–May 2019

  • Developed lesson plans, administer tests and analyze student performance

  • Provided individual instruction for special education students

  • Created hands on engaging activities to help students apply knowledge

  • Utilized technology in lectures and demonstrations


  • Classroom management

  • Special education

  • Digital art

  • Lesson plans

  • Communication

  • Language arts

Tips for writing your resume

Before submitting your resume, try these tips:

  • Review your resume: Ensure your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors to demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail.

  • Consider special skills: Consider skills you have that you can use in a classroom to address certain needs. If you have good computer skills, for example, you could list them since many schools now rely on technology.

  • Make your resume aesthetically pleasing: Think about how your layout and design could reflect your teaching and artistic style. You may be able to use subtle color or another unique but professional element to stand out.

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