The 5 Best Marketing Skills To Include on Your Resume

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Updated February 25, 2021 | Published January 3, 2020

Updated February 25, 2021

Published January 3, 2020

Marketing is a competitive field, and a candidate who wants to stand out will need to show off a diverse set of skills to receive a job offer. Marketing professionals should have interpersonal skills to explain and pitch their marketing ideas to other members of the team and potential clients.

If you’re interested in a career in marketing, it’s important to learn about the most relevant marketing skills and how to demonstrate them in the hiring process. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common marketing skills and how to apply them to your application materials and during an interview.

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What are marketing skills?

Marketing skills are a set of abilities a person possesses that allow them to generate creative ideas and pitch them to clients and colleagues. This unique blend helps to make marketers valuable members of any business. Effective application of marketing skills allows an individual to work alone or on a team to generate new and productive ways of building a company’s brand and selling their products.

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Examples of marketing skills

The skills required for an individual to excel in marketing include a mix of both hard and soft skills. Top skills for a marketer to possess include:

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Critical thinking

  • Analysis

  • Social media writing


Communication is an important skill to successfully pitch your ideas to clients. In the design phase, communication is essential when working with coworkers to develop ideas, as it allows you to accurately represent your ideas for an advertisement campaign. The final marketing copy delivered must clearly communicate the message you want to convey to anyone who sees the advertisement.


Though marketers work to deliver business campaigns, they need creative skills to capture the attention of the viewer or reader. Creativity allows you to develop engaging content that can benefit your company or a client. You should be able to apply creativity and collaborate with other creative colleagues to develop advertising campaigns. 

Critical thinking

Creating a marketing campaign for a product or company is ultimately a practice in problem-solving. The company has a problem, such as wanting higher brand awareness or increased sales, and the marketing campaign is designed to present a solution. A critical thinker can identify the core issue and devise solutions quickly. 


One of the most important skills that a marketing professional can possess is the ability to analyze current consumer trends and stay on top of them. Knowing what products people seek and where they search for them is an invaluable tool for creating campaigns that have high views or clicks. Modern analytics are increasingly important in online advertising, as detailed reports from popular websites allow for high levels of customer analysis and marketing campaign focusing.

Social media writing 

The value of social media is more than just pulling data from sites to develop client profiles. With billions of users on social media today, this medium presents a massive audience to receive your marketing campaigns. A professional with strong social media marketing skills can get excellent results by target advertisements to a select audience.

How to improve marketing skills

Here are some tips for how to improve your marketing skills:

  1. Get advice. It can be helpful to ask for constructive feedback to identify areas where you can excel and improve. In addition to speaking with coworkers and managers, seek responses from clients and try to identify common suggestions. 

  2. Learn from others. If you work in a marketing department, you may be able to shadow or review your colleagues’ work to gain a more diversified set of ideas. Consider researching other marketing campaigns to develop new techniques that you can apply to your own work. 

  3. Diversify your tools. Consider adding new marketing-relevant skills through outside study. Learning to edit video or work with layout software, for example, improves the number of ways you can offer your skills to potential clients.

  4. Refine your existing skills. Make a list of current skills you possess and see if there are any that you may be able to expand. For example, if you excel in social media writing on one website, you may be able to begin delving into other platforms to reach a wider audience. By strengthening your ability in core skills for the job, you can improve your overall performance.

Marketing skills in the workplace

There are many opportunities for a marketing professional to use their skills:

  • Take the lead on a project. Putting your communication skills to good use by taking the lead on a project is a great way to advance your career. When you give a successful presentation to clients to sell them on a proposed marketing plan, you can leave a positive impression on managers and position yourself better the next time a promotion is available.

  • Find an unusual solution. Sometimes even the best marketing teams can experience obstacles during any part of the process. When this occurs, you can brainstorm unusual solutions. Try making a list of solutions, including even the ones that seem unlikely to work. Creating a thorough list can often help you make connections to viable resolutions. Seek the help of your team to gather different perspectives. 

  • Create a social media campaign. If you’re proficient with social media, then you should take advantage of it to move forward with a social-media-focused marketing campaign. Use analytics gathered from social media websites to develop a list of potential customers and then create an advertisement that targets that audience. Pay attention to the tracking numbers and make adjustments if needed to maximize the campaign’s return on investment.

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How to highlight marketing skills

When applying for a marketing position, it’s important to highlight your qualifications in a manner that showcases your most important marketing skills. Here is how to display your skills on your resume, cover letter and during the interview.

Marketing skills for a resume

Your resume is an excellent opportunity to showcase your strongest marketing skills. In particular, you should pay attention to any skills specifically noted in the job posting and list those up top on your resume. In your experience section, highlight work responsibilities that call attention to skills you apply regularly in the workplace. 

Marketing skills for a cover letter

Just as you should customize your resume for the job posting you are applying for, you should also update the skills mentioned in your cover letter. By incorporating skills from the job description on your cover letter, you target the employer by showing them exactly what they’re looking for relative to their company and industry, increasing your chances of landing an interview. 

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Marketing skills for a job interview

Before a marketing interview, you should make a note of which skills you feel are most important for the position. They should include both skills listed on the job posting and those unique to you. When posed with questions about how you would handle a situation, you should do your best to explain the skills you would use to solve the challenge.

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