Top Computer Coding Skills for Your Resume

Updated December 20, 2022

Computer coding is an important skill in the current job market. Learning to write computer code can be a valuable skill in a wide variety of industries. If you are interested in adding computer coding to your list of professional abilities, it’s helpful to consider some skills associated with it. In this article, we focus on six skills useful in computer coding and how to add them to a resume.

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What is computer coding?

Computer coding is the process of writing and editing computer “codes,” which are the instructions all computers use to function. Computer code may look like a series of random numbers and letters to someone outside of the field, but it is actually a highly efficient language that computer programmers and other technology professionals use to create computer programs and systems. 

Computer coding is a specialized skill used by many professionals, including computer programmers, software engineers and application developers. Since nearly everyone uses a computer or phone regularly, individuals can find jobs that involve coding in nearly every industry. Knowing how to code is a valuable skill for anyone looking for a job in the technology or computer science fields.

Examples of coding resume skills

Here are six important skills used in computer coding:

  1. Language acquisition

  2. Innovative thinking

  3. Analytical skills

  4. Attention to detail

  5. Patience

  6. Communication

1. Language acquisition

Computer code is the language that people use to communicate with computers. There are a variety of computer coding languages available that perform separate functions. Programmers can use different languages to create applications, software and websites based on their needs. Most professionals in the technology industry learn multiple coding languages to ensure they can create and work with many mediums and formats. 

Here are some common computer coding languages:

  • Java

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • HTML

  • C

Many languages have offshoots that are similar but perform unique functions. Similarly, different languages may share the same features or complement one another, so learning one can serve as a foundation for gaining knowledge on several others. 

2. Innovative thinking

Computer coders are often self-taught and learn by making mistakes. The ability to develop creative solutions independently can be helpful for anyone in the field. Innovative thinking involves identifying an issue, using available resources to develop a solution and testing the idea. Developers and coders may also use this skill to find the best language and method to create a product or service.

The ability to follow instructions while also thinking innovative is a valuable asset to a computer coder. In an industry that evolves quickly, you should be able to keep current with the latest changes and updates in technology. You may apply new advances to old code to make it more efficient, including faster loading times and new features.

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3. Analytical skills

Besides creative skills, computer coding also requires extensive analytical skills. The ability to use logic and scientific methods to solve problems is vital in the world of coding. Troubleshooting the source of errors often requires the ability to collect, analyze and interpret large amounts of unorganized data. Logical mindsets and methods can be a great asset in computer coding.

Computer coding involves understanding and replicating sequences, patterns and sometimes even equations. A firm grasp of mathematical problem-solving and the scientific process can be beneficial. Many programmers complete courses in mathematics and analysis to excel in their roles. 

4. Attention to detail

Coders are methodical and precise in their work since a small error can disrupt an entire computer program. Coders should be able to focus on minute details for long periods of time. Noticing patterns, memorizing commands and identifying mistakes can contribute to the ability to create a successful program. 

When developers create a program, they often document their process. They may list all the steps they completed, including any errors they found and fixed, so others can read their notes and solve similar challenges. Documenting the process can help them develop stronger attention to detail.

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5. Patience

Computer coding requires developers to remain calm and focused even when they encounter a challenge. Frequently, coding can become a process of trial and error. If they have not experienced a particular error before, it can take some time to create a solution. Persistence can be key when conquering unforeseen issues with code or programs.

Computer coding can also take time and effort to master, depending on the language and level of familiarity with the process. Many languages share similar features and styles, so once you learn one, it may be easier for you to gain an understanding of others related to it. Patience can be helpful in learning the small details that differentiate languages.

6. Communication

Most coding professionals in any industry coordinate, collaborate and negotiate with other coders to complete an assignment. The ability to explain methods or suggestions in a clear and concise way can improve a team’s overall productivity.

Improving communication skills can help you stand out from other candidates. The ability to explain your process to a client or employer is important to your success as a coder. Employers might also require you to communicate directly with clients to determine what kind of code is necessary and if the client’s expectations are realistic. The ability to have positive and productive personal interactions can benefit you as you use your coding skills in the workplace.

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Sample computer coding skills resume section

You can list your computer coding languages and soft skills in the skills section of your resume and your experience section.

Examples for a computer coding resume skills section

Programming languages: JavaScript | AngularJS | SQL | C#

Additional skills: Analytical thinking | Attention to detail | Communication

Computer coding skills in a resume work experience section

Halftime Technology, Inc.

Back-End Developer | May 2016 to August 2019

  • Designed and developed new applications in JavaScript and C#

  • Worked with a team of developers and quality assurance to troubleshoot errors

  • Used strong attention to detail to write thousands of lines of code

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