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Cover Letter Examples for an Internal Position or Promotion

March 12, 2021

Key takeaways:

  • When applying for internal positions and promotions, making a strong case can help you secure the job.
  • In your cover letter, include the ways your current position makes you well-suited to the new job.
  • Offer specific examples of how you’ve made an impact and why you’re uniquely qualified to take on the responsibilities required.
  • Find a trusted referral from within the organization to endorse you for the role or promotion.

Whether you work for a small startup or large corporation, you may be required to submit an official application when applying for an internal position or promotion. With this application, your goal is to make it clear that you are enthusiastic and qualified to take on new responsibilities and growing with the company.

As an internal candidate, you have the advantage of knowing the organization better than an external candidate might. Use this insider knowledge to write a professional cover letter that demonstrates what you’ve already accomplished and why you’re a great fit for this new challenge.

Below, we share tips on how to write an internal cover letter and two cover letter examples: one for applying to an internal position and one if you’re applying for an internal promotion.

Cover Letter Format
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Cover Letter Format
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Explain how your current role prepares you for the new job

Use your cover letter to describe how your current position has prepared you to comfortably handle the responsibilities of the new job. Consider including a brief description of your current transferrable duties and how the new job is a match for your skillset and career goals.

Customize your cover letter based on if you’re applying for a promotion, switching departments or moving to a new role within the same team. Highlight past experiences or projects you’ve worked on that are related to the new job’s functions. Include specific details and measurable outcomes. Remember, hiring managers look for applicants who are goal-driven, show initiative and produce results.

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Show how you've made an impact

Include specific examples of how your work has helped make progress towards key company goals. Combine these accomplishments with numbers that demonstrate the precise impact you’ve made.

When you mention these successes, you can also explain how you collaborated with colleagues, if it’s applicable. If you previously worked with others to meet an objective, describe your experience to show your ability to communicate, share ideas and problem-solve with a team. This will help show your understanding of how to get things done at this company.

Include a trusted referral

A reputable coworker or manager who gives a glowing recommendation can help cement the idea that you’re the ideal candidate for the job. A referral can confirm your prior achievements, work ethics and dedication to producing quality work. Adding a referral can also provide insight into your potential to continue providing value as a hard-working employee.

Make an immediate impression by mentioning the referral in the opening paragraph of your letter of interest. Include the name of your referral, your professional relationship and a summary of why they are recommending you.

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Cover letter example for internal position (with referral)

Dear Mr. Fields,

At the recommendation of Angie Flores, Education Director, I would like to submit my application for the Membership Specialist position. I have had the pleasure of working under Angie’s leadership for three years as an Education Program Coordinator. She is a strong believer in my ability to develop creative solutions that support the educational goals of our members. I’m excited about the prospect of working with you to create an incredible membership experience at Company ABC.

Throughout my career here, I’ve grown from performing data entry—with a 98% accuracy rate—to reorganizing our continuing education event schedule, which increased member engagement 25% over a 3-month period. I have truly enjoyed developing meaningful relationships with our members while providing quality experiences that enhance their continued learning journey. I’m looking forward to improving Company ABC’s member experiences while surpassing membership target goals, improving retention rates and re-engaging inactive members.

I’m driven to turn innovative ideas into realities, and I am always looking to build on current processes and discover strategies for improvement. In this new position, I would leverage the relationships I already have with our members to rapidly grow membership and promote our organization.

I appreciate your consideration, and I look forward to learning how I can continue contributing to Company ABC’s success.


Samantha Neil

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Cover letter for promotion example

Dear Ms. Silverton,

Delighted at the prospect of growing my career with Company ABC, I’m writing to apply for the open Administrative Assistant position. The opportunity to join your team two years ago as a Receptionist gave me the chance to work with a highly talented team in an exciting industry. I look forward to reaching new milestones in the upcoming years.

During my time at Company ABC, I have been able to connect with our clients as a trusted resource and learn how to best meet their needs. In my current role, I’ve introduced an improved system to process client contracts—eliminating misplaced contracts and transaction errors. I’ve also learned to expertly navigate our client management system. I can proficiently transition between a range of tasks, demonstrating my ability to prioritize and coordinate critical, time-sensitive responsibilities.

I’m passionate about improving processes to boost efficiencies, client satisfaction ratings, and brand reputation. I would love the opportunity to take advantage of my training and expertise to create added value for Company ABC. I am grateful for your consideration and will be happy to discuss the opportunity in further detail.


Anika Batra

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