Customer Relations Manager (CRM) Skills: Definition and Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 8, 2021

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Many companies are finding the value in recruiting customer relations managers to oversee their customers' experiences with their brand. Candidates applying for these positions need to have a certain skill set to lead and communicate effectively. If you are interested in a CMR job, learning about the key skills required for this role can help you pursue relevant professional development opportunities and stand out from other candidates. In this article, we discuss what CRM skills are, examples of CRM skills, how to improve CRM skills and ways to use your skills in the workplace and during your job search.

What are CRM skills?

Customer relations manager (CRM), or customer relationships manager, skills are the qualifications and proficiencies required for a role as a customer relations manager. These skills help a professional in this position perform their job duties effectively. As a customer relations manager, you need various hard and soft skills to lead your team, monitor outcomes, make staffing decisions and develop and implement policies.

Customer relations managers oversee the customer experience. They ensure their organization meets customers' expectations and respond to issues. CRMs collaborate with multiple departments to better understand their company's products and help guide decisions in a way that resonates with customers, including marketing, sales and research and development. They can help develop brand loyalty and increase referrals.

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Examples of CRM skills

Here are some of the skills you need as a customer relations manager:

Interpersonal skills

Customer relations managers interact with a range of people, from department directors and customer service agents to customers. They must be personable, patient and respectful of others. CRMs should be good listeners and able to converse effectively with diverse personalities.

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Communication skills

Customer relations managers rely on effective communication skills to share their ideas, present updates to team members and report to upper management and stakeholders. CRMS must be able to speak and write clearly in ways that others can understand easily. They must understand technical terms in their industry and be able to explain these concepts to laypersons.

Technical skills

CRMs should be familiar with the software and other equipment related to their industry. This can help them better understand work flows and communicate with employees and customers about areas of improvement. For example, a CRM for an online learning platform should understand the basic principles of how the software works, common user functions and installation.

Leadership skills

Customer relations managers hold a supervisory position and must be able to lead teams effectively. Leadership skills include:

  • Setting a positive example

  • Being accessible to employees

  • Soliciting feedback from your team

  • Celebrating major and minor milestones

  • Creating a supportive work environment

  • Setting realistic goals

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Analytical skills

Customer relations managers are often responsible for observing current policies and procedures and analyzing their effectiveness. They must develop solutions to company issues and find effective ways to provide a positive experience for customers while considering staffing and budgetary constraints.

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Customer relations managers may visit various officers and meet with clients as representatives of their company. They should appear and behave professionally in order to create a positive reflection on their organization.

How to improve CRM skills

Here are steps you can take to improve your skills as a customer relations manager:

  1. Earn a CRM certification. Many online organizations offer training and certifications for customer relations managers.

  2. Take a course. You can take virtual or in-person classes on public speaking, leadership and relevant computer software.

  3. Network with professionals. Join professional associations and build relationships with people in your field. You can learn about other types of professional development programs your peers participate in.

  4. Study your industry. Stay updated on industry trends and developments in your market. You can subscribe to professional publications, attend conferences and follow industry leaders on social media.

  5. Ask for feedback. Talk to your supervisor about your strengths and weaknesses. They may be able to provide insights on professional areas of improvement to help you narrow your skill development.

CRM skills in the workplace

Here are some ways you can demonstrate your skills as a customer relations manager in your workplace:

  • Encourage open communication. Create an environment that promotes communication between employees and managers. Make yourself accessible to your team by phone or email to discuss their concerns.

  • Schedule regular reviews. Help guide your employees by meeting with them on a regular basis to review their performance, offer feedback and set goals.

  • Foster innovation. Effective managers encourage innovation and creativity as they develop strategies and solve problems.

  • Dress appropriately. Present a professional image at work by maintaining a neat, clean appearance and dressing appropriately for your business.

  • Review your work. Before presenting your work to others, review it carefully for proper spelling, grammar and style. This helps you deliver high-quality work that is free of errors.

  • Be confident. Lead your team with confidence to show that you are capable and skilled in your position.

How to highlight CRM skills

Here are ways you can highlight key skills as a customer relations manager during your job search:

CRM skills on a resume

To highlight your skills on a resume, consider creating a separate skills section. You can list your relevant skills in a bulleted format to make it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to read them. Use skills that appear in the job posting so that you can show you are a good match for the role.

CRM skills on a cover letter

Your cover letter provides you with an opportunity to elaborate on your skills. Choose several key skills to discuss in detail in your cover letter. For example, you might write about your advanced technical training on a particular software program or piece of equipment. Use your cover letter to add details that don't appear in your resume to connect your experience to the job you're applying for.

CRM skills in an interview

Your interview gives you the chance to demonstrate some of your skills in person. Your appearance and demeanor should show your interviewer that you are professional and that you take the position seriously. You can also display friendliness and strong listening skills while interacting with people at the company.

If you receive behavioral questions, use them to highlight your application of key skills in your previous roles. For example, if an interviewer asks you about a time you had to solve a problem, you can discuss when you took the lead on a project. In addition to discussing your problem-solving skills, your answer also shows that you have strong leadership abilities.

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