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Job Application Email: What It Is and How to Write One (Template and Examples Included)

February 22, 2021

Job applications are submitted through various mediums including via email. When applying for a position through email, it's important to compose a professional and well-thought-out application letter to ensure you are noticed by potential employers. In this article, we discuss when you should send an application via email, what to include in your email application and how to compose an attractive email application letter to gain recruiter attention.

When do you need to email an application?

There are a few instances in which you should submit a job application through email. These include when:

  • The job listing specifically asks applicants to submit their resume and other documents via email.
  • You are applying for a job that does not have a formal job listing.
  • There is no online system in place that you can use to submit your resume for a particular position.
  • The hiring manager or recruiter has asked that you send in your resume through email rather than other means.
  • You're applying for a position with a smaller company that does not use automated application systems.

Before sending in your application via email, you should first ensure that this is the preferred method of submission for the company you are applying to.

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What to include in your email application

The following are components to include in your email application:

  • The reason you are writing
  • The title of the job you are applying for
  • Your full name and contact information
  • The qualifications that make you a good fit for the position you are applying for
  • Your resume
  • Your cover letter
  • Additional documents that the job listing specifically asked for

You may choose to write your email as a cover letter. If this is the case, you do not need to attach an additional cover letter with your email application.

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How to email a job application

Here are the steps to take when composing and sending a job application via email:

  1. Prepare your documents.
  2. Compose your application email.
  3. Choose a concise and clear subject line.
  4. Finish the email with your signature.
  5. Include your attachments.
  6. Review, proofread and send your email application.

1. Prepare your documents

The first step in composing an application email is to get the documents you will include in the email ready to be sent. These will likely include your resume and cover letter as well as additional documents requested for the position such as examples of your work. You should send your documents as either a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF to ensure the recipient can open and view them. Include your full name in the title of each document so the viewer can easily see who the documents belong to.

2. Compose your application email

The next step is to compose the email you will send with your application documents. You can either use the email as your cover letter or include a copy of your cover letter with the email. Include a salutation that addresses the recipient, one or two paragraphs that describe why you are writing and your qualifications and a closing paragraph that includes your contact information and thanks for the recipient's time. You should also include mention of the documents attached to the email. Additional information to put in the email is how you heard about the job opening and if/when you will follow up.

3. Choose a concise and clear subject line

The subject line of your application is important as it quickly allows hiring managers to see what the email entails. Since hiring managers receive so many emails for job positions, keeping your subject line as clear and concise as possible increases your chances of catching the attention of the viewer. Consider a subject line such as "Your Name – Position you are applying for" or something similar to ensure the recipient knows exactly what your email is about.

4. Finish the email with your signature

Include a signature at the end of your email that consists of your full name and contact information such as your phone number, email and any social media profiles you wish to share with the recruiter.

5. Include your attachments

Attach your resume, cover letter and any additional documents to the email before you send it. Send these as file attachments in the email.

6. Review, proofread and send your email application

Before hitting send, it's important to review and proofread your email to ensure accuracy, professionalism and correct grammar and spelling. You can also send a test email to yourself to ensure your email has all the appropriate attachments and is ready to be sent to the hiring manager. Once you are sure your email application is perfect, you can then send the email to the recruiter.

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Tips for writing a job application email

Here a few tips to keep in mind when sending a job application email:

  • Include the name of the recipient in the salutation whenever possible.
  • Include details about how you found the job listing, including the date and location you found it.
  • Do not repeat exact phrases used on your resume in your application email.
  • Be sure to mention if you were referred by someone in the email.
  • Consider sending your documents as PDF files to ensure they can be opened by the recipient.

Job application email template

The following is a template you can use as a guide when structuring your job application email:

[Subject line: Your name – Job title, reference number for job listing if applicable]

[Salutation: Dear [Hiring Manager's name]:]

[First paragraph: Introduce yourself as well as the job position you are applying for and where you found the job listing. Include if you were referred by someone as well as why you are interested in the position.]

[Second paragraph: Include specific qualifications that make you a good fit for the job. Mention your education and experience if applicable as well as one or two skills that are relevant to the position.]

[Third paragraph: Mention the attached documents and let the recipient know you would be happy to provide further information if needed. Thank the recipient for their time and consideration. If you plan on following up, include when you will follow up in this paragraph.]

[Closing: Thank the recipient again and include a polite closing salutation such as "Sincerely." Include your signature and contact information.]

Examples of job application emails

The following are examples of job application emails for different situations:

Inexperienced or newly graduated job application email

Here is an example of an application email for someone who has recently graduated:

Subject line: Amy Little – Junior Marketing Associate

Dear Mr. Linus,

I came across the open Junior Marketing Associate position you currently have available at DE Marketing Firm. I found this listing on Indeed and feel that I am a great fit for it after reading the job description and requirements.

I am a recent graduate from New York Community College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. I am eager to put my knowledge and experience to work in a well-known marketing firm such as yours. During my time at New York Community College, I participated in several marketing internships with marketing companies throughout the city and have gained the necessary skills needed to be a successful marketing professional.

Attached you will find my cover letter, resume and marketing samples for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like additional information.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration for this position and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Amy Little
(505) 876-0921

Experienced professional job application email

Here is an example email application for someone who is an experienced professional in their field:

Subject line: Walter Black – Director of Marketing, Reference #8495

Dear Mr. Grady,

I recently came across your Director of Marketing job opening at Sawmill Marketing Firm (reference #8495) on your website and feel that I would be a great fit for this position. My skills, education and experience in marketing would make me a valuable asset to your company.

With more than 10 years of experience in both traditional and online marketing, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the most important marketing strategies used today. In my previous position, I created and implemented a marketing program that increased sales by 30% in only three months. Using this skill set, I feel that I could bring similar results to your organization.

My cover letter, resume and certifications are attached for your review. If you would like more information regarding my qualifications for this position, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to hearing from you soon about this opportunity and I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Walter Black
(786) 941-8922


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