How To Write a Fundraising Resume: Template and Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 22, 2021

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When applying for jobs as a fundraiser, it's important to have a well-written resume that outlines your relative skills. Fundraising resumes should include skills, education, professional experiences and additional accomplishments that show a candidate's ability to work as a fundraiser. By researching fundraising resume requirements, templates and examples, you can enhance your professional documents and get noticed by employers. In this article, we define what a fundraising resume is, demonstrate how to write a fundraising resume, provide a template for fundraising resumes and a few example fundraising resumes to help you create your own.

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What is a fundraising resume?

A fundraising resume is a professional document that helps fundraisers display their experiences and qualifications to work for an organization. A fundraising resume usually highlights a candidate's experience with event planning, communications, fundraising and marketing.

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Why is it important to write a good fundraising resume?

It's important to write a good fundraising resume because fundraisers handle a variety of tasks that ultimately determine whether an organization receives the funds, donations or engagement they need to maintain operations. Therefore, a good fundraising resume shows a candidate's experience in these areas and determines whether an employer considers them for the position.

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How to write a fundraising resume

Here is how to write a fundraising resume that accurately depicts your skills and qualifications to work as a fundraiser:

1. Make a list of your skills and professional experiences

Before you create your resume, create a list of your technical skills, interpersonal skills and the professional experiences you've had in the past. Making a list helps remind you of your employable qualities and useful experiences to incorporate on your resume.

2. Compare your skills and professional experiences to the job description

Compare the original job description of the position you're applying for to the list you created. This is an important step as it allows you to identify similarities and differences between your qualifications and employers needs that you can emphasize or work around when writing your resume.

3. Tailor your fundraising resume to the job description and keywords

Use keywords or phrases mentioned in the job description to incorporate into your fundraising resume. It's important to incorporate keywords from the job description because many employers use key terms or phrases to decide whether to pursue a candidate.

4. Use reverse chronological order

Reverse chronological order is the process by which you list dates by placing the most current date first. So when listing your professional experiences on your fundraising resume, you need to start by listing your current or most recent job. It's important to use reverse chronological order because it makes it easy for employers to scan over your resume and identify which recent experiences you could use to contribute to your job as a fundraiser.

5. Start each job responsibility bullet point with an action verb

Action verbs include words like collaborated, inspired, invented, delegated, oversaw or coordinated. Using the right action verbs on your resume can influence an employer's opinion of your ability to work as a fundraiser and develop unique ideas that benefit their organization.

6. Make sure each of your job responsibilities are results-oriented

As a fundraiser, it's your job to oversee marketing campaigns, promotional events and fundraising efforts to completion. Therefore, you need to include results-oriented job responsibilities under each of your professional experience s to show employers the results you could help them achieve as a fundraiser.

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Fundraising resume template

Review this fundraising resume template to help you determine the best way to organize your fundraising experiences:

[Full name here]

[Phone number | email address | Location of residence]

Objective Summary:

[One to three sentences describing your experience and relative skills you want to apply to the job position]


  • [Multiple skills that highlight your technical and soft skills]


[College or university name here]

[Degree title, year received]

  • [Multiple bullet points that highlight your courses, activities, and accomplishments]

  • GPA: [Include GPA here if 3.5 or above]

Professional Experience:

[Most recent job title name first | Company name - Town/city, state | Start month and year to end month and year]

  • [Multiple bulleted examples of results-oriented job responsibilities relating to fundraising]

Volunteer work:

[Volunteer experience title | Company name - Town/city, state | start month and year to end month and year

  • [Multiple bullet points outlining your responsibilities and accomplishments as a volunteer]

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Fundraising resume examples

Look at these two fundraising resume samples using the template above to get inspiration for your own resume, whether you have previous fundraising experience or just started your professional career as a fundraiser:

Example one

This fundraising resume exemplifies how to write a fundraising resume when you have an extensive professional background in fundraising and other areas:

Kennedy Baylor

123-456-7891 | | Chicago, IL

Objective Summary:

Experienced fundraiser with over four years of experience in fundraising roles, looking to contribute my public speaking, marketing and sales skills to a nonprofit where I can uphold their initiatives and values.


  • Budgeting

  • Financial planning

  • Public speaking

  • Organic marketing

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Persuasive writing

  • Organization

  • Team-work

  • Attention to detail

  • Outreach coordination


Northwestern University

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, 2015

  • Courses: event planning, interpersonal communication, public speaking, public relations, communication theory, graphic design, brand management, crisis communications

  • Content writer for the NW magazine, 2011-2015

  • Student activities volunteer, 2012-2015

  • GPA: 3.9

Professional Experience:

Fundraiser | Myers Nonprofit - Stratford, IL | 2018-present

  • Organize over 25 promotional events per year that earn an average of $10,000 each

  • Coordinate with event management team to set up events for up to 300 guests

  • Reach out to existing donors ever six months to earn over $30,000 more in revenue

  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop and implement four marketing campaigns per year

PR Assistant | Canbury Marketing Firm - Canbury, IL | 2017-2018

  • Assisted lead PR specialist in scheduling appointments and managing calendars for over 50 clients

  • Created three pieces of written content per day to fulfill client content marketing needs

  • Designated project tasks among a team of 10 freelancers and increased productivity levels by 20%

  • Oversaw social media platforms for three different clients and enhanced engagement by 15%

Marketing Coordinator| Piller Arts Center - Chicago, IL | 2015-2017

  • Increased brand awareness by 30% through inbound marketing efforts

  • Designed flyers, posters and web graphics that Pillar Arts Center used for their 2016 art for all initiative

  • Monitored campaign progress and scheduled content sends that lead to 50 new member sign-ups

  • Developed annual and bi-annual marketing presentations to improve business donations by 15%

Volunteer work:

Event Aide | Piller's Annual Back to School Auction- Robertson, IL | 2016-2018

  • Assisted with event set up and clean up for over 200 guests

  • Organized over 100 auctioned items for pickup

  • Distributed 300 flyers around the Robertson area to encourage attendance

Donation Caller | Northwestern Alumni Charity - Evanston, IL | 2011-2015

  • Coordinated donations from callers that contributed to raising over $100,000 dollars

  • Made over 30 cold calls per shift receiving a donation rate of 60%

Example two

This example showcases how to write a fundraising resume when you don't have any previous fundraising experience:

Jordan Rossman

123-456-7891 | | Gaithersburg, MD

Objective Summary:

Recently graduated professional with a passion for connecting people with worthy causes, looking to apply my experience with event planning and communication skills to the efforts of a nonprofit organization.


  • Data-pulling

  • Market research

  • Computer software proficiency

  • Verbal communication

  • Multi-tasking

  • Problem-solving

  • Team-work


The University of Maryland

Bachelor of Arts in Communication, 2019

  • Courses: Communication theory, rhetorical theory, public speaking, creative writing, interpersonal communication, media literacy, the fundamentals of marketing, event planning, social media

  • Debate team member 2016-2019

  • Campus activities and events team member 2015-2019

  • GPA: 3.7

Professional Experience:

Event Planning Assistant | Coyler Meetings and Event Planning - Gaithersburg, MD | 2019-2021

  • Helped event planning team monitor a monthly budget of $5,000

  • Maintained connections with previous clientele through newsletters and promotional materials, which resulted in 10 additional events

  • Delegated tasks among a team of 50 event venue staff to meet client needs

  • Assisted in the planning and completion of over 15 charitable auctions and donor events

Campus Activities Assistant | The University of Maryland, College Park, MD | 2016-2019

  • Strategized with campus activities teams to prioritize budgeting needs for 30 campus events

  • Monitored the campus activity social media accounts and developed a posting schedule that increased engagement across the board by 12% in the first year

  • Made phone calls to board members, local businesses and alumni which contributed to over $6,000 in donations for campus programs

Campus Activities Intern | The University of Maryland, College Park, MD | 2015-2016

  • Created posters and graphics to advertise for 10 unique campus events

  • Participated in the set-up, completion and clean-up for over 25 events including three alumni auctions

  • Developed student surveys and collected data to enhance campus activity offerings, which helped improve student satisfaction by 20%

Volunteer work:

Nature Reserve Cleanup Volunteer| Eastern Shore Park - Chesapeake Bay, MD| 2015-2019

  • Assisted the Eastern Shore Park in collecting over 50 pounds of trash in one day

  • Coordinated with a group of 100 volunteers to collect debris throughout the park

  • Participated in event set-up and sign-ins for the largest cleanup event in 2019 that included over 200 volunteers

Alumni Affairs Volunteer| The University of Maryland - College Park, MD| 2015-2019

  • Made cold calls to alumni for donations receiving an average of $100 in donations per shift

  • Used donation form template to print and package over 400 thank-you cards for donors

  • Worked with a team of five other students to schedule alumni newsletters and event reminders

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