How to Create a High School Academic Resume (With Example and Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated February 22, 2021 | Published February 4, 2020

Updated February 22, 2021

Published February 4, 2020

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A high school academic resume is a great way to emphasize your academic performance while giving the admissions office a snapshot of who you are. On this resume, you can go into detail about your leadership responsibilities or community service participation while also sharing hobbies you're passionate about.

Creating a high school academic resume that will impress the admissions office does take some time. In this article, we will discuss what a high school academic resume is, how you can create one and we offer some bonus tips to help. We also include both a template and an example to guide you as you build your own.

What is a high school academic resume?

A high school academic resume is designed to accompany your college application and give admissions offices a snapshot of your accomplishments, work history, extracurricular activities and hobbies. While this resume will include your work history, it is designed to focus more on your high school academic accomplishments, community service and extracurricular activities. It can be a great way to set yourself apart from other college applicants and give the admissions office a more in-depth look at who you are as a person.

How to create a high school academic resume

Here are the basic steps you should follow to create a high school academic resume.

  1. Use the right format.

  2. Include your name and contact information.

  3. Add your education.

  4. Include activities.

  5. List athletic participation.

  6. Include work experience.

  7. List special interests.

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1. Use the right format

Your resume should be in reverse chronological order with the most recent experiences listed first in each section. You should have one-inch margins on all sides and use font that's between 10 and 12 points. The best fonts for your resume at Arial, Calibri or Helvetica. Your resume should look simple and clean and be easily readable. Here is how the elements should be ordered:

  • Contact information

  • Educational experience and achievements

  • Activities

  • Athletics (if applicable)

  • Work experience

  • Interests

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2. Include your name and contact information

Your name should be at the top. You can bold it and make the font larger than other text on the document, but make 14 point font the maximum size. Include your email address and phone number. You may also want to include a link to your LinkedIn profile that highlights skills, professional experience and community service, an online portfolio or even an Instagram page if it's appropriate. If you are applying to college as a photography major, for example, an Instagram page with your photos could be a great way to share your work.

3. Add your education

Add the name of your school and note when you will be graduating, if you're still anticipating an upcoming graduation date. Include any academic achievements and awards as well as your GPA if it's above 3.0. You may also want to include any AP classes you've taken.

4. Include activities

Include any organizations you've participated in through your school or in the community. Note whether you were a member or held a leadership position and detail specific ways you were involved with the organization. Use action words and include quantifiable results you achieved through your role.

5. List athletic participation

If you participated in sports, list teams that you were involved in, the length of time you participated and any accomplishments or leadership roles you held within that team.

6. Include work experience

Start with the most recent job and provide a description that includes the company name, your title, the period in which you were employed—or if you are still employed there—and some key accomplishments from the time you were with the company. Emphasize leadership opportunities as well as the growth opportunities you received while there. If possible, use numbers to measure your impact on the organization.

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7. List special interests

Include any interests that make you especially unique as an applicant. Some things you may want to include are:

  • Volunteer work

  • Social media followings if you've built an impressive number

  • Projects like websites you've built, art portfolios or public service projects

  • Passions like making models, reading books or playing guitar

  • Hobbies like collections you've grown, things you've built or other ways you enjoy spending your time

  • Languages you speak

Tips for creating a high school academic resume

Here are some bonus tips to help you create your high school academic resume.

Keep it concise

Keep your resume to one or two pages and narrow down what you include to highlight only your greatest accomplishment and things that best represent you as a candidate.

Focus on the length of commitment

Because it's ideal to keep your resume to one or two pages, it's important to choose just one or two key experiences you participated in over a longer period. For example, instead of talking about all the clubs and sports you participated in, choose just one or two and go into greater detail about your involvement with that organization. If you didn't participate in clubs or sports but held an after-school job instead, focus more on work responsibilities, training, mentoring and on-the-job skills.

Include quantifiable results

Use numbers to describe your accomplishments as much as possible. For example, instead of saying that you raised money for your organization, include the amount of money you raised. If you increased the sales in a retail store you worked for, include the percentage by which you increased sales.

Highlight something unique

Include something in your resume that wasn't covered in your college essays or short answers, such as a hobby you're passionate about that makes you unique.

Proofread carefully

Always proofread your resume carefully. It's usually a good idea to wait a few days after writing it before returning and proofing for typos and grammatical errors. You should also have a family member or friend read it as well, looking not only for typos but also for inconsistencies in formatting.

Use consistent formatting

Look carefully at your resume to ensure you're formatting everything consistently. If you use periods at the end of your bulleted list, make sure that you use them for every item on the list and every list you include on your resume.

High school academic resume template

Here is a template to help you build your own resume.

123 Street
City, State 123456


HIGH SCHOOL, City, State

High School Diploma, Anticipated Graduation: Month Year

  • GPA if over 3.0

  • Academic accomplishment

  • Academic accomplishment


Organization/Club - Role

Date started-date ended

  • Primary responsibility

  • Primary responsibility

  • Primary responsibility

Organization/Club - Role

Date started-date ended

  • Primary responsibility

  • Primary responsibility

  • Primary responsibility

ATHLETICS (If relevant)

  • Athletic accomplishment

  • Athletic accomplishment


Business Name - Title

Starting Date-Ending Date

  • Primary responsibility

  • Primary responsibility

  • Primary responsibility


  • Interest

  • Interest

Example of a high school academic resume

Here is an example of a high school academic resume to give you an idea of what one should look like.

Melissa Goodrich
584 1st Ave. South
St. Petersburg, FL


ST. PETE HIGH SCHOOL, St. Petersburg, FL

High School Diploma, Anticipated Graduation: June 2020

  • 3.8 unweighted GPA

  • AP courses in English, Biology and Algebra


Spanish Club - Member/President

September 2017-Present

  • Lead weekly meetings and recruited members from Spanish classes

  • Coordinated the fundraising efforts that raised $10,000 and funded an organization-wide trip to Mexico

  • Planned club events with at least one event per quarter

School Newspaper - Editor

September 2016-Present

  • Reviewed and edited all submissions from writers

  • Collaborated with the teacher to build the newspaper layout

  • Conducted research to fact check stories when necessary


  • Varsity swim team for 3 years

  • Co-captain of the swim team senior year


Pizza Hut - Waiter


  • Received 95% positive customer comment cards

  • Take customer orders accurately and ensure they are relayed to the cooks in a timely manner

  • Frequently take home the highest tips because of consistently fast service


  • Pursued my passion for photography and grew an Instagram account to 20,000 followers by posting my original work

  • Volunteer at a local animal sanctuary, taking photographs for their social media networks

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