Tips for Putting Job Shadowing on a Resume (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 22, 2021

Before entering the workforce, spending time job shadowing can help you gain insight into the working culture and lives of professionals. Job shadowing can also help you add additional experience to your resume if you have a limited work history or gaps in employment. Knowing how to put shadowing on your resume accurately can help a hiring manager evaluate your qualifications quickly to determine if you're a good fit for the job. In this article, we explore what job shadowing is and provide examples for how to add it to your resume.

What is job shadowing?

Job shadowing is observing a professional in their workplace. You might observe them for a few hours during a work shift, or you might shadow them for several days. Shadowing for a few hours can give you a general idea if the job or industry could be right for you. After shadowing for a few hours, you could decide to find a longer job shadowing experience or even an internship. Shadowing for multiple days can help you see different workdays or activities in a chosen field. It can give you a fuller idea of the daily responsibilities and if they interest you.

Tips for including shadowing on your resume

Job shadowing can be a valuable type of work experience to include on your resume. It can show you have a willingness to learn and that you know what to expect in the workplace. Here's how to put shadowing on a resume:

Create a job shadow experience section

You can either add your job shadow experience in your experience section or create a different section for it. If you create a separate section for job shadowing, add it below your professional experience since formal work experience usually adds more value to your resume.

Include the company name and the shadow dates

Include the name of the company or organization where you shadowed. You can also include the city and state where the company is located. Add the dates you shadowed below the company name. You only need to include the month and year, even if you shadowed for one day.

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List what you observed or took part in

Make a bulleted list of about five or six highlights from the experience. These might include duties or projects you took part in and team meetings or activities you observed.

You can also include the name of the employee you shadowed and their role at the company. Explain any activities you did together to give your experience more value.

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Add in your achievements

If you made any suggestions during your experience, you can also include this below your responsibilities. Label this section "Key Achievement" and detail the results or improvements from your suggestion.

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Examples of how to put job shadowing on your resume

Here are some examples to help you include your own shadowing experience on your resume:

Marketing job shadowing

Job shadow experience

Marketing Mavens Ltd, Tampa, Florida
August 2021–September 2021

  • Shadowed marketing manager Miranda Stevens to observe inner workings of corporate marketing office

  • Attended weekly marketing campaign client brainstorm sessions to gain insight on common client asks, goals and requests for marketing campaigns

  • Watched campaign for Ship Shape shipping from beginning stages to final execution of project materials

Key achievement: Suggested storing marketing templates in an online database for easier retrieval among the team. Led to an increase in efficiency by 20%. Other marketing employees also left positive feedback for the solution.

Dental job shadowing

Job shadow experience

Hope Street Dental, Columbus, Ohio
January 2021–February 2021

  • Shadowed Dr. Ivan Krist in his dental practice

  • Observed cavity drillings, root canal treatments, dental sealant and other dental treatments and surgeries

  • Assisted front office staff with checking in patients, filing paperwork and checking on insurance status

  • Calmed children in office with supply of stuffed toys and games

Graphic design job shadowing

Job shadow experience

GlassJones Inc., Orlando, Florida
May 2021–July 2021

  • Shadowed Graphic Design Lead Julia Prince to explore operation of award-winning graphic design firm

  • Involved in weekly team meetings regarding current projects, deadlines and project flows

  • Observed creation of new typographies and logos per client request in multiple media packages

Key achievement: Proposed arranging client flies in a new manner (keeping all client material together, then arranging by date rather than keeping all like projects together). After they implemented this system, employee satisfaction rates raised by 15% because of the ease of filing.

Restaurant job shadowing

Job shadow experience

D'Angelo's Kitchen, Maitland, Florida
April 2021–May 2021

  • Shadowed Chef Roberto Gino to observe lunch and dinner preparations at five-star restaurant

  • Attended daily pre-opening briefings to gain insight on restaurant and kitchen operations

  • Involved in setting up the kitchen with utensils, cookware, pans and scales

  • Assisted in cleaning kitchen with latest health and safety codes in mind

Veterinary job shadowing

Job shadow experience

Croton Community Vet Clinic, San Francisco, California
May 2021

  • Shadowed Dr. Maria Walsh at animal shelter veterinary clinic to observe community shelter medicine practices

  • Observed animal yearly exams, nail trims, teeth cleanings and surgeries

  • Assisted with prepping animals in the exam room and helping veterinary technicians hold animals during the exam

Key Achievement: Recommended Animal of the Month program for the Shelter's social media page to feature patients who had been adopted from the shelter. Customer donations increased by 25% after this program was enacted.

Nursing job shadowing

Job shadow experience

Ellenton National Hospital, Portland, Oregon
March 2021–April 2021

  • Shadowed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Madison Hall to explore the operations of the pediatric unit

  • Assisted with moving patients from check-in to examination rooms

  • Checked in patients at the front desk and assisted administrative staff with ordering supplies for the unit

  • Attended daily nurse debriefing meeting at shift change

  • Observed emergency room and operating room preparation for patients and cleaning

Research assistant job shadowing

Job shadow experience

Medical Labs Express, Seattle, Washington
January 2021–February 2021

  • Shadowed Research Assistant Archie Thomas in research lab to observe clinical trial process

  • Assisted with calling and screening of future trial participants

  • Observed cleaning and maintaining of lab per health and sanitation specifications

  • Put in supply order for lab per instructions for quarterly order

  • Discussed strict patient protocol with Mr. Thomas and research lab manager

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