How to Write a Sales Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

November 3, 2021

Whether you are applying for an entry-level sales job or a senior sales position, you need a resume that reflects your experience and accomplishments in the field. If you plan to begin your resume with an objective, use this space to discuss your goals and ambitions as a sales representative, manager or director. In this article, we discuss how to write a sales resume objective and provide samples you can use as inspiration when drafting your own.

Why is a sales resume objective important?

A sales resume objective offers an opportunity to outline your ambitions in the field and your goals for the position for which you are applying. Typically, this section is brief and consists of one or two sentences. Because the objective appears at the beginning of a resume, this section allows you to make a positive first impression on the hiring manager.

An objective is most beneficial for entry-level candidates and applicants who are changing careers or seeking a position in a new geographic area. Since the resume objective focuses on future goals rather than past experience and achievements, it provides space for candidates to explain how they intend to apply their skills and what they aim to accomplish. Some experienced professionals shift the focus of this section slightly, providing a summary of what they have achieved and a brief mention of what they are seeking.

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How to create a sales resume objective

It may be a small part of your resume, but a well-written objective can make a positive impact on hiring managers. Here are seven steps to help you write an effective objective for your sales resume:

  1. Keep it simple.

  2. Capture attention immediately.

  3. Discuss your best attributes.

  4. Mention specific credentials.

  5. Highlight your value.

  6. Specify what you are seeking.

  7. Focus on sales.

1. Keep it simple

Because hiring managers often review multiple resumes in a short time span, each section should be as simple and straightforward as possible, including the objective. Keep your objective to two sentences or fewer and choose the wording carefully. Write clearly and concisely, making sure each word is essential and contributes to the overall message you want to convey.

2. Capture attention immediately

Since the objective appears near the top of your resume, it is one of the first things the hiring manager will read. Ensure that it captures the reader’s attention right away by focusing on your most impressive skills and your most exciting sales goals.

3. Discuss your best attributes

Briefly mention your most important qualities, especially those that relate directly to the job listing. For example, you may want to indicate that you are self-motivated or goal-oriented or that you have excellent interpersonal skills.

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4. Mention specific credentials

Along with your attributes, briefly discuss credentials that qualify you for the position. For example, you might have a Master of Business Administration or a Certified Professional Sales Leader or Certified Professional Sales Person credential from the National Association of Sales Professionals.

5. Highlight your value

When writing your sales resume objective, clarify the value you would bring to the position. If you have a history of achieving impressive goals or if you can contribute something specific to the position, mention it in the objective. Showing the value you add gives you a chance to position yourself as a top candidate and may encourage the hiring manager to consider your application more seriously.

6. Specify what you are seeking

Be clear about the position, title or responsibilities you are seeking in a new job. Specify what you are looking for so the hiring manager can quickly determine whether you are a good fit for the job.

7. Focus on sales

When creating a resume for a sales position, take care to write an objective that relates to the field. If you are not sure what to include in the objective, reread the job description and make note of the key requirements for the position. Highlight as many as you can to make your objective as compelling as possible.

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Sales resume objective examples

Reviewing sample objectives can inspire you to write a concise and effective objective of your own. Use the following examples as inspiration to write your sales resume objective:

  • Sales representative resume objective

  • Sales manager resume objective

  • Sales director resume objective

  • Career change sales resume objective

Sales representative resume objective

When writing an objective for an entry-level sales resume, you may not have significant experience or substantial accomplishments to discuss. Instead, focus on the qualities you could contribute to the role and the position you want to obtain. Try including relevant soft skills like time management, customer service, critical thinking and negotiation. You can also mention sales-related technical skills like familiarity with point-of-sale systems, knowledge of product descriptions and fluency with sales software.


  • “Highly persuasive sales representative seeking an entry-level position where I can apply my relationship-building and persuasion skills. Looking for a company that prioritizes internal promotion where I can continue to grow.”

  • “Highly motivated sales professional seeking a sales representative position with Edison Firm, where I can contribute my strong customer service and negotiation skills. I bring three years of retail sales experience and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.”

Sales manager resume objective

To write a sales manager resume objective, begin by highlighting the experience you have already earned in the industry. Mention any credentials or major accomplishments along with any relevant skills. Then, explain what you hope to accomplish in your new role. 


  • “Driven sales specialist with a Certified Professional Sales Person credential and proven experience exceeding individual and team sales quotas. Seeking a sales manager role with Lee Industries, where I can contribute my knowledge of sales techniques and market research.”

  • “Motivated and detail-oriented sales professional with five years of supervisory experience seeking a management position. Seeking an opportunity to apply my advanced knowledge of sales and customer service and my experience with team-building and staff development.”

Sales director resume objective

When writing a sales director resume objective, start by stating the number of years you have worked in the industry. Then, mention your most important accomplishments, skills and credentials. Consider including soft skills like leadership, analytical thinking and team-building. You can also mention technical skills like familiarity with industry-specific software and technology. Finish by discussing your career goals and what you intend to achieve in your new position. 


  • “Experienced sales leader seeking a director position that allows me to lead departments and guide strategic thinking. Looking for a senior role with an executive path where I can apply my extensive sales knowledge and negotiation skills.”

  • “Motivated and detail-oriented sales professional seeking a sales director role with Miller Firm. I bring an MBA from Stanford University and a Certified Professional Sales Leader credential and 15 years of experience helping companies increase revenue by up to 15% per quarter.”

Career change sales resume objective

If you are transitioning into sales from another industry, you may have extensive experience and numerous skills, but no prior jobs in sales. Try using your resume objective to communicate how your skills and experience will translate to the sales industry. Start by stating the number of years of experience you have, then mention applicable soft skills like communication and negotiation. Discuss what you would contribute to the position for which you are applying.


  • “Driven marketing manager with 10 years of experience seeking a sales manager position with an industry-leading organization. I bring an MBA from New York University and advanced knowledge of sales, marketing and negotiation.”

  • “Accomplished purchasing manager transitioning into the sales industry. I bring six years of experience with market research, contract negotiation and relationship building and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.”

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