How To Write a Babysitter Resume (With Template and Example)

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Published March 22, 2021

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Babysitters take care of other people's children, so employers must carefully consider whether you represent the best person for the job. When applying for babysitting roles, you must establish your credibility by detailing your relevant skills, experiences and other qualifications that provide a safe and positive childcare experience. In this article, we provide steps and advice for writing a babysitter resume, along with a template and example that you can use for inspiration.

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What is a babysitter resume?

A babysitter resume represents a document that you send to potential babysitting employers, whether they are individual families or babysitting organizations. This document outlines your professional babysitting or childcare experience and skills, demonstrating to these employers why you are the most qualified candidate for the job.

As a babysitter, you have a responsibility to take care of other people's children. You want your resume to demonstrate that you can not only meet but exceed their expectations, providing a safe and reliable experience for these families. If you can impress employers with your resume and qualifications, it can lead them to set up interviews and potentially hire you.

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How to write a babysitter resume

You can use the following steps as guidance for developing an organized and effective babysitting resume:

1. Determine your resume formatting

An effective and professional-looking resume maintains a sense of consistency throughout the document. Keep the document to one page, allowing the reader to review it quickly. As you prepare your resume, establish what font type to use and its sizing. You may vary the sizing between headings and body text, and you can also choose an accent color to incorporate some aesthetic interest. Make sure to choose a plain, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman or Arial. Other formatting details include setting one-inch margins and using one or 1.5 spacing.

2. Start with your contact information

At the top of your resume, list your full name and contact information. You can style your name using a bold and larger font to catch your readers' eye. Include your phone number and email address to ensure potential clients know how to reach you for babysitting jobs. When including your email, try to use a professional-looking address. For example, your email address should incorporate your name rather than a nickname or slang. If you are currently a student, you may consider using your school-issued account.

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3. Add a resume objective or summary

A resume objective or resume summary represents the first section of your resume below your contact information. Typically, this section consists of two to three sentences. A resume objective briefly describes your professional babysitting goals, and you may use it if you have less professional experience. A resume summary provides a brief description of your professional experience, skills and achievements. This summary can help showcase your unique qualifications to potential employers or clients. Whichever section you choose, use it to capture your readers' attention and convince them to continue reading your resume to learn more.

You can begin your summary by describing your strongest personal traits and relevant experience. For example, you may say, "Responsible babysitter with three years of experience caring for children ages 5 to 10." If you are creating an objective, you may reference your goal as it relates to the specific job. For example, "Enthusiastic babysitter with three years experience caring for young children, seeking to support childcare needs of the Brolin family." The rest of this section can outline your most significant or relevant skills and accomplishments.

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4. List your relevant skills

Depending on your preferences, the next section of your resume may outline your relevant skills or experiences. You may benefit from putting your skills section first, as it allows employers to immediately recognize whether you have the qualifications they seek.

You can demonstrate your babysitting qualifications by listing the relevant hard and soft skills you hold. Try to limit your list to about 10 skills, using either single words and phrases or short sentences. Hard skills represent technical abilities you gain through training or experience like CPR, tutoring and making meals. Soft skills represent your behaviors or traits, such as patience, communication and dependability. You can determine which skills are most relevant for the job by reviewing the job description. Align your skills list with the job's typical responsibilities or traits sought by the employer.

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5. Describe your work history

Next, you can begin to describe your relevant work history with a professional experience section. Typically, you would list your prior jobs in reverse-chronological order from most to least recent. Start with the job title and place of employment, followed by the years of employment. Underneath each of these headings, you can list three to five bullet points detailing your relevant responsibilities and achievements for each job. Start each bullet point with an action verb to give your resume a sense of movement and create consistency.

When applying for babysitting jobs, try to be specific about your prior babysitting or child care experience. For example, you may incorporate the ages of the children you watched to help establish your familiarity with particular age groups. If you did not work for a babysitting company, you can list "for multiple clients" or the specific family's name instead. You can also include other jobs you have held, but try to align its tasks and achievements with babysitting skills.

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6. Detail your educational background

Babysitting employers may not list specific educational requirements, but you should still include this section to demonstrate your qualifications and abilities. Beyond information about your high school or college education, you can list relevant babysitting courses or certifications you have taken, such as first aid or advanced childcare. Formal training or certifications demonstrate your expertise and can help assure parents. It can also help set you apart from other candidates.

The formatting may vary depending on your level of educational attainment. If you are a current or recent high school student, you may list the school's name, your graduation date and significant activities or achievements, such as Honor Society membership. If you have a high GPA (above a 3.5), you can also include that information to demonstrate a strong work ethic or sense of responsibility. Current or recent college students can include similar information. You no longer need to include your graduation date once you have several years out of college unless you have little professional experience.

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Tips for writing a babysitter resume

You can use the following tips to develop a babysitting resume that attracts potential employers' attention.

  • Tailor your resume to each job: When applying for jobs, review the description carefully to identify keywords or phrases. You can then incorporate these details throughout your resume's summary/objective, professional experience and skills sections. Including the employers' keywords and phrases shows them that you understand their specific expectations and have the necessary qualifications to perform the job's responsibilities.

  • Consider using client testimonials: If you have room on your resume, you may include short testimonials from your babysitting clients. These blurbs can help demonstrate your ability to create strong, trusting relationships with families. Potential employers may also see these testimonials as proof of your credibility. Make sure to ask for permission to include your clients' names and testimonials before adding them to your resume.

  • Incorporate additional sections: When possible, you may add sections related to your hobbies, volunteer activities or awards you have won. Only include these extra sections if the information poses some relevance to babysitting jobs. For example, you may mention that you play the piano if the job listing seeks candidates with musical talent or the ability to help their children practice the piano. Similarly, listing relevant awards you have won can demonstrate your expertise and differentiate you from other candidates.

  • Proofread your document: Make sure to review your resume for spelling typos or grammatical errors. Having an error-free document can help demonstrate your attention to detail and reliability. When possible, you may want to ask someone else to review your resume to catch anything you may have missed. Also, they can assess your document and provide advice on improvements you can make.

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Babysitter resume template

You can use the following template as guidance for organizing and formatting your babysitting resume:

[Full name]

[Phone number]

[Email address]

Professional summary/objective

[This section should describe who you are and the qualifications you have to perform this role in two to three sentences.]


[Provide a list of up to 10 hard and soft skills relevant to the position. You can use either single words or short sentences and phrases.]

Professional experience

[Job title] at [company or organization], [city and state] | [dates of employment]

  • [Provide three to five bullet points describing your typical job duties and responsibilities, along with significant or measurable accomplishments.]


[College or university], [city and state]

  • [Degree and field of study]

  • [Graduation date (optional)]

  • [GPA (optional)]

  • [Notable achievements (optional)]

[High school], [city and state]

  • [Graduation date]

  • [GPA (optional)]

  • [Notable achievements (optional)]

Babysitter resume example

This sample resume uses the above template. You can use this example as inspiration for developing your babysitting resume:

Lara Votolina

(123) 456-7890

Professional summary

Enthusiastic babysitter with three years of experience caring for children under 12. Utilizes background in education and tutoring to develop fun, educational activities and provide assistance with school assignments and projects. Passionate about providing reliable services for parents and ensuring their children's well-being and safety.


  • Highly adaptable to various household environments and schedules

  • Strong active listening and communication skills

  • Experienced in diaper-changing and potty training

  • Able to supervise and assist with homework

  • Proficient in developing age-appropriate learning and creativity activities

  • Ability to work around pets, including providing feedings and walks

  • Certified to administer first aid and CPR

  • Comfortable performing cleaning tasks and using household appliances, such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers

Professional experience

After-school tutor at EL Tutor Services, East Lansing, MI | 2020-present

  • Assist over 15 elementary and middle school children with assignments, studying and educational development

  • Monitor and assess clients' academic performance to develop personalized study plans and advice

  • Communicate with parents to discuss children's progress and needs

  • Provide encouragement and support to build clients' academic self-esteem and confidence

Part-time babysitter for multiple clients, East Lansing MI | 2016-2019

  • Provide evening and weekend babysitting services for 10 families with children ranging in ages from five to 12

  • Plan and prepare meals for children while staying mindful of specific dietary needs

  • Prepare children for bed by supervising and assisting their bedtime routines (baths, brushing their teeth, reading stories, etc.)

  • Developed homework schedule and chart to help monitor children's progress and instill a sense of responsibility through positive reinforcement


Michigan State University, East Lansing MI

  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

  • Expected to graduate May 2024

  • 3.5 GPA

East Lansing High School, East Lansing MI

  • Graduated May 2020

  • 3.7 GPA

  • Member of the National Honor Society

  • Captain of the East Lansing Girls Varsity Softball team

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