Synonyms for "Implement" To Use on Your Resume

Updated July 10, 2023

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Many businesses seek employees who know how to execute plans and put new processes in place. "Implement" is a popular term to describe these types of responsibilities on resumes, but there are many similar terms that can also help you describe your job duties. Understanding how to revise terms like "implement" on your resume may help you personalize and refine your job applications.

In this article, we discuss why you might want to use an "implement" synonym on your resume and what words you can use instead.

Why should you use an "implement" synonym?

"Implement" is an action verb that refers to putting a plan, strategy or process in action, so it's a popular term to use in bulleted lists on resumes. It's usually best to vary up your word choice on your resume, so you may want to use synonyms to "implement" throughout to make your resume more specific and readable.

Using synonyms also helps you communicate unique implications throughout your resume. "Implement" conveys that you visualized a plan and executed it by delegating tasks, enforcing policies, educating others about it and monitoring its progress. This word may be appropriate for many responsibilities, but others may require a slightly different verb, like "pioneer" or "revise."

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"Implement" synonyms for your resume

Here are some synonyms you might consider as alternatives to "implement:"


"Pioneer" means to create something for the first time and confidently guide others in adopting it. For example. you could pioneer a new corporate wellness program to increase job satisfaction and employee engagement. This term is a great option if you want to show employers that you're open to risks and enjoy trying new approaches and projects.


To share that you know how to translate intangible ideas, like strategies and values, into concrete action, consider using "enact." You can enact an action plan to meet a particular goal, enact a new training program to upskill employees or enact a company objective to reduce energy expenditures. Opt for this verb if you want to highlight your initiative and follow through.


If you have experience holding team members accountable for meeting quality standards and following internal policies, "enforce" may be an effective term to capture this skill. "Enforce" implies standardization and observational skills, as those who enforce policies, expectations or values typically monitor operations carefully to ensure they notice any inconsistencies or violations. This is a suitable alternative if you're applying for a role with compliance or human resources responsibilities.


"Apply" can be an appropriate alternative to "implement," especially when you're referring to the integration of techniques or methodologies. For example, you might state that you "applied lean project management techniques to reduce costs and quicken production cycles." You might also apply feedback from clients and supervisors, which can show hiring managers that you're open to criticism and eager to improve.


Sometimes, people use "implement" to refer to the establishment of new policies or practices in place of outdated ones. Consider using a verb that more accurately captures the transformational nature of such an accomplishment. For example, you might note that you "revised network architecture to better protect against common cybersecurity threats," which is stronger and more specific than simply stating that you implemented new security measures. A verb like "revised" shows the hiring managers that you notice opportunities for improvement and take action to optimize them.

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How to replace "implement" with a synonym on a resume

Here are steps you can take to successfully use one of the above synonyms on your resume:

1. Choose an action verb

Reflect on the best action verb to replace "implement" with, considering the implications of each term. Think about whether you want to convey leadership skills, the ability to affect change or the ability to execute leaders' visions. Using a strong action verb for each bullet point on your resume may help you communicate your meaning directly.

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2. Explain the task

Follow your chosen verb with a brief explanation of what you did. Use precise language to describe the task, activity and achievement clearly but briefly. You might mention why it was important or what the goal was. For example, you might explain that you "applied customer feedback about app load speed to optimize user experience."

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3. Mention the outcome

Finish your bullet point by sharing the result of your decisions. It can be helpful to include a numerical metric to contextualize how successful you were in implementing your new project or plan. Numbers can serve as proof, helping you exemplify your claims and gain credibility with the hiring manager.

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Examples of "implement" synonyms on resumes

Here are some examples of resume bullet points that use "implement" synonyms:

  • Enacted policies limiting overtime work, minimizing unexpected payroll expenses by 11% and promoting healthy workplace boundaries

  • Pioneered a leadership training program, including workshop and self-paced modules, that helps 12 associates qualify for management roles

  • Revised curriculum to feature books by authors from underrepresented demographics, significantly improving student engagement

  • Enforced updated health and safety measures in order fulfillment centers, reducing reported incidents by 23%

  • Applied principles of visual design to create balanced, attention-grabbing social media graphics, earning an average of 65K likes per post

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Tips for highlighting implementation skills

Follow these tips to show hiring managers you can implement plans, initiatives and policies:

Include relevant skills

Implementation involves a variety of responsibilities, such as delegating, communicating and monitoring progress. Consider listing some industry skills that apply to your position and relate to your ability to execute plans and meet goals. Here are some examples to consider:

  • Compliance

  • Communication

  • Strategic planning

  • Giving and receiving feedback

Review the job description for keywords

When trying to vary your word choice on your resume to reduce repetitiveness, it's usually helpful to re-read the job posting and note any keywords that might be useful to include. Using resume keywords from the job description can help your resume succeed in applicant tracking systems (ATS) and reach the hiring manager for close consideration. If the posting mentions enforcing company policies, for example, it might be wise to use "enforced" in one of your bullet points.

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Mention key projects or achievements

If you've performed a project through work or school or on the side that exemplifies your ability to enact plans and implement new measures, you could highlight it on your resume. For example, maybe you studied how movement and activity in the classroom improve learning outcomes for elementary school students through a research project. To measure its effectiveness, you designed the plan and worked with teachers to implement it in their classrooms. Briefly explaining this project in an experience section or in your professional summary could showcase your implementation skills.

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