How To Write a Machinist Resume in 6 Steps (With Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 12, 2022

If you enjoy working with your hands, performing methodical work and learning new technology, a career as a machinist may interest you. A vital part of the manufacturing industry, machinists are highly skilled craftspeople whose backgrounds working with heavy machinery, tools and materials could help them find jobs. If you're planning to apply for machinist jobs, learning how to structure your resume could help you differentiate yourself from other candidates to hiring managers.

In this article, we explain what a machinist is, describe how to write a machinist resume and exemplify these instructions with a template and an example you can use to guide you when writing your own resume.

What is a machinist?

A machinist is a skilled manufacturing professional who operates mechanical tools like grinders, drills, lathes and computers to produce glass, plastic or metal items. Some machinists specialize in computer numerical control (CNC) machines and use digital equipment to create automobiles, aerospace parts or metal goods. Machinists typically interpret blueprints, measure parts, set up machines and operate them according to protocol. These professionals typically also uphold strict safety guidelines to minimize risk while handling complex machinery. They may also sanitize, maintain and repair the machines on which they work.

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How to write a machinist resume

Below are six steps you can follow when writing a resume for a machinist job:

1. Add your basic information

When you're applying for jobs, it's essential that employers know how to reach you if they want to progress you further in the process. At the top of your resume, you can write your name and your contact information. Include a phone number and email address. You could add your city and state, too, but a full address is unnecessary for most modern resumes. Try to opt for a font that's professional, legible and simple.

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2. Draft a brief professional summary

A professional summary is a section containing one or two sentences that highlight your core qualifications for the job. An effective professional summary may help you capture a hiring manager's interest and encourage them to keep reading. Including specific competencies may help, so consider specifying machines you're familiar with, soft skills that strengthen your candidacy and quantifiable results from your previous jobs. It could help to review the job description and mention your top qualifications in your professional summary.

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3. Discuss your work history

Next, you can add each relevant job you've held, followed by a bulleted list of responsibilities and accomplishments. Aim to make these bullet points specific by using a strong verb, including details about the tools you used and sharing specific production outcomes. Many businesses may prefer to hire machinists who can work quickly with a high degree of accuracy, so quantifying your abilities by sharing productivity metrics may be beneficial.

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4. Include a list of your skills

Machinists are highly specialized tradespeople, and they display their expertise by sharing a list of their technical skills. It might be beneficial to supplement these hard skills with some relevant soft skills that enable you to perform your work accurately and work well with other machinists. Here are some skills that may be valuable to include on a machinist resume:

  • CNC machinery

  • Manual lathes

  • Forklift operation

  • Safety and emergency preparedness

  • Physical strength and stamina

  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programming

  • Knowledge of metals

  • Dexterity

  • Attention to detail

  • Leadership

  • Problem-solving

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5. List your education

You can then add a section detailing your educational credentials. Most machinists have at least a high school diploma or a GED credential, so sharing your educational background could help you qualify for jobs. If you attended a vocational school, college or university after high school to learn the fundamentals of machinery or engineering, you can list it here. Add the degree you earned, the name of the institution and the year you graduated if you attended in the last three years.

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6. Mention any certifications

Professional certifications can validate your expertise, specialize your skills and expand your professional network, so it might be valuable to list them on your resume if you hold them. Relevant certifications in areas like CNC machinery, milling, grinding, safety or forklift operation could strengthen your candidacy for some machinist jobs. Add the name of the certification you hold, the organization that granted it and the year you earned or renewed it.

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Machinist resume template

Here's a template you could use as a guide when writing your machinist resume:

[Full Name]
[Phone number] | [Professional email address] | [City, State]

Professional Summary

[Brief summary that mentions your core competencies, work experience and career achievements]

Work Experience

[Job Title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job Title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job Title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]


[Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill]


[Degree earned]
[Institution name], [Graduation year if you graduated within the past three years]


  • [Certification Name], [Host organization] - [Year completed or expiration date]

  • [Certification Name], [Host organization] - [Year completed or expiration date]

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Machinist resume example

Here's a machinist resume sample you could review when crafting your own:

Paula Stalwardt-Kind 555-345-6789 | | Plano, TX

Professional Summary

Detail-oriented Machinist with nine years of experience and professional certifications in CNC machinery and milling. Highly productive and methodical, regularly exceeding production quotas and leading my department in quality ratings.

Work Experience

*Lead Machinist, July 2017–Current
Boomstraight Metal Factories, Plano, TX*

  • Operate manual and CNC milling machines, leading production rates in my team

  • Interpret computer-aided drafting (CAD) blueprints to determine specifications

  • Consistently produce defect-free products, earning scrap rate below 1%

  • Oversee workflow for 9 Machinists, increasing productivity by 18%

  • Examine finished products to ensure they meet quality standards

*Machinist, November 2015–June 2017
De Marks and Cambria Manufacturing, Plano, TX*

  • Operated CNC machinery with a high degree of accuracy

  • Maintained safety and hygiene protocol, going 400+ days without incident

  • Prepareed and maintained equipment to reduce operating costs

*Production Worker, September 2013–October 2015
BlueLem Technologies, Plano, TX*

  • Used a variety of tools to measure, cut and produce steel airplane parts

  • Adjusted machines to meet the design specifications with 98% accuracy

  • Documented daily production processes in a detailed log


CNC machinery | Milling | Hazardous materials | Record-keeping


High school diploma
Southwest Crane High School


  • Milling I, National Institute for Metalworking Skills - 2022

  • Haas Basic Mill Operator, Haas - 2020

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