How To Write a Math Teacher Resume (With Template and Example)

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Published March 25, 2022

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When looking for a position as a math teacher, employers may want to understand your skills and previous qualifications. The best way to show a hiring manager your abilities and work experience is to create a math teacher resume. Understanding the elements to include and steps to take when creating a resume may help you effectively create one, which can lead to getting hired as a math teacher. In this article, we explore what to include in a resume, the steps to writing your own and a sample template and example resume.

What does a math teacher do?

Math teachers are education professionals who teach mathematical concepts to a classroom of students. They can perform at an elementary, middle school, high school or post-secondary school level. While their main duty is to instruct students, they can perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Creating lesson plans, homework assignments and tests

  • Grading assignments and tests

  • Recording student attendance and performance in a school database

  • Maintaining an orderly classroom

  • Meeting with school faculty, teaching assistants or students' parents

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What's included in a math teacher resume?

These are a few things that you can include in a resume for a math teacher:

Personal information

Employers need some personal information that they can use to identify and contact you. Common forms of personal information include your first and last name, phone number and email address. While you don't need to include your physical address, you can mention the city and state that you live in or only include your contact details.

Professional summary

After your personal information, write a short paragraph to begin your resume. You can use a professional summary template for this section. A professional summary focuses on your professional qualifications and past experiences.


Your resume needs a section that includes the skills you possess that can help you effectively perform your tasks as a math teacher. Try to include both hard and soft skills so that potential employers can know what qualities you may bring to a classroom or the school in general. Some possible skills that you can use for a math teacher resume include time management, knowledge of common grading programs or school databases, strong work ethic, mathematical proficiency and leadership.

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Becoming a math teacher usually requires a certain level of education. When writing your resume, you may need to include your education level and details such as college or university, major and year you graduated. This allows hiring managers to see the level of education you completed, which may encourage them to contact you for an interview.

Work experience

One of the main functions of a resume is to show employers your previous relevant work experience. Try to include your most recent work experiences when writing a resume. You can include any short-term positions or internships in addition to full-time work.

Awards or certifications

Throughout your career, you may develop additional qualifications for your work that you can list on your resume, which may not fit in an education or work experience section. This can include any teaching awards you receive, specialized teaching licenses or professional certifications. Try to include any miscellaneous qualifications or awards on your resume so that hiring managers know about them.

How to write a math teacher resume

These are some steps that may help you create a math teacher resume:

1. Choose a template

Choosing a resume template can help you organize your resume information and ensure you include all the relevant information. Using templates can also help application tracking systems that some businesses use to review applications read your resume better, which may improve your chances of getting hired. Consider selecting a resume template from online resources or included in your word processing software.

2. Begin with your personal information

Place your first and last name on the top left-hand corner of your resume, followed by your contact information. Make sure your contact information includes either a work email or one with a professional-sounding address. Including your personal information at the top of the page allows a hiring manager to easily see who you are and how they may contact you.

3. Create a summary

After you write your contact details, you can add a professional summary. If you have a lot of experience as a math teacher, you may want to use a professional summary to detail your history. This allows you to explain how the job you're applying for helps you meet your professional goals and those of the school.

4. List your education experience

Underneath your summary, create a section for your education experience. This is the area where you can include the school where you got your degree, your major and the date of your graduation. Most math teachers major in either education or mathematics. If you have a master's or doctorate degree, you can list both, and your undergraduate degree, with the most recent qualification first.

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5. Include your work experience

In the next section, try to include your work experience that relates to being a math teacher. This can include teaching assistant jobs, internships and previous teaching positions. Consider listing the positions in reverse chronological order, with the most recent job first. Include the position's job title, the school or company you worked for, the dates you worked there and a list of some of your primary duties.

6. List your skills

You can use your skill section to highlight some of your abilities that can help you perform successfully in a classroom setting. Try to include both hard and soft skills to show potential employers a wide range of your abilities. Consider looking at a position's job description to identify particular skills that the hiring manager is looking for and include some of those skills in your resume.

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7. Mention any awards or certifications

If you have any awards, you can mention them in the final section of your resume. You can also include any additional certifications you have, such as technical proficiencies or certifications for teaching specific concepts. List any of your additional qualifications by writing the title of the award or certification, the name of the organization that gave it to you and the date that you received it.

8. Proofread your resume

Attention to detail is an important skill that many employers look for in a math teacher. One of the best ways you can demonstrate your attention to detail is by ensuring that your resume is well-organized and free of any grammatical errors. Before sending your job application, try to review your resume's grammar and spelling. You can also ask your friends or family to help review your resume.

Template of a math teacher resume

This is a template that you can use when creating your own math teacher resume:

[Full name]

[Email address] | [Phone number]

Professional Summary

[One or two sentences that briefly explain your resume, highlight your qualifications and introduce your general attitude regarding teaching. You can either write a summary or objective.]


[Name of institution or university]

[City], [state]

[Name of degree and field of study]

[Years attended]


[Job title], [Employment dates]

[Name of company], [City], [State]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Job title], [Employment dates]

[Name of company], [City], [State]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Job title], [Employment dates]

[Name of company], [City], [State]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]


[Skill], [Skill], [Skill], [Skill], [Skill], [Skill]

Awards and certifications
[Name of award or certification], [Name of institution or organization]
[Date received]
[Name of award or certification], [Name of institution or organization]
[Date received]

Example of a math teacher resume

Here's an example of a math teacher resume:

Jacobe Brown | (554) 515-9223

Professional Summary

Confident and organized educational professional with over 15 years of teaching experience at the high school level. Adept at communicating complex mathematical concepts to adolescents in a fun and engaging manner.


Lower Baltimore University

Baltimore, MD

Bachelor's degree in education with a minor in mathematics



*Math Teacher, 2015-2021*

John Smith High School, New York City, NY

  • Drafted homework assignments and exams for three different levels of math courses.

  • Maintained an ideal classroom learning environment

  • Collaborated with colleagues on grade-wide mathematics integration activities

  • Used office programs to write and develop classroom reference materials

  • Held office hours and private tutor sessions for students

*Math Teacher, 2008-2015*

Upper Crest High School, Baltimore, MD

  • Created lesson plans for high school students

  • Developed new curriculum for Algebra II still in use at Upper Crest High School

  • Kept classroom stocked with supplies

  • Recorded attendance and performance of students

  • Held parent-teacher conferences to keep parents informed of student progress

*Teaching Assistant, 2007-2008*

Lower Baltimore University, Baltimore, MD

  • Graded assignments and exams

  • Led student discussion groups and office hours

  • Assisted professor with teaching duties

  • Recorded classroom attendance

  • Created review packets for students


Communication, Strong mathematical ability, Proficient in Microsoft software, Google Classroom and interactive media, Leadership, Patience**, Attention to detail

*Awards and Certifications
Great and Engaging Teacher Award, National Association of High School Math Teachers
October 2021*

Advanced certification in mathematics education, University of East New England
April 2015

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