How To Write an Operations Manager Resume Objective (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 13, 2021

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On a resume, the objective statement is often the first thing your potential employer reads about you. As an operations manager, it's important to include specifics about the job and about you as an employee to display why you're the right candidate. Understanding what to include in an operations manager objective statement is important for creating interest in your resume. In this article, we discuss what operations managers should include in their objective statement, how to write one and provide some examples for reference.

What is a resume objective?

The objective statement succinctly describes you and your goals, so it's your first opportunity to display why you think you're the correct person for the job. An objective statement often includes your career goals after attaining the job. This includes your hopes for what you might achieve at the organization.

Since your resume is your first step in marketing yourself to potential employers, consider including some of your strongest skills and traits within the objective. When doing this, it's helpful to study the job description to understand which skills they desire most.

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What should an operations manager include in their resume objective?

As an operations manager, you work with the production of goods, the processes that produce those goods and various aspects of finance and management. An effective objective statement for this position might include the skills you have that can help you perform those aspects well and the effect you hope your performance can have.

For instance, you might believe the most important aspect of operations management is streamlining processes because it increases productivity and reduces costs. From your prior experience, you might remember that your ability to listen to your employees helped you discover streamlining opportunities. Your objective statement might then read, “Results-focused individual seeks operations manager position to listen to employee needs, use this information to establish streamlined processes and increase company productivity and reduce costs.”

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How to write an operations manager resume objective

Each resume objective statement is different, as each describes a unique individual with different goals, skills and experience. However, there are common steps you can take to discover what you offer the company and how your goals might set you apart from other applicants. When writing your operations manager resume objective, consider the following steps:

1. Identify your strongest skills

Your skills related to operations management are one of the most important tools you have when marketing yourself to potential employers. To figure out which skills are your strongest, it can help to create a list of skills you currently use in your work. Even if you don't name all of these skills in your objective statement, there may be an opportunity to reference the others elsewhere on your resume.

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2. Show you understand the expectations of the job

A good objective statement indicates that you understand the role you're applying for and what it takes to perform that job well. Being specific about one or two aspects of the job can show the reader you understand what they need.

If it's helpful, try creating another list, this time of specific job duties of being an operations manager, such as:

  • Managing teams

  • Planning strategy

  • Establishing processes

  • Filing legal documents

  • Meeting with stakeholders

The job duties that work best for objective statements are those in which you have the most expertise.

3. Describe what you hope to accomplish

The resume reader wants to know why hiring you over another applicant is beneficial to their company. This is something you can address in the objective statement. Consider what the best possible work environment for an operations manager might be and describe how you plan to make that a reality. It might also be helpful to state simply an end goal you're confident you can achieve and describe how you'd produce it. For instance, “increase productivity and morale by creating an employee-focused, comfortable environment.”

Alternatively, you can use specific examples from your past experience to show your capabilities that could benefit the company, such as, “Increased production at Blue Vale Manufacturing by 15% by discovering and eliminating wasteful processes.”

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4. Keep it short

On a resume, the objective statement serves primarily as an introduction, letting the reader know who you are, what you hope to achieve and why you're the one who can achieve it. The main goal is to convince the reader to continue looking at your resume to learn more about you. Therefore, it's best practice to keep the objective statement to one to three sentences.

Examples of operations manager resume objectives

Here are examples to help you write your own operations manager resume objective:

  • Highly motivated individual with master's in operations management and eight years of managerial experience seeking employment at Andalor, Inc. to use abilities and knowledge to meet and exceed company goals.

  • Data-driven operations manager seeking position at Batch Online to use data analysis expertise to increase productivity through streamlined processes.

  • Operations manager seeking employment at Luau Industries. Offering 10 years experience overseeing operations and coordinating processes to meet and exceed target goals.

  • Experienced leader seeking to inspire and motivate team at Murray-Lehner Goods to improve morale, collaborate proactively and increase revenue.

  • Looking for an operations manager position to leverage leadership and strategic abilities. Four years experience operations manager, two years team management. Highly skilled at creating and implementing best practices company-wide.

  • Employee-focused operations manager seeking position to build a safe, enjoyable and productive work environment.

  • Strategic operations manager seeking to discover areas for improvement and eliminate wasteful processes. Master's in operations management and three years of workplace leadership experience.

  • Safety-focused operations manager with diversified skill set seeking position where overcoming challenges, motivating employees and achieving success are daily occurrences.

  • Persuasive operations manager skilled in establishing and maintaining vendor relationships. Seeking position to expand production for continued company success.

  • Detail-oriented and decisive individual seeking operations manager position. Bachelor's in management with a minor in leadership studies. Worked as operations assistant at Johns PLC to oversee expansion that allowed company to compete globally.

  • Operations management-certified individual hoping to join Virtual Encompassing LLC. Aiming to streamline production in order to compete with similar corporations nationally.

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