How To Write a Preschool Teacher Resume (With Example)

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Updated July 13, 2022 | Published February 4, 2020

Updated July 13, 2022

Published February 4, 2020

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A well-written and organized preschool teacher resume that highlights your knowledge and skills as an education professional can help you capture the attention of an employer. Whether you’re just graduating from college or have years of work experience in the classroom, it can be important for your resume to showcase your education and experience while communicating what differentiates you from other candidates.

In this article, we discuss what a preschool teacher resume is and how to create one, and we offer a template, example and tips to guide you.

What is a preschool teacher resume?

A preschool teacher resume is a summary of your education, skills and work experience as an early childhood education professional. This document helps employers get to know who you are and what skills or experiences you have to share. Your preschool teacher resume can include any information that’s relevant to the position, including degrees, certifications, work experience, relevant skills and activities or associations.

Even if you don't have a lot of previous experience as a preschool teacher, you can still highlight any relevant internships, volunteer experience or work experience that might require the same knowledge or skill set as an early education professional. The resume also helps employers gauge your maturity, motivation and work ethic, so make sure to highlight any specific metrics or experiences that provide tangible proof of your success as a preschool teacher.

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How to create a preschool teacher resume

Here are some steps you can follow to write your own preschool teacher resume: 

1. Start with your contact information

This section should provide basic contact details that the employer can use to reach out to you if they want to schedule an interview. Although professional websites or online portfolios are not necessary, they can help you stand out from other candidates, so include a URL to your professional website if you have one. In this section, include the following information:

  • First and last name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email

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2. Write a professional summary

The summary section of your preschool teacher resume is your opportunity to make a great first impression on the employer. The summary contains key highlights about you and your experience, showing employers what makes you unique and successful. Here you can highlight details such as years of experience, type of experience, special certifications, important accolades and metrics that demonstrate outstanding performance in past positions.

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3. Discuss your work experience

In the work experience section of your early childhood education resume, you will list your relevant work experience with the most recent position at the top. Each work experience entry should include:

  • Name of business

  • Location of business

  • Job title

  • Dates of employment

  • A list of responsibilities and accomplishments

When you are putting together your responsibilities and accomplishments, avoid listing every single task that you had to perform for this position. Instead, focus on the most important duties and those that align closely with the responsibilities of the job for which you’re applying. When possible, try to include tangible evidence of your success by including any performance metrics as you discuss the results of your work.

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4. List your relevant skills

The skills section of your resume is your place to add any additional information about the important skill set you have developed over the course of your education and experience as a preschool teacher. You can include both hard skills and soft skills in this section. Start by highlighting the skills you have that align with the job description's list of required skills. For instance, if the job description asks for an "empathetic team player," then you may want to include your experience problem solving with children in the classroom.

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5. Add your certifications

Most preschool teachers are required to obtain certain certifications to work in early childhood education. Include your Childhood Development Associate (CDA) certification or National Board Certification (NBC) for Early Childhood Generalist on your resume to show employers that you meet the minimum requirements. Additional relevant certifications such as first aid or child and infant CPR should also be included.

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6. Include your education

The education and certifications section is where you can include any relevant degrees, training and certifications. Each entry will name the institution or organization conferring the degree or certification, the name of the degree or certification and the year you earned the degree or certification. Include your major, minor and any coursework when it is relevant or required for the position.

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7. Add your activities and associations

Throughout college and your early career, you may have participated in special activities or joined associations that are relevant to your career as a preschool teacher. Include any activities such as volunteer work or hobbies in this section to show that you’re a well-rounded candidate who is active outside the classroom. You can also include any professional associations or organizations that you've joined. These show the employer that you’re interested in furthering your knowledge and skills outside of the classroom while staying up-to-date with the latest trends and news in early childhood education.

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Preschool teacher resume template

Here’s a template you can reference when writing your own resume as a preschool teacher:

Your Name
[Phone number] | [Professional email address] | [City, State] 

Professional Summary

[Two or three sentences about your industry experience, key skills and career goals]

Work Experience

[Job title] [Start date–End date]

[Company name] [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job title] [Start date–End date]

[Company name] [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]


[Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill]


  • [Certification], [Certifying organization] – [Year earned]


[Degree earned]
[School attended]

Activities and Associations

  • [Name of association or activity, duration of experience]

Preschool teacher resume sample

Use this example to guide you when you start creating your own preschool teacher resume:

Taylor Johnson
(484) 123-4567 | | Philadelphia, PA 19103

Professional Summary

CDA-certified preschool teacher with five years of experience teaching children ages 3-5 in a classroom setting of up to 20 students. As a teacher at Lawrence Williams Academy, I helped raise parent satisfaction scores by 10% through coordinating learning-oriented trips, developing specialized resources for children with learning differences and providing regular updates to parents.

Work Experience

Preschool Teacher, May 2016–Current
Lawrence Williams Academy, Philadelphia, PA

  • Develop and deliver creative and interactive activities to a classroom of 15 to 20 students, ranging in age from 4 to 5 years old

  • Organize curricula to ensure a productive learning environment

  • Develop and coordinate learning-oriented trips for students, which received 95% positive feedback from parents and students, leading to these trips being implemented school-wide

  • Design specialized resources for students with learning differences, which helped them to improve test scores by 45% and achieve basic aptitude

  • Communicate with parents and caregivers regarding student's general behavior and health as well as their social and developmental progress

Preschool Teacher Assistant, Aug. 2015–May 2016
Pittsburgh Preparatory Preschool, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Assisted primary preschool teachers with managing classrooms of up to 20 students, ranging in age from 3 to 5 years old

  • Designed and implemented an art program aimed at encouraging students to explore different art mediums through hands-on art projects

  • Led play-based lessons and skill-building activities in language arts, social studies, math and science disciplines for students


  • Experienced in curriculum development, including creative lesson planning and design

  • Trained in classroom management techniques for early childhood learners

  • Patient, empathetic and well-organized

  • Proficient in guitar and piano


  • Child Development Associate (CDA), Council for Professional Recognition - 2019

  • Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED, American Red Cross - 2016


Bachelor of Science, Early Childhood Education
University of Pennsylvania

Activities and Associations

  • Wyland Youth Center Volunteer in Philadelphia, PA, May 2016 to Present

  • Wyland After School Program Volunteer in Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 2011 to May 2016

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Member, May 2016 to Present

  • Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) Member, May 2016 to Present

Tips for creating a preschool teacher resume

Here are some tips to consider  as you write your preschool teacher resume:

Highlight your achievements. In the summary and work experience sections of your resume, you have the opportunity to highlight your achievements and show your employer what sets you apart from other candidates. When possible, try to provide tangible evidence of results through performance metrics.

Use action verbs. Use positive, active language in your descriptions. Words like "led," "developed," "coordinated" and "organized" help highlight your involvement while making your resume look more dynamic.

Check your formatting. Make sure that your resume is formatted properly by including all of the necessary sections in a logical order. There is no one right way to format your resume, but it should be neat, easy to read and consistent.

Proofread your resume. A resume without errors shows employers that you are serious about the position and that you put time and care into your work. Read the resume sections out loud as you proofread and ask a friend or colleague to review them and provide feedback before you submit it to employers.

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