How to Write an Accountant Resignation Letter

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 8, 2021

When resigning from an accountant position, you may need to inform your employer of your decision in writing through a resignation letter. A professionally written resignation letter helps present a clear and consistent message regarding your departure from your current position. Understanding the importance of resignation letters can help you write an effective one if you choose to resign from your current job. In this article, we discuss how to write an accountant resignation letter and explore an accountant resignation letter template and example.

Why is it important to write a resignation letter?

It is important to write a resignation letter when leaving a position because the resignation letter serves as written documentation of your decision to resign. Documenting your departure from a company is important because it helps the h uman resources department determine when your last day of work will be and therefore which day will be your last day to receive compensation.

Writing a formal resignation letter to your employer is a polite and professional step you can take when resigning from your current position. Providing your current employer with a resignation letter demonstrates that you appreciate and respect them. In addition to stating your desire to resign from your position, you can also write the resignation letter to show gratitude to your employer for hiring you and for helping you advance in your career.

Submitting a resignation letter can help keep your departure from the company cordial. It is important to resign from a company in a respectful and peaceful way because you may need your employer to serve as a reference or to provide recommendations for you when you apply to future jobs.

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How to write a resignation letter for an accountant

In order to write a resignation letter as an accountant, consider following these steps:

1. Address your resignation letter properly

It is important to address your resignation letter to the appropriate person or people. You can find information regarding who you should submit your resignation letter to in your employee handbook, manual or contract. Typically, you will need to inform your manager and the human resources department of your resignation.

2. Review your contract for the notice period

The notice period is the amount of time an employee must give before they decide to leave a company. The standard notice period is two weeks, so consider informing your employer of your decision to resign two weeks before your actual departure.

It is important to note that notice periods may vary by position, seniority and the company's policies and protocols. You can review your contract for the exact requirements of employee resignation for your company.

3. Utilize a resignation letter template

You can use a resignation letter template to draft your accountant resignation letter. A template can help you organize and outline your thoughts into an appropriate format that is suitable for a resignation letter. Additionally, a resignation letter template can help you keep your letter professional.

4. Write the resignation letter

When writing an accountant resignation letter, you can include information such as your name, contact details, your current position within the company and your date of departure. You can also write a short thank you to your employer for the work opportunity and include how the position helped you grow professionally. In addition, write your resignation letter with active language and use a positive tone.

Be sure to keep the resignation letter short, ideally less than one page. When writing your resignation letter, use clear language and brief paragraphs that contain only one or two sentences. Use proper grammar and punctuation, and be sure to proofread your resignation letter for errors before submitting.

5. Offer to help for a smooth transition

At the end of the resignation letter, you can offer your help with transitioning another employee into your position. Offering to assist another employee as they move into your position demonstrates professionalism and illustrates that you respect your employer and that you want future employees, and ultimately the company, to be successful.

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Accountant resignation letter template

You can use this template to write a resignation letter for an accountant position:

*[Your name and contact information such as address, email address and phone number]
[The date you write the resignation letter]
[Your address to the appropriate person or people,]

[A brief summary of the particulars of your resignation including a statement of your anticipated departure date]

[You can conclude with a short paragraph regarding any of your positive and meaningful experiences from your current position. You can also offer to help ensure a smooth transition, if applicable to your particular position and company.]

[You can close the resignation letter with a line thanking your employer.]

[Formal letter closing]

[Your signature]
[Your written name]*

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Accountant resignation letter example

Here is an example of a resignation letter for an accountant:

Jane Votalo
123 Lane Road
Seattle, Washington 49571

April 12, 2020

Dear Ms. Jones,

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position of Staff Accountant at All The Accountants Incorporated. My final day of work will be May 1.

I am grateful for this position, as it has enabled me to learn numerous valuable skills that I will be incredibly useful to me in future accounting jobs. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to work and grow professionally at All The Accountants Incorporated. I thank you for helping me learn and gain experience within the field of accounting. I wish you all the best and the company many years of success.

If necessary, I am willing to assist and happy to help with a smooth transition in any capacity that the company needs.

Thanks again for all of your feedback, encouragement and support in my time with All The Accountants Incorporated.

Best Regards,
Jane Votalo

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