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How To Choose an Executive Resume Writing Service

May 6, 2021

If you are an executive interested in advancing your career, you may consider updating your resume. Writing services can strengthen the content and formatting of your resume, which may impress potential employers. Using a resume writing service can also support you in managing your time more effectively as you search for a new position, which may help you achieve your career goals faster. In this article, we explain the value of hiring an executive resume writer and how to find services that specialize in resume writing for executives.

What is a resume writing service for executives?

An executive resume writing service is a company that helps business leaders create a professional resume. This service can benefit chief executive officers (CEOs), presidents, directors and other company leaders who are interested in creating, revising or updating their resumes. Resume writing services often offer:

  • Advice about how to improve the content of your resume
  • Suggestions for formatting your resume professionally
  • Guidance about applicant tracking system optimization
  • Reviews of your current resume
  • Surveys with questions about your career goals and unique work history

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Should you use a resume writing service for executives?

You can benefit from using an executive resume writing service for three primary reasons:

  • Professional formatting: Resume writers and editors typically understand how to format resumes so that they have a professional, well-organized appearance. They often have in-depth knowledge about which font to use for a particular industry, when to change the size of page margins and how to organize a resume's content to optimize its overall readability.
  • Writing experience: Resume writers often have extensive knowledge of executives' responsibilities and skills and know how to explain them clearly on a resume. Executives are typically in charge of making key decisions about a company's finances, hiring practices or business strategies. Resume writers often highlight an executive's ability to assess risks, communicate clearly and form valuable partnerships.
  • Market awareness: If you've just begun your job search, an experienced executive resume writer can help you understand the current job market, which can ensure your resume is distinctive and memorable. With an impressive resume, you can help hiring managers recognize that you're the right leader for their company.

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How to find an executive resume writing service

Here are five steps you can follow when searching for an executive resume writing service:

1. Research the resume writer's credentials

To ensure you select a highly qualified writer, you can look for the following executive resume writing credentials:

  • Updated certifications
  • Advanced degrees
  • Published writing
  • Active membership in professional organizations such as the National Resume Writers' Association

Another strategy for identifying a professional resume writer is to check if they frequently attend career development conferences or seminars. This often shows a writer dedicates attention to maintaining up-to-date knowledge about their industry.

It can also be helpful if a resume writer has experience in your target industry or has worked with clients in your target position. This typically suggests the writer is capable of helping executive-level candidates find new jobs. They may also be familiar with industry terminology and specific skills you need for success as an executive.

2. Review your prospective resume writer's web presence

While a resume writer's website may be informative, consider searching other websites such as their professional networking profiles, social media pages and blogs or articles that mention them. On these websites you may find important information like:

  • Recommendations from current and previous clients
  • Confirmation about whether they're a full-time resume writer
  • Size of their social media following, especially if they have a professional profile

3. Check a writer's sample resumes

After you complete your research on each resume writer, you can request a sample resume to learn about their writing style. If possible, consider checking sample executive resumes from several industries, including your target industry. This can help you determine whether the writer has experience assisting professionals who are seeking the same target position.

You can look for resume samples that include quantifiable accomplishments to ensure your resume writer has experience highlighting specific professional experiences. In addition, consider checking for powerful action verbs such as "innovated" or "developed." You can also search a sample resume for industry-specific terms. This often shows that a writer is familiar with optimizing resumes for applicant tracking systems, which scan resumes for keywords.

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4. Read third-party reviews

Online reviews and testimonials from clients offer unbiased feedback about resume writers and provide helpful information about the quality of their services. You can read third-party reviews to learn more are about a previous customer's experience. This can help you evaluate whether the person you're considering is the best writer for your executive resume.

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5. Ask about your target writer's process, availability and rate

You can ask each writer you contact for details about how they approach resume writing, when they are typically available to help you and how much they charge for their services. While some writers may offer an hourly rate, others may request a flat fee for a specific service, such as a resume review. Consider specifying whether you are seeking general resume help or wish to have your resume customized for a specific executive role.

To help you meet your career objectives, you can ask each writer how much time they typically need to complete a resume draft, especially if the companies you are interested in have application deadlines. Additionally, you can inquire about the number of revisions a specific service includes. Finally, consider checking if the resume writer you're considering can also help you with executive cover letters. Customizing your cover letter and resume for your target position can motivate hiring managers to contact you for an interview, which can help you attain a new executive-level position.

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