Resume Writing Services: When and How To Use One

Updated January 5, 2023

Resume writing services can help you create a resume that best represents your skills and qualifications for a job. People often hire a professional service to help make their resume stand out and impress hiring managers. In this article, we discuss when to use resume writing services, how to find the best service for you and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

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What are resume writing services?

The term, “resume writing services,” can refer to a wide range of editing, rewriting and/or formatting assistance that you might receive to help you create a job application submission. Using a resume writing service to help you streamline and polish your resume can be helpful at any stage in your career development, though you may need more help depending upon your career goals, industry and experience level.

When to use a resume writing service

There are several circumstances when you may benefit from using a resume writing service. The most common reasons include:

You want to improve your writing

If you need help with summarizing your skills and background into a concise and creative resume, you might want to pay a professional for help. Resume writers have a lot of experience and you’ll be guaranteed a well-written, high-quality resume that best represents you and your goals.

You find it difficult to describe yourself objectively

Sometimes it’s hard for us to be objectives about our own strengths and weaknesses. Discussing your skills and accomplishments with another person can result in a more accurate summary of your qualifications.

You’re applying for a promotion

If your goal is to get a job that pays more or has greater responsibilities, a resume writer can help you stand out from the competition and look professional.

You don’t have to dedicate enough time

If you’re busy with personal, family or work demands, a resume service might relieve the stress of writing a resume and allow you to create a resume faster than if you compiled the resume yourself.

You’re not getting interview requests

If you have repeatedly applied to jobs without receiving any responses, your resume might not be getting picked up by ATS software or catching the attention of hiring managers.

Resume writing services can help improve the format, content and organization of your resume, making it easier for employers to scan and read. If you choose a service that employs professional writers from all industries, you’ll be able to work with someone who understands your field and what hiring managers prefer to see in a candidate’s qualifications.

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Are you looking for a job now?

Indeed resume review services

Indeed offers personalized resume services to help you grow your career and get hired faster. Currently, Indeed offers three resume review options:

Instant Resume Report

You can make meaningful improvements to your resume with Indeed’s free Instant Resume ScanReport. Beyond general generic best practices, you’ll get actionable, data-driven content and layout advice you can immediately apply to your resume.

Resume Review (video format) by a professional resume writer

With Indeed’s Resume Review, you can learn to optimize your resume for your target job with help from a professional resume editor. You’ll receive specific, personalized advice to improve key areas of your resume in a matter of days.

Resume Rewrite by a professional resume writer

If creating or updating your resume feels overwhelming, the Indeed Resume Rewrite can help reduce the stress that comes with resume writing. You’ll get matched to a professional resume editor who will quickly turn around a new, optimized resume so you can start applying with confidence.

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