How To Write a Sales Engineer Resume (With Template and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published August 18, 2021

Sales engineers use a combination of sales and technical knowledge to help them sell complex technological products to businesses. During the application process, it's important to prepare an effective resume that demonstrates your diverse abilities and shows how you can help an organization sell their products. Learning about the process to take when writing a resume for a sales engineer position can help you make sure you include relevant information about your qualifications.

In this article, we explore what a sales engineer resume is, share some steps to take when writing yours, offer tips for creating an effective one and provide a template and example to guide you in how to format yours.

What should you highlight in a sales engineer resume?

Employers typically look for sales engineers with a highly specific skill set that pertains to the product they sell. Here are some common elements many hiring seek that you can include in your resume:

  • Expertise with technical or scientific products

  • Advanced technical and computer skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the engineering sales process

  • Education or extensive experience in engineering or business development

You can also review the job description to learn more about specific qualifications the employer wants.

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How to write a sales engineer resume

To write your resume for a sales engineer position, follow these steps:

1. Read the job description

When preparing to write a resume for a sales engineer position, read the job description for the open role. This helps you see what kind of candidate the employer wants. Make note of any keywords or qualifications they list to include in your resume.

2. Share your contact information

In the header of your resume, write your full name. Below, provide your phone number and email address so the employer can contact you if they have any questions or want to schedule a job interview. Make sure the email you list is professional. It's usually helpful to have an email address that includes all or part of your name, like "" or ""

3. Write a professional summary

A professional summary helps introduce you to the hiring manager. Using a few sentences, briefly describe your background and accomplishments in the sales engineering field. This lets the employer know why they should hire you and can encourage them to continue reviewing your resume.

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4. Include your professional experience

Create a section that highlights past roles you had related to the sales engineer position. This section may vary depending on the business and its offerings, making it important to customize each job application. Include information about your job responsibilities and achievements in the roles you listed.

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5. Create an education section

Next, include information about your degrees. Starting with your most recent or highest degree, list the degree type, the awarding institution, the location and the year you graduated. If you graduated within the past five years, you can include educational awards or memberships, such as graduating with honors or being a member of your school's engineering club.

6. List your skills

Sales engineers usually need a mix of both sales and technical skills in addition to soft skills. Select six to 12 of your most relevant capabilities to include in your resume. Some skills to consider including in your sales engineer resume are:

  • Lead generation

  • Account management

  • Specific engineering knowledge, like hardware or network engineering

  • Presentation and technical demonstration

  • Technical skills in areas like software as a service or computer-aided design

  • Communication

  • Customer service

7. Review your resume

Once you finish your resume, read again to ensure it's concise and easy to scan. When reviewing, look for any spelling errors or other common grammatical mistakes, such as missing punctuation. You can also have a peer read it to get another perspective and offer you constructive feedback.

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Sales engineer resume template

Here's a template for a sales engineer resume:

[Your name]
[Email address]
[Phone number]

Professional summary

[One to two sentences describing your experience and achievements in the sales engineering field]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company name], [location]
[Dates of employment]

  • [Job duty or achievement]

  • [Job duty or achievement]

  • [Job duty or achievement]

[Job title]
[Company name], [location]
[Dates of employment]

  • [Job duty or achievement]

  • [Job duty or achievement]

  • [Job duty or achievement]


[Type of degree], [area of study]
[University or college name], [location]
[Graduation date]


  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

Sales engineer resume example

The following is an example of a resume for a sales engineer:

Krista Mumford

Professional summary

Highly knowledgeable and motivated sales engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer science and a history of sales success. Regularly exceeds sales quota and helps generate high customer acquisition rates by almost 20%.

Work experience

Sales engineer
Fano Retail, Elizabethtown, PA
July 2020—present

  • Build strong relationships with potential customers and stakeholders

  • Deliver performance updates at quarterly business meetings

  • Cold call 20 new accounts daily

  • Develop relationships with key players to create potential lead generations for the organization

Sales engineer
Gilbert Enterprises, Lititz, PA
September 2018—July 2020

  • Improved customer acquisition rates by 19% using pricing strategies

  • Responded to customer questions about product availability and prices

  • Created and presented a technical solution to a reputable boutique to increase sales revenue by $15,000 over the duration of two years


Bachelor of Science in computer science
University of Lititiz, Lititiz, PA
May 2018


  • Account management

  • Lead generation

  • Problem-solving

  • Multitasking

  • Negotiation

  • Sales calls

  • Organization

Tips for creating an effective sales engineer resume

Use the following advice to help you create an effective sales engineer resume:

  • Try reverse chronological order. Reverse chronological order lists your most recent experience first, giving employers an idea of how you've progressed in the field.

  • Include keywords. When writing your sales engineer resume, use industry keywords to help you pass applicant tracking systems.

  • Pair it with a cover letter. To help support your resume, consider including a cover letter that encourages further discussion about your qualifications and how you can apply them to the organization.

  • Quantify your achievements. In the work experience section of your resume, provide numbers to describe your accomplishments, such as, "increased sales by 10%."

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