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How To Write a Special Education Assistant Resume (With Template and Example)

April 1, 2021

For special education assistants, having a quality resume is a great way to showcase your qualifications. Your resume organizes your skills, experiences and other credentials that make you equipped to work as a special education assistant. Additionally, crafting a strong resume can show potential employers that you are a qualified candidate and a good fit for the role. In this article, we discuss how to write a special education assistant resume, outline tips for crafting your resume and provide a template and example to use as a guide.

How to write a special education assistant resume

A special education assistant is responsible for assisting teachers who work with students who have special needs. These professionals typically coordinate activities, prepare lesson plans, supervise students and more. A great special education assistant resume details your qualifications, including your skills and work experience, in clear and organized sections.

Here are six steps you can take to write a special education assistant resume:

1. List your contact information

Your contact information is an essential part of your resume. It lets potential employers know how they can contact you to learn more about you or schedule an interview. Typically, contact information is included in a header at the top of a resume. You can include your name, phone number, email address and address in this section, as well as a website or professional portfolio link if applicable.

2. Write a summary statement

You can capture the main points of your resume in a summary statement, which you can place at the top of your resume beneath your contact information. Your summary statement should be one to three sentences long and highlight your most important qualifications and career goals.

If you are searching for a new job, you can include what type of position you are seeking in your summary statement. For example, your summary statement could say, "Passionate special education assistant skilled in classroom management and certified in first aid. Seeking special education assistant positions near Orlando, Florida." You could also mention the specific company you are applying to by name in the summary statement.

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3. Include your education

For special education assistants, including your education and degree is an essential part of your resume. Often, teaching jobs require specific degrees and educational credentials, so it's important to include this information on your resume. In your education section, include the degree you earned, the name of the educational institution, its location and the dates you attended. You can also add any other information related to your education, such as awards or extracurricular activities.

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4. Describe your work experience

Listing your relevant work experience can help show employers that you are a qualified candidate. For each of your experiences, list your position, company, location and the dates you were employed. Additionally, include a bulleted list of your main responsibilities for each job. Effective descriptions are clear and concise, and starting each bullet point with an action verb makes them even stronger. For example, one bullet point for a special education assistant position might say, "Organized classroom activities to enhance lesson plans under the direction of the lead teacher."

When describing your work experience, focus on the most relevant duties for each job rather than listing out every task you completed. This helps keep your resume concise and uncluttered. Additionally, when you can, try to quantify your responsibilities and accomplishments with performance metrics to give potential employers tangible evidence of your experience. For example, one bullet point could say, "Assisted teacher in managing a classroom of 15 special needs students for two semesters."

5. Highlight your skills

Listing your skills is an essential part of crafting your resume because it shows potential employers that you have the specific skill set necessary to be a great special education assistant. You can include both hard and soft skills in your list—both are valuable to employers.

Some hard skills worth listing in your special education assistant resume include:

  • Computer literacy
  • Teaching techniques
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Record keeping

Relevant soft skills may include:

  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Empathy

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6. List certifications

A section containing your certifications can also be a valuable addition to your special education assistant resume. Listing your certifications can further prove to employers that you are qualified to be a special education assistant. You can include general, relevant certifications like first aid or CPR as well as specific certifications for special education teachers.

Tips for writing your special education assistant resume

Here are some tips you can use when writing your resume:

Read the job description

As you create your resume, look at the description of your desired position to get ideas for how to write about your qualifications. If you notice that you possess the specific candidate skills included in the job description, you can include them in your resume to attract the hiring manager's attention. Additionally, you can look for keywords in the job description. Including these keywords in your resume can improve your chances of getting through an applicant tracking system (ATS), which is software that scans resumes to help narrow down the best candidates.

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Include links

Another tip for strengthening your resume is to include external links. If you have a website, professional profile or any other relevant webpages, consider including links to them in your resume as further proof of your experience and qualifications. You can include links to your website or professional profile in the contact information section of your resume.

Pay attention to formatting

You can format your resume strategically to make it appear more aesthetically pleasing and professional. You can adjust the font size in your body text and headings, spacing between lines and other elements to fill in white space and create a sense of balance. When you're done, your resume should typically be a full, single page.

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Proofread and review

To make your resume the best that it can possibly be, take the extra time to thoroughly proofread each section. Watch for spelling and grammar errors, and ensure that all of your contact information is accurate. Additionally, consider asking a mentor to review your resume and offer suggestions from an experienced perspective to help you think of any information that you might have forgotten.

Include supplemental information

You can include supplemental information in your job application to expand on the details in your resume. Supplemental documents like cover letters and letters of recommendation can give potential employers proof of your experience and competence, which can increase your credibility and help you receive interviews and job offers.

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Special education assistant resume template

To help you format your resume, here is a special education assistant resume template:

[Full name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Summary statement
[Include a brief summary statement highlighting your main qualifications.]

[Institution name]
[Dates attended]

Professional experience
[Job title]
[Company name]
[Job location]
[Employment dates]

  • [Job duty/responsibility]
  • [Job duty/responsibility]
  • [Job duty/responsibility]

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Job location]
[Employment dates]

  • [Job duty/responsibility]
  • [Job duty/responsibility]
  • [Job duty/responsibility]


  • [Skill]
  • [Skill]
  • [Skill]


  • [Certification]
  • [Certification]
  • [Certification]

Special education assistant resume example

Here is an example of a special education assistant resume:

Allison Johnson

101 Evergreen Lane
Chicago, IL 60601

Summary statement
Experienced special education assistant skilled in teaching and behavior redirection. Passionate about creating an environment that nurtures success for special needs students.

Bachelor of Science in Special Education
University of Northern Illinois
Rockford, Illinois
August 2016–May 2020

Professional experience
Special Education Assistant
Marigold Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois
June 2020–Present

  • Provides teacher assistance with classroom management, lesson planning and grading
  • Teaches lessons and assists special needs students to help them achieve learning goals
  • Develops meaningful teacher-student relationships

Teaching Intern
Jefferson Elementary School
Rockford, Illinois

August 2019–June 2020

  • Worked under the direction of lead teacher to learn teaching skills and strategies
  • Assisted teacher in creating lesson plans, teaching lessons and grading
  • Assisted students one-on-one in learning concepts


  • Teaching techniques
  • Lesson planning
  • Behavior redirection
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Empathy


  • First aid
  • CPR


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