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How to Incorporate Teaching Skills on a Resume

March 9, 2021

Whether you've worked as a public school teacher or a corporate trainer, teaching experience on your resume is a valuable skill set to offer potential employers. It's important to list teaching skills on your resume that highlight the wide range of abilities that come with working as an educator. In this article, we explain teaching skills, give examples of relevant teaching skills you can add to your resume and show you examples of resumes featuring teaching skills.

What are teaching skills?

Teaching skills are areas of expertise gained from work experience as a professional educator. Teachers facilitate instruction in a variety of settings including public and private school classrooms, corporate development seminars and employee training or coaching.

Teaching skills include the abilities necessary to plan and present instruction, evaluate student mastery of a concept or topic and communicate with all parties involved in the educational process. You can list these types of teaching skills on a resume as part of your overall qualifications once you've had experience instructing in a professional setting.

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What teaching skills should you include on your resume?

Teaching skills are multifaceted and fall into broader categories. Use both the categories and specific sub skills as you prepare your resume:


Communication skills are vital to your success as a teacher. Classroom instruction requires strong public speaking abilities, regardless of the level or institution. Sharing ideas with students of all ages means utilizing a command of language and presentation skills. Teachers must practice active listening and appear friendly in their body language.

Teachers collaborate with colleagues in the field, work with administrators or management and conference with students and parents. Sharing their knowledge in a classroom setting requires teachers to speak, write and present with excellence.

Here are some specific communication-based teaching skills you can add to your resume:

  • Instructing
  • Collaboration
  • Facilitate learning
  • Mentoring
  • Written communication
  • Conferencing
  • Counseling
  • Leading discussions and meetings
  • Networking
  • Active listening

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a key competency for teachers. Educators analyze student engagement to evaluate the effectiveness of a lesson both as they instruct and after in personal reflection. Teachers in all instructional settings use reasoning to determine the best practices for delivering information and providing resources to compliment lesson content.

Below are critical thinking-based teaching skills you can add to your resume:

  • Choosing curriculum
  • Reflecting on teaching
  • Finding resources
  • Grading
  • Monitoring
  • Goal setting
  • Analysis
  • Individualized instructional plans


Organizational skills are an important professional component of a teaching skill set. From organizing the physical layout of a classroom to maximize student learning to managing time for grading, lesson planning and quality instruction practices, organizational skills contribute to a teacher's qualifications.

Here is a list of organizational-based teaching skills you can add to your resume:

  • Planning lessons
  • Planing classroom layout
  • Classroom rules and procedures
  • Classroom management
  • Maintaining records of grades or achievements
  • Time management
  • Multitasking

Subject area knowledge

In order to instruct, teachers must possess a deep knowledge of the subject they teach. Subject mastery shows your professional ability to internalize content and use it to facilitate learning in others. Subject area experts are a valuable asset to any career field.

Here are some key teaching skills related to subject area knowledge:

  • Mastery of teaching subjects
  • Preparing lesson content
  • Lesson planning
  • Creating resources
  • Preparing assignments
  • Curriculum writing
  • Professional development

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How to include teaching skills on your resume

You can include teaching skills throughout your resume to highlight these valuable qualities to employers. Here are the ways you can incorporate teaching skills in your resume:

1. Add teaching skills to your summary

The introductory section of your resume often includes a summary or professional profile where you choose your top marketable skills to introduce yourself to employers. Use this section to integrate key, general teaching skills like communication and critical thinking. When you explain your experience, you can use more detailed words to describe each skill set.

2. List teaching abilities in the skills or qualifications section

Choose more specific teaching abilities to include in a bulleted list of your skills and qualifications along with a brief explanation of the skill. This section can be added before or after your experience.

3. Explain teaching skills under your experience

Show your teaching skills with the work experience you include. Include previous jobs that used teaching skills whether the title was teacher or another professional name. Use this section to explain your teaching skills and how you used them in more detail.

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Examples of teaching skills on a resume

Here are two examples that show how you can add teaching skills to your resume:

Example 1: Teacher resume

Bonnie Woods

5525 Angler Lane

Savannah, Georgia 31401


Experienced classroom instructor with strong communication and critical thinking skills. Lead teacher for over three years with curriculum development background.


  • 6-12 Teacher Certification: State of Georgia
  • Instruction
  • Collaboration
  • Lesson planning
  • Goal setting
  • Curriculum writing


Lead Science Teacher: 9th grade, Live Oak High School, Savannah Georgia


  • Coordinate and present "Science Night Out" project for all 9th grade students.
  • Mentor teacher interns for all of the science department.
  • Selected to join leadership committee to formulate curriculum assessments using best practices and administrative input.
  • Lead teacher team in creating lesson plans.

Science Teacher: 9th and 10th grade, Field Crest High School, Savannah Georgia


  • Facilitated lessons for advanced students and students with disabilities.
  • Communicated with students and parents via classroom portal to discuss grades, behavior and course content.
  • Prepared lesson resources using augmented reality technology.
  • Average proficiency rate of 88% across all classes for end of course exam scores.


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Mercer University, 2006-2010

Example 2: Teaching skills with other professional experience

Billie Smith

12 Barn Bridge Way

Philadelphia, PA 17601


Results oriented marketing project manager with professional development leadership experience. Over 10 years of agency experience coordinating campaigns for major clients and guiding staff through relevant training based on trends in brand awareness.


  • Professional development instructor
  • Time management for project supervision
  • Problem-solving for team and clients
  • Strong communication skills
  • Content writing and editing


Project Manager, Now Branding, Philadelphia, PA


  • Coordinate all project responsibilities and deadlines with marketing team members.
  • Use background in educational studies to facilitate quarterly professional development training sessions by presenting and planning instructional material.
  • Communicate with clients and sales team to identify needs and determine project scope and timeline.

Marketing Associate, Content Smart, Philadelphia, PA


  • Analyzed client campaigns for increased website traffic.
  • Negotiated marketing contracts with clients.
  • Composed thought leader blog posts for company website.

Sales Representative, Johnson Marketing Associates, Lancaster, PA


  • Met with prospective clients to discuss marketing needs.
  • Organized sales strategy with team members.
  • Attended networking functions to foster professional connections.



Penn State University, 2004-2007

Bachelor of Arts degree in Education

Kutztown University, 2000-2004

Tips to make your teaching skills stand out on a resume

Here are some key ideas to remember when adding teaching skills to your resume:

Emphasize teaching skills that match job requirements

Make your resume scannable for keywords by matching the job posting skills that match your own attributes. Highlight key skills in different ways throughout your resume by including them in each section of your resume.

List all instructional experience

Coaching, mentoring and tutoring all count as teaching experience, which should be included in your resume. Professional coaching is highly sought after in the workplace as well as in education. Include coaching on your resume even if you've only worked with a youth sports team. Discuss tutoring a classmate or mentoring a teen for a local non-profit. The teaching skills that accompany these instructional experiences will stand out on a resume.

Remember to add certifications

List all professional teaching certificates or educational certifications you've earned in the skills or qualifications section of your resume so employers see them right away. if a certification is something that sets you apart as a teacher, you can also mention it first in your summary statement.


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