How To Show You're a Team Player on Your Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

May 26, 2021

Many jobs require you to work well within a team. If you’re a strong team player, you want to highlight this strength whenever you apply for a job that is looking for this trait. By making some minor tweaks within your resume, you can showcase your ability to work well within a team and get results. In this article, we discuss what a team player resume is, when you should use one and how you can create one of your own. 

What is a team player resume?

A team player resume is a way of creating your resume that highlights your ability to thrive in a team environment. Being able to work well in a team is a valuable skill and a must-have for many job openings. By tailoring your resume to showcase that you work well in a team, you give yourself a better chance at landing a job that requires group collaboration. 

When to use a team player resume

You’ll want to modify your resume to emphasize you’re a team player if the job description specifically mentions looking for one. If the job description doesn’t explicitly state they are seeking a team player, consider doing more research into the job and see if they’re likely to want a team player anyway. Some jobs, such as a software developer or project manager, are often done in teams even if the job description doesn’t say it. If your search reveals that the job duties are done in a team environment, it will likely be beneficial to list team player skills on your resume. 

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Functional Resume Format

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How to list teamwork skills on your resume

Creating a team player resume involves changing a few key aspects of your resume. The goal is to mention your team-playing ability wherever you can and to do so in a way that will make an impact on potential employers. Follow these five steps to creating a team player resume:

1. Include it in your summary or objective statement

First, you should mention that you’re a team player somewhere in your summary or objective statement. The purpose of this is to earn the attention of the hiring manager right away and introduce yourself effectively. If you’re going after a job that requires a team player, this is an ideal place to highlight your strength in that area. Here are a few examples:

  • Objective: To obtain a position as a team leader at Pinewood Industries.

  • Experienced marketing professional with a passion for working in teams looking to join Maple Inc.

  • Java developer looking to put my exceptional communication and teamwork skills to good use as a junior programmer at Oak Computer Systems.

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2. Talk about your specific role

Next, where you can, you should mention your specific role within a team. Talk about whether you were the team leader or a team member with distinct responsibilities. Working in a team means handling your portion of the work, so let employers know what specific tasks were assigned to you and how you managed them. Here are two such examples:

  • Worked with a product development team, where my responsibility was to conduct market research

  • As a nursing assistant, I worked closely with the nurses to ensure comprehensive patient care

3. Give specific examples

To best highlight your skills as a team player, you should use specific examples. Where you can, mention other teams you have been a part of or mention accomplishments you’ve achieved as a member of a team. You’ll have a much stronger resume if you can show you’re a team player rather than just saying it. For example:

  • Member of the No. 1 debate team in the nation at New York University

  • Developed and implemented a marketing software solution as a member of a five-person team

  • Served as the spokesperson for Congresswoman Andrea Johnson’s reelection campaign

4. Mention it in your skills

When you are listing your skills on your resume, you should include anything that relates to working within a team. Being a good team member is an important skill, so it deserves to be included with other abilities you’ve learned over the years. You may have mentioned being a team player in other areas of your resume, but this is your last opportunity to make this point clear. An example skills section for an online marketer could look like this:

Skills: SEO, inbound marketing, PPC, social media, team leader, strong communication, organized, flexible, goal-oriented, adaptable

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5. Include team player phrases

Examples of team player statements to incorporate into your resume include:

  • Embraces teamwork

  • Team-player who can also work independently

  • Thrives in a team environment

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Enjoys working closely with others

  • Team-oriented personality

  • Dedicated team-member

  • Team leader

Example resume showing good team player skills

Putting it all together, here is what a resume might look like if you wanted to highlight that you’re a team player:

John Delgado
123-456-7890 | | Chicago, IL

Summary: Strong team player looking to join Greenwood Inc. as its next software developer.

Experience: Junior Software Developer, 2014-19

  • Developed various software applications for small businesses

  • Collaborated closely with a team of five other members

  • Helped spot and debug any errors before product launch

  • Consistently beat deadlines and received high praise from clients

  • Won an award for “Best Online Scheduling Software” in 2017

Skills: Java | Python | C++ | Debugging | Collaborative | Hard-working | Responsible | Written and Oral Communication | Passionate

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