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How To Write a VP of Customer Success Resume (With Example)

September 9, 2021

A vice president of customer success is a senior professional within an organization responsible for creating a positive customer experience. They typically oversee the organization's strategies for attracting and retaining customers. To pursue this career, it's important to develop a resume that accurately reflects your qualifications and attracts the attention of hiring managers. In this article, we discuss what a vice president of customer success does, outline how to write a VP of customer success resume, provide a resume template and example for you to review and offer tips for resume creation.

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What does a VP of customer success do?

A VP of customer success is a senior executive responsible for initiatives to create success for customers. Their exact responsibilities may vary by organization or industry, but they're typically involved with various customer success activities and outcomes. Some responsibilities for a VP of customer success may include:

  • Align company objectives with overall customer success
  • Create an efficient team through technology and learning
  • Define and optimize the customer life cycle
  • Develop a company-wide customer feedback loop
  • Encourage product adoptions
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and success
  • Establish metrics for customer success
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Increase client renewal rates
  • Oversee customer onboarding and management
  • Promote new business growth
  • Recruit experienced customer success talent
  • Reduce client churn rates
  • Use cross-sell and up-sell techniques to expand revenue

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How to write a VP of customer success resume

Here are the steps to follow to prepare a VP of customer success resume:

1. Select a format

Browse potential resume formats, such as those available through word processing software programs or online databases. It's important to select a format that matches your preferences and allows you to include all necessary information and organization it logically. For example, some prefer to create resumes with separate columns, while others may prefer a resume with one large column.

2. Write your name

Begin writing your resume by creating a heading at the topic of the document. Provide your first and last name. Consider using design elements to help distinguish your name from the rest of the content on your resume, such as typing your name in all capital letters or using a larger or boldfaced font for it.

3. Add your contact information

Provide your basic confirmation beneath your name. At a minimum, it's important to include your phone number and a professional email. However, be sure it's a personal professional email, not one associated with your current job. You may also provide the city and state where you live, but this isn't a requirement.

4. Create a professional summary

Prepare a professional summary to add beneath your heading. This should only be a few sentences, and it's important for you to focus on your most compelling qualifications and most relevant experience. The goal of a professional summary is to give the hiring manager a better idea of who you are, show why you're a good candidate for the role and encourage the hiring manager to learn more about you.

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5. List your skills

Create a bulleted list of skills you have that relate to being a VP of customer success. Include a combination of hard skills, which are technical abilities related to this job, and soft skills, which are inherent personality traits you have that help you succeed. Ensure you organize your skills in a logical way for the reader to follow. Consider using adjectives or other descriptors to indicate your proficiency with certain skills, and be sure to be honest about your experience.

6. Add your work history

Dedicate the majority of your resume to discussing your work history. Create entries for your previous jobs by providing your job title, the organization's name and location and the range of dates you worked there. List each position in reverse chronological order, beginning with your current or most recent position and working backward. For each position, create a bulleted list of your relevant duties, responsibilities or accomplishments.

While this should be the largest section of your resume, it's important for you to be mindful of the experiences you include. In general, most resumes for senior or executive roles include approximately 15 years of experience. However, you may include more experience beyond that if they're relevant to the position, such as previous experience with an industry you're currently applying to join. It's also important to be mindful that your work history is easy to understand and avoid creating gaps between positions.

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7. Provide your education history

Add a section to list your education history. Create entries in reverse chronological similar to your work history, beginning with your highest level of education that you most recently earned and working backward. Each entry should include the degree you earned, the name and location of the institution you attended and the month and year you graduated.

8. Consider optional sections

Depending on your qualifications or experience or the role you're seeking, you may choose to add optional sections to your resume. For example, you may list key career achievements you've earned or awards you've received, especially if they're not necessarily associated with a particular job. Similarly, you may choose to list professional organizations you're in to demonstrate your commitment to your career, or you may discuss your volunteer experience to provide more information about who you are.

9. Proofread your resume

Once you finish writing your resume, it's essential for you to review your work. As you read, look for potential grammatical errors. Consider reading your resume out loud to verify it makes sense, or think about asking a trusted friend to review it and provide their feedback. Make any necessary edits, then finalize and save the document.

VP of customer success resume template

Use this template a guide for creating your own resume to become a VP of customer success:

[Your name]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

Professional summary
[Write a few sentences summarizing your professional experience. Focus on your most compelling or relevant qualifications or accomplishments. Consider including how many years of combined experience you have to immediately demonstrate your level of experience.]


  • [Skill]
  • [Skill]
  • [Skill]

Work experience
[Most recent job title]
[Company name], [City, State]
[Month and year you started with the company][Month and year you left the company or "Present"]

  • [Achievement, job duty or responsibility]
  • [Achievement, job duty or responsibility]
  • [Achievement, job duty or responsibility]

[Next recent job title]
[Company name], [City, State]
[Month and year you started with the company][Month and year you left the company]

  • [Achievement, job duty or responsibility]
  • [Achievement, job duty or responsibility]
  • [Achievement, job duty or responsibility]

[Highest degree]
[Name of school], [Month and year you earned your degree]
[City, State]

[Next highest degree]
[Name of school], [Month and year you earned your degree]
[City, State]

Professional organizations (optional)

  • [Organization name]
  • [Organization name]
  • [Organization name]

Professional achievements (optional)

  • [Achievement or award]
  • [Achievement or award]
  • [Achievement or award]

VP of customer success resume example

Review this example of a VP of customer success resume as you begin to write your resume:

Sabrina Hemmings

Professional summary
Customer-centric executive dedicated to providing value and leveraging customer feedback to develop long-term relationships, customer satisfaction, increased revenue and exceptional results. Passionate professional with nearly 20 years of experience ensuring customer success and almost a decade of leadership and team development experience.


  • Communication skills
  • Customer experience management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Process improvement
  • Relationship management
  • SaaS account management
  • Strategic leadership
  • Team development

Work history
Customer success director
Wildflower Software, Inc., Winter Park, Florida
March 2015–Present

  • Evaluate metrics to identify opportunities to improve end-to-end system performance
  • Collaborate with sales managers as a senior platform evangelist
  • Lead team dedicated to engaging with client technology teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Communicate technology processes to key customers to highlight key value proposition
  • Provide training to customer-facing professionals on common issues or inquiries

Customer success manager
Winston Software Solutions, Altamonte Springs, Florida
July 2009–February 2015

  • Led team dedicated to customer account management and success
  • Recruited and trained customer success representatives
  • Developed and implemented a standardized client onboarding process
  • Identified key opportunities for individual client growth
  • Collaborated with other team leaders to ensure product alignment with product growth

Project manager
Handlebar Software Inc., Winter Park, Florida
September 2004–June 2009

  • Managed team responsible for developing project scope and design
  • Tracked client needs through road map tools
  • Identified and documented program process needs
  • Provided support for individual client projects
  • Organized and led meetings with other teams to improve software products

Implementation specialist
Golden Software Platforms, Orlando, Florida
June 2001–August 2003

  • Assisted clients with determining which software they needed
  • Oversaw implementation process
  • Visited client locations to verify products installed correctly
  • Provided client training sessions and support
  • Recorded and reported software improvement opportunities

Master of Business Administration
University of Florida – Orlando, June 2008
Orlando, Florida

Bachelor of Information Technology
Orange Blossom State University, May 2001
Winter Park, Florida

Tips for writing a resume

Consider these tips to help you prepare your VP of customer success resume:

Consider a cover letter

Think about including a cover letter with your resume. While this may be a requirement for some job applications, it's often optional. However, writing a cover letter provides you with the opportunity to further discuss the information listed in your resume, potentially making a more lasting impression on the hiring manager.

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Customize your resume

Update your resume each time you apply for a job. While it's important to have a core resume you can update easily, be sure to include details relevant to the position you're applying for and to the company itself. As you prepare your resume, research the company to learn more about its values and services to ensure your resume aligns your experience with them.

Use the job posting

Before preparing your resume, review the posting for the specific job you're pursuing. Look for specific details provided in the posting that match your experience or skills, such as specific traits they want in an ideal candidate that you have or typical job duties you have experience completing. Be sure to incorporate these items throughout your resume.

Be mindful of length

In general, resumes shouldn't exceed more than one standard-sized piece of paper in length. However, as a professional with more experience applying for an executive position, your resume may be slightly longer to ensure it represents your experience accurately. It's important to remember, though, to still strive to limit the length of your resume as hiring managers often review documents quickly.

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Check the file format

Ensure your final document is in a file that's easy for you to send and upload and, in turn, simple for hiring managers to download and review. One of the most common formats to use is a PDF as this secures your document as-is to prevent formatting issues and provides a universally compatible file. However, consider referring to the job posting to ensure you submit the file as one of the organization's preferred or required formats.


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