How To Write a Web Developer CV (With Template and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published October 8, 2021

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As you prepare for a role as a web developer, it's important to craft a curriculum vitae (CV) that highlights why you're qualified for this type of position. CVs are tools job candidates use to share with employers who they are and what they've accomplished. Understanding what to include in your web developer CV can help you demonstrate to employers that you have experience and training to make you a successful employee. In this article, we discuss what a web developer does, explain why they might use a CV, provide steps for creating a web developer CV and share a template and example.

What does a web developer do?

A web developer designs and maintains websites for clients. They program code that makes a website function a certain way. When creating websites, web developers make sure they're user-friendly and easy to navigate. Web developers can work either on the back end of a website as a back-end developer or on the parts of the website that users see as a front-end developer. To meet their client's needs, they meet with them to discuss ideas and requirements. They then can outline a site and test its function.

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Why might a web developer use a CV?

A web developer might use a CV to highlight their academic credentials to potential employers. These are helpful to use in instances where an individual has more information than would fit in a typical one-page resume. Using a CV is also common when applying for a position internationally. Web developers applying for a teaching position may choose to use a CV instead of a resume. In some instances, the term CV means resume.

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How to write a web developer CV

Follow these steps when writing your web developer CV:

1. Review the job description

Before you begin writing your web developer CV, read the job description for the position that interests you. This helps you see what skills, such as understanding JavaScript, the employer wants in a candidate. Pay special attention to the employer's criteria so that you can include the information later on in your CV. Reviewing the job description can also help you customize the CV to each company and position.

2. Provide your contact information

At the top of your page, create a section for your contact information. This includes your email address and phone number. It's also helpful to include your location so that the employer knows if you're local to the area. While many web developer positions are remote, this is important for roles you apply to that have employees collaborate and work in the office.

3. Include your educational background

Because a CV focuses more on your training and education, it's important to include this section first. Mention any related degrees you've earned, such as undergraduate or graduate degrees in web development, computer science or web design. Also, include any relevant coursework or additional education you've completed.

4. Describe your previous experience

In addition to your education section, include an area on your CV that discusses any past roles you had related to a web developer position. This may include internships or entry-level positions. Include the name of your employer, where you worked and your job duties.

5. List your technical skills

Web developers use technical skills to help them create websites and solve any problems that arise. Include a list of computer programming languages you have experience using. You may also want to include any other concepts that help you with your work, such as understanding algorithms.

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6. Mention any awards, certifications or other related titles

Because CVs tend to be longer than resumes, this allows you to go into more detail about awards, certifications and other related titles you've earned in the field. It's also helpful to include any professional associations or groups with which you have a membership. Including this type of information can help show employers what you've achieved in the industry and what qualifications you have.

7. Describe your soft skills

In a web developer CV, it may be helpful to also include a skills list that focuses on your soft skills. These are traits that help you interact with clients and team members. Consider including soft skills such as communication and attention to detail.

8. Proofread your CV

Once you complete your CV, read over it to make sure you included all your related information. Also look for grammatical errors and typos. Consider having someone else review your CV to provide additional feedback.

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Web developer CV template

Here's a template to help you outline your web developer CV:

[First and last name]
[City], [state]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Personal profile

[A few sentences describing yourself and what skills you have related to a web developer role.]


[Degree], [subject area], [college or university name], [city], [state], [graduation year]


[Job title]
[Company name], [city], [state], [start date][end date]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Job title]
[Company name], [city], [state], [start date][end date]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

Technical skills

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

  • [Relevant technical skill]

Awards and honors

[Name of award or honor], [organization recognizing award], [date earned]

Publications and presentations

[Name of publication or presentation], [date published or presented]

Professional associations

[Name of professional association], [dates actively involved]

Grants and scholarships

[Name of grant or scholarship], [organization recognizing grant or scholarship], [date earned]

Licenses and certifications

[Name of license or certification], [organization recognizing license or certification], [date earned]

Core skills

  • [Relevant soft skill]

  • [Relevant soft skill]

  • [Relevant soft skill]

  • [Relevant soft skill]

  • [Relevant soft skill]

Web developer CV example

The following is an example of a web developer CV:

Olivia Williams
Charleston, SC

Personal profile

Accomplished web developer with nine years of experience in designing and maintaining websites. Recognized for leadership and collaborative abilities when working in team settings. Motivated to provide clients with user-friendly applications.


MS, web development, Vertucci University, Charleston, SC, 2014

BS, web development, Holden Technology College, Raleigh, NC, 2008


Web developer

Shine Tomorrow Technologies, Charleston, SC, 2018–present

  • Maintain and update websites based on feedback from clients

  • Train junior team members and provide them with constructive feedback

  • Troubleshoot website problems

  • Collaborate with team members on projects and product needs

  • Present design ideas to clients to receive feedback

Web developer

Infinite Galaxy Solutions, Raleigh, NC, 2012–2018

  • Completed assignments from project managers in order of priority

  • Developed clean code for client projects

  • Reviewed websites to ensure functionality

Technical skills

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • Linux

  • CSS

  • Web applications

  • Data structures

  • Algorithms

Awards and honors

TBM Council Award for best website in 2020

Dean's list, 2012

Professional association

International Web Association, 2010–present

License and certifications

Certified Web Professional, International Webmasters Association, 2020

JavaScript Development Certified Professional, Learning Tree International, 2018

Grants and scholarships

Academic scholarship for excellence, 2006

Core skills

  • Project management

  • Communication

  • Critical thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Attention to detail

  • Flexibility

  • Customer service

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