Starting a New Job

Best practices to make a strong impression and transition smoothly.

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Learn how to write a two weeks' notice letter, how to resign from a job and get resignation letter templates to leave a job on a positive note.

An acceptance email should include all relevant details of your employment, such as your start date, position title and benefits offered.

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Learn what benchmark testing is and why it's important and review the four common testing processes, tips for job interviews and steps you can take to use it.

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Learn more about what a resignation letter subject line is, what to include in one and steps for writing your own with some examples and tips.

Learn how to write a resignation letter in Word and discover a template and tips to help you leave a position in a professional and respectful manner.

Business attire is used in various ways depending on the setting. From casual to business formal, you should dress for the office or occasion you’re attending.

Learn what a chaplain is, how much they make, how to become a chaplain and the skills you need for this profession. Use the frequently asked questions to learn more about this career.