11 Common Associate Degree in Business Jobs To Pursue

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated November 2, 2022 | Published February 4, 2020

Updated November 2, 2022

Published February 4, 2020

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An associate degree in business can provide an affordable and flexible option for job advancement. There's a wide variety of business-related careers in areas like human resources, sales, data and health care management. Learning about business careers you can pursue with an associate degree can help you plan for your professional path and properly consider your education options.

In this article, we share a list of 11 common jobs to help you consider possible career options you have with an associate degree in business.

11 business jobs with associate degrees

The following list contains a mixture of entry-level positions and jobs for more established professionals with more experience in their field. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries. 

1. Computer support specialist

National average salary: $30,001 per year

Primary duties: Computer support specialists perform a lot of the same job duties as customer support but these professionals perform some tasks unique to the position. Computer support specialists often work in a call center and help customers or employees with computer issues or software installations. They need a strong knowledge of computers and software and effective communication skills. The ability to remain calm when working with angry callers is essential in this role. This is a strong option with potential for growth for people with an associate degree in business and an interest in technology.

2. Payroll specialist

National average salary: $37,297 per year

Primary duties: Payroll specialists process payroll, keep track of employee time use, report unused time, run reports and keep track of wage garnishments and payroll taxes. For this role, individuals use their knowledge of bookkeeping and laws governing employee time . Familiarity with reporting functions and strong organizational skills are essential in this position.

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3. Sales support specialist

National average salary: $44,121 per year

Primary duties: Sales support specialists handle all the pre-work involved in sales and supporting a sales team. These duties could include taking phone calls and answering simple inquiries, qualifying leads, assigning warm leads, researching cold-calling opportunities, performing market research, making cold calls, setting appointments for the sales team and updating client records and assisting with special requests. Sales support specialists should enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and have strong organizational skills. An interest in working with goal-oriented people is also a benefit.

4. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $44,784 per year

Primary duties: Retail sales associate work in a variety of stores. They greet customers, advise them on specials, help them make buying decisions, answer questions and sometimes stock shelves and order replacements. Retail sales associates may work holidays, evenings and weekends based on the type of company for which they work. People in this role may be eligible for bonuses and sales contests. Persuasive skills and an ability to connect with people are helpful in this position. While an associate degree in business is not required, it can help individuals stand out from other candidates.

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5. Administrative assistant

National average salary: $48,257 per year

Primary duties: Administrative assistants help with a variety of administrative tasks, including answering phones, writing emails, scheduling meetings, ordering provisions and office materials, organizing files, setting appointments or a variety of other administrative activities required in their workplace. Most administrative assistants either work for an individual or a department. Those in this role often enjoy multitasking and are skilled communicators. They also excel in a fast-paced environment.

6. Customer service representative

National average salary: $56,185 per year

Primary duties: Customer service representatives work in a variety of fields. They help customers and clients in areas like training, support, billing and product assistance. They can communicate via phone, internet chat services and emails, which allows these individuals to work remotely or from a call center. Customer service representatives often work traditional or extended business hours. Some companies provide 24-hour customer assistance or coverage for additional time zones that extend traditional office hours. Patience and good communication skills are essential in this role.

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7. Content writer

National average salary: $59,225 per year

Primary duties: Content writers research and write about many industries. They may write for the web and use search engine optimization best practices, write journal or magazine articles or produce blog posts. Content writers can work in a freelance capacity, work for an advertising agency or marketing firm or work directly for a company for which they create content. With an associate degree in business, candidates can explore writing for a business niche or other areas of interest. Becoming an expert in a niche market can help differentiate them as a valuable content writer.

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8. Office manager

National average salary: $59,264 per year

Primary duties: An office manager coordinates the daily workings of the office. Their responsibilities may include screening resumes for open positions, scheduling interviews, ordering, coordinating parking passes, scheduling hours, negotiating benefits packages, handling accounts payable and keeping general office tasks operating smoothly. This position requires organizational skills and the ability to multitask.

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9. Account manager

National average salary: $62,137 per year

Primary duties: Account managers act as semi-personal assistants who manage client accounts. They can help with setting up a client, providing an excellent client experience, answering questions and providing solutions. They can serve as a concierge doing what needs to be done to keep a client satisfied with the company and its service. To be a successful account manager, these individuals enjoy helping people and are skilled communicators.

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10. Sales manager

National average salary: $67,909 per year

Primary duties: There are sales managers in almost every industry, and their duties depend on their area of work. Most sales managers are accountable for overseeing salespeople, meeting team and company sales goals, reporting on year-to-date revenue numbers and making future projections of sales and business. This position is often eligible for bonuses and additional compensation for meeting team or company goals. Motivational skills and thriving under pressure are important for success in this role.

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11. Human resources manager

National average salary: $77,625 per year

Primary duties: A human resources manager's primary goal is to help employees understand the benefits and the perks of their position. People in this role may also oversee the new employee onboarding and training program, compliance issues and medical leave requests. They can sometimes act as a liaison between employees and management. Empathy, organization and effective communication skills are important in this position.

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