How To Write an Attorney Resignation Letter (With Examples)

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Published January 3, 2022

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Attorneys are professionals in the law industry who typically work for law firms. When an attorney resigns, they may do so to advance to a new position, to return to school or for another relevant reason. If you're an attorney who plans to resign from your current position, you may benefit from learning about resignation letters. In this article, we explain why to write an attorney resignation letter, provide steps for how to do it and offer a template and examples for your reference.

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Why write a resignation letter as an attorney?

If you're planning to resign from your job as an attorney, it's important to write a resignation letter for your employer. These letters contain relevant information, such as how the employer can reach you, your purpose for resignation and your timeline for when you plan to cease work at your current job. These letters can contribute to the maintenance of the professional relationship you have with your employer, which may prove useful later in your career.

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How to write a resignation letter as an attorney

While the conditions of your resignation may impact the type of letter you write, it's important to include information and details so your employer understands the situation. Consider following these steps to write a resignation letter as an attorney:

1. Alert your employer in advance

Before you submit a formal resignation letter, it's helpful to alert your employer in advance so they can begin to make preparations for your departure. This may include interviewing and hiring a replacement or dividing your responsibilities between current employees. These preparations take time, so if you're aware of your plans to resign, alerting your employer may help maintain a positive relationship once you leave. Additionally, once they know your plans, your employer can assist in the process.

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2. Include relevant information

When you write your resignation letter, try to include all the relevant information. This may include the date of your final day at work, the name of your new employer and your updated contact information. These details help your employer keep an accurate record. Once they know the date that you plan to leave, they can prepare for your resignation appropriately.

3. Explain your reasoning

Depending on the situation, you may want to explain your reason for resignation. This may be a short explanation or a longer message that thoroughly describes your reasoning. While it's not necessary to explain why you're resigning, including this section can help you maintain a positive relationship with your employer. It may also contribute to the employer's strategy for retaining employees in the future.

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4. Express gratitude

If you had a positive experience working at the company you're resigning from, you can express gratitude in your resignation letter. This may be a few sentences toward the end of the letter that thank your supervisor or offer a positive reflection about what you learned during your time at the company. Expressing gratitude is one way of ensuring that you can maintain a relationship with people at the company once you resign.

5. Explain your plans for before resignation

Another important detail for your letter is to explain what you plan to do before you officially resign. For example, you might explain that you're willing to help with the process of hiring your replacement. Adding this section to your letter shows that you're willing to assist the company in the process of departure to ensure that it goes smoothly. This is another strategy that can contribute to retaining a positive professional relationship with your employer or your team at the company.

6. Add a signature

At the end of the letter, you can add a signature. Handwriting a signature adds a personal touch to the resignation letter. This can demonstrate to the recipient that you took the time to write a thoughtful note.

7. Provide the letter in a timely manner

When you write a resignation letter, it's important to ensure that you provide the letter to your employer with advance notice. It's common to provide notice of resignation at least two weeks prior to your final day at the job.

Attorney resignation letter template

Here's a template you might follow when writing an attorney resignation letter:


[Email address]
[Phone number]
Dear [employer],

This is a notice of my resignation from [Company Name], effective on [Date of Resignation]. I am resigning because [explanation of the reason for resignation].

Working at [company name] has been a wonderful experience. I'm thankful that I can take what I learned and apply it to my new position.

As I transition out of this role, please let me know how I can help. I want to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. I hope to remain in touch throughout the years.


[Your name]

Attorney resignation letter example

The type of letter you write to resign from your position as an attorney may vary as a result of your specific situation. Here are a few different examples for you to reference:

Example of an attorney resignation letter because of a new job

Here's an example of a letter of resignation for an attorney leaving for a new job:

December 20, 2021
*Personal cell: (238) 298-3287*

Dear John,

This letter is a notice of my formal resignation from Campbell & Sons Law Firm as an attorney. My final day at the firm is January 10, 2022. I received an offer of employment from another firm and I've decided to accept it. I believe that this opportunity provides a chance to grow professionally and advance in my career.

I wanted to express how thankful I am for my time working at Campbell & Sons. I have learned a great deal about being a successful attorney, and I'm grateful for the connections I've made as a result.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help with the transition.

All the best,

Joseph Allan

Example of an attorney resignation letter for returning to school

Here's an example of a letter of resignation for an attorney who plans to return to school:

August 23, 2021
*Cell phone: (892) 397-2832*

Dear Mr. Devereux,

I'm writing to alert you of my formal resignation from my position as an attorney at Devereux Law Firm. I've decided to return to school to pursue another advanced degree. My final day at the firm is September 15, 2021.

Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to learn more about being an attorney. I've experienced extensive professional and personal growth during my time working at Devereux Law Firm.

If there's anything I can do to assist with my transition, please let me know. I'm happy to help in whatever way I can.


Sarah James

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