How To Write a Two-Week Notice (With Templates)

Updated July 5, 2023

Two Weeks Notice Letter Format
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Two Weeks Notice Letter Format

  1. Start by including the recipient's company and address (name optional)

  2. State your resignation with the date of your last day

  3. Add a statement of gratitude

  4. Wrap-up with next steps

  5. Close with your signature

Example reads:

Jan 5, 20XX

John Delaney


123 Up Street, Columbus, Ohio 13456

Dear Mr. Delaney,

This letter is to give you two weeks' notice of my official resignation from ACT LLC. My final day as a sales associate with ACT LLC will be [two weeks from today's date].

It has been a pleasure working with ACT LLC. I appreciate the time and commitment the company has shown me in helping to develop my sales associate experience and skills.

I intend to continue providing ACT LLC with the same high-quality work from now until my last day of employment. If there is anything you need me to do during this transition time, please let me know.


Elizabeth Smith

A two-weeks resignation notice is your opportunity to leave a job professionally and positively. With this notice, you are providing your employer with time to find a suitable replacement or train another staff member to take on your responsibilities. It is a professional courtesy and, in some cases, a requirement to formally resign your position.

In this article, we explain how to write a two-week notice letter and we provide templates, tips and examples to help you get started.

Why should you give a two-week notice?

Depending on your employment terms, a two weeks notice letter may be required as part of the formal resignation process. Sometimes, you may be allowed to use vacation days as your notice period and leave immediately.

Providing a two-week notice gives you time to complete work obligations and gives your employer a chance to hire a replacement.

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How to write a two-week notice

Here are five steps to write a professional two weeks' notice:

1. Address the letter.

Include the date, company name, and the name of the person you are addressing the letter to, which in most cases will be your supervisor.

2. State your resignation. 

In the opening paragraph, state that you are informing your employer that you will resign from your job in two weeks. Include the date of your last working day.

3. Express your gratitude. 

In the second paragraph, say thank you for the opportunities and experiences at the company. Whether you include a reason for your departure is up to you.

4. Mention the next steps. 

In your closing paragraph, let your employer know you intend to perform your duties to the highest standards until your final work day. Offer to assist during the transition.

5. End your letter. 

Conclude your notice letter with a formal closing, such as "Sincerely," and sign your name.

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Two-week notice letter template

Here is a two-week notice template with the essential information to include when resigning from any company. It can be customized with your information and based on your circumstances.


[Supervisor’s name] [Company name] [Company address]

Dear [Your supervisor’s first name or preferred name],

Please accept this as my formal resignation from [your job title] with [company name]. My last day will be [your final day of work], two weeks from today. I appreciate the support and valuable experiences I have gained during my time here. It has been a pleasure working with you and the team.

Please let me know how I can help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Sincerely, [Your name]

Download Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

To upload the template into Google Docs, go to File > Open > and select the correct downloaded file.

Two-week notice email template

You might send an email if you can’t resign in person or by phone or video conference. Give your email a clear subject line, keep the body of your message brief and positive, and attach your notice as an attachment. Here is a template to craft your email:

Subject: Resignation Letter – [Your Name]

Dear [Your supervisor's first name or preferred title],

Please accept this as my formal resignation from [company name.] My last day will be [date], two weeks from today. I appreciate your support and the valuable experiences I have gained here. It has been a pleasure working with you and the team.

Please let me know how I can help during this transition and make it as smooth as possible. I wish you all the best.

Sincerely, [Your name]

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Tips for writing a two-week notice

Here are several tips to make your resignation notice as effective as possible:

  • Be positive. Regardless of why you're resigning, the tone of your notice should be positive—aim to part on good terms and maintain your professional network.

  • Keep it brief. If you prefer not to provide reasons for your resignation, simply include your statement and last day of work.

  • Plan for an immediate departure. Your employer may ask you to leave as soon as you give notice. Depending on company policy, you may not be paid past that day. Be prepared by backing up important files and compiling samples of your work for your portfolio. Consult company guidelines so you're aware of resignation policies.

  • Follow your manager’s instructions for next steps. Your manager might ask you to put together a transition plan, finish specific projects or write a goodbye note to your colleagues.

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