Part-Time Employee Resignation Letter: Tips and Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated December 17, 2020 | Published August 6, 2019

Updated December 17, 2020

Published August 6, 2019

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We share strategies for providing verbal resignation notice to your employer, composing a resignation letter and preparing coworkers for your departure.

If you plan to leave your job, submitting a resignation letter to your employer can help you depart positively. A well-written letter should be sincere to help you maintain an open connection with your manager. Additionally, some companies require a resignation letter to end your employment officially. In this article, we discuss what a resignation letter is, how to write one and provide part-time resignation letter examples.

Resignation Letter Format
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Resignation Letter Format

Resignation Letter Format

  1. Date

  2. Address line

  3. Statement of resignation

  4. Last day of work

  5. Statement of gratitude

  6. Next steps

  7. Closing and signature

What is a part-time resignation letter?

A part-time resignation letter is a document that states your intention to leave your part-time job. Communicating with your employer about your resignation shows respect for your job, manager and team members. It is courteous and professional to have an in-person conversation with your manager first, then deliver your resignation letter afterward.

Your resignation letter should include the final date you plan to work. When your employer knows your last day, they can effectively plan for your absence by finding and training your replacement. It also allows your supervisor to communicate any necessary steps you should plan to take before you leave, such as returning company equipment or finishing ongoing projects.

You should approach your part-time job resignation letter as if you are a full-time employee. Even if your company doesn’t require resignation letters from part-time team members, writing one can demonstrate your professionalism and help you maintain a relationship with your supervisor. You may need a reference from your employer in the future, and your resignation letter can ensure a positive recommendation.

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Tips for writing a part-time resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter can be a fairly simple process if you follow a few standard steps. Follow these guidelines when composing your resignation letter:

1. Add a header

Your header should include the date you intend to deliver the letter, the recipient’s name and the company’s information. You may need to address the letter to one or more people, such as your manager or human resources representative. Refer to your employee handbook for any information about company resignation policies.

2. Use the right salutation

For a formal resignation letter, consider using the recipient’s title followed by their last name, such as “Dear Mr. Kubo.” If you’re writing the letter to someone you know well, like a manager, you can use just their first name.

3. Indicate your last day of employment

You should try to deliver your letter at least two weeks before you intend to leave, as is standard in many industries. Your manager will probably appreciate a longer notice period to prepare for your absence, so it would be helpful to tell them as soon as you can.

4. State your next steps

If there are projects or tasks you might leave unfinished, inform your employer so they can make arrangements if necessary. You can also offer to help with the transition process, including training your replacement. If needed, include where they can send your final paycheck.

5. Express gratitude

Thank your manager for the job experience and opportunity to grow in your position. Describing your gratitude can give your letter a more sincere tone.

6. Add a closing

Use a one- or two-word closing, such as “Sincerely,” “Best regards” or “Respectfully.

7. Sign the letter

Sign the letter and include your printed name below.

8. Include your personal details

Be sure to add your current contact information so your employer or human resources representative can reach you. You can include this information after your printed name.

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Part-time resignation letter example

You can use this simple part-time resignation letter for ideas when writing your own:

June 4, 2018
Karim Ozil
Enterprise, Inc.
1423 Success Drive

Dear Mr. Ozil,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as part-time sales associate at Enterprise, Inc. My last working day will be on June 18, 2018.

I am resigning from my position because I am moving to Ohio at the end of June to be closer to my family. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during the transition process.

I would like to thank you for my wonderful experience with Enterprise, Inc. You helped me develop valuable customer service skills that will assist me in my future endeavors. I wish you well and hope we can keep in touch.

I would be grateful if you would forward my final paycheck to the address at the bottom of this letter.

Maria Cortez
6547 Fort Biggs Road
Cincinnati, OH 41073

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Part-time resignation email example

Consult your employee handbook to ensure you can send a resignation email. You don’t have to include a header in your email, though your subject line should make it highly visible in the recipient’s inbox. Consider this email example:

Donna Lewis—Resignation effective August 15

Dear Mariella,

As we discussed earlier, my new semester is about to start and I’ll be returning to school full-time in the fall. This email is to provide you with two weeks' notice of my resignation so that you can prepare for my departure. I have copied Ms. Kroos in human resources as well.

I plan to finish my projects before my last day on August 15, 2018. I hope this notice will give you plenty of time to hire a replacement. Please let me know if I can be of assistance with the training process.

I want to thank you for everything I’ve learned while working at Andrick’s Sporting Goods. I’ve learned many beneficial skills that I can use in any environment. I truly appreciate the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in several departments.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience and all that you and the team have taught me.


Donna Lewis

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