Best Questions To Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Jamie Birt

Updated June 9, 2022

Published February 25, 2020

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Receiving a job offer is often an exciting opportunity, especially if you're eager to get started in your new role. However, before accepting your job offer, there are several important questions you should ask the hiring manager. Asking questions before you accept a job offer can help you ensure you're receiving a fair offer and that you know what to expect on your first day.

In this article, we discuss why it's important to ask questions before accepting a job offer, with a list of over 40 questions you can ask.

Why is it important to ask questions before accepting a job offer?

Asking the right questions before accepting a job offer helps you ensure you know exactly what your new role will entail, what the company's expectations of you are and what your expectations of the company should be. During the job interview, the interviewer likely spent most of the time asking you questions to make sure you're the right fit for the position, and you may have ended the interview with some questions of your own. Once you receive an official job offer, there are some useful questions to ask to make sure this position meets your expectations and professional goals.

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Important questions to ask before accepting a job offer

Questions you can ask before accepting a job offer fall into several different categories. These categories include questions about the following:

  • The role

  • Salary and benefits

  • Company culture

  • The team

  • Career development

  • The offer

The role

Questions about the role itself can help you prepare for success from your first day. Here is a list of questions you can ask specifically about the role for which you're receiving an offer:

  • What does success in this role look like?

  • How is success in this role measured?

  • What expectations will you have for me when I start this position?

  • What would be my immediate priorities in this role?

  • What responsibilities should I focus on in the first 12 months of this role?

  • How important is this position to the overall success of the company?

  • When is my start date?

  • What hours and shifts does my department have?

  • What will my specific schedule be?

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Salary and benefits

When you are considering a new job, you may have several questions about the compensation and benefits the position offers. It is usually best to reserve these questions until after you receive a job offer instead of asking them during an interview. This is partly because once you receive a job offer, it usually means the employer has chosen you as their final candidate and may be more willing to negotiate with you to ensure you join their team.

Here is a list of questions you can ask specifically about the salary and benefits that may come with your newly offered position:

  • Is the salary negotiable?

  • Is the salary provided base pay?

  • Does this role offer bonuses or commissions?

  • Is there a draw against the base pay?

  • What benefits does the benefits package include?

  • When would I be eligible to receive benefits?

  • What are your vacation and sick leave policies?

  • How do employees accrue paid time off?

  • Can you roll over unused vacation days to the next year?

  • Do you offer any retirement program benefits?

  • Do you provide a vesting schedule?

  • Will the company cover my relocation expenses?

  • How much of the cost of benefits does the company cover?

Company culture

Asking questions about the company's culture can help you determine how well you will fit in when you join the company. These questions are crucial for helping you understand whether the position and company are the right fit for you. Here is a list of questions you can ask specifically about the company's culture:

  • Do you offer any flexible work programs?

  • What unique perks does the company offer?

  • How does the company prioritize work-life balance?

  • Can you give me a tour of the office so I can see where I would work?

The team

Asking questions about the team of people you will work with can help you determine what the team dynamics are and how you will fit in with the team. These questions can help you understand how comfortable you'll feel working with others. Here is a list of questions you can ask specifically about the team you will work with:

  • Who will I report to?

  • What is my supervisor or manager's leadership style?

  • How many people are on my team?

  • How is work divided among our team?

  • Can I meet some of the members of my team before I start?

  • Is there anyone on the team I can reach out to for guidance?

  • What are the most important projects the team is working on?

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Career development

Asking questions about the company's career development opportunities can help you determine whether accepting your job offer will be a positive career move. These questions should give you a thorough understanding of how the company approaches training and career growth. Here is a list of questions you can ask specifically about the company's career advancement opportunities:

  • How long is the initial training period?

  • Does the company provide resources for continuing education?

  • Is there a probationary period in this role?

  • How often do performance reviews occur?

  • What professional development opportunities does the company provide?

  • What advancement opportunities exist for someone in this role?

  • What is the average amount of time someone spends in this role?

The offer

Finally, there are a few important questions you should ask about the job offer. These types of questions can help you ensure you clearly understand all the details of the offer you're receiving and what the company expects of you. Carefully think these questions over, and ask any that help ensure you have a future with this employer.

Here is a list of questions you can ask specifically about the job offer:

  • Is this a firm offer?

  • Is there a sign-on bonus?

  • Can I have this offer in writing?

  • When do you need a response?

  • Do you need any other information from me?

  • What is the next step in the hiring process?

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