How To Write a Simple Resignation Letter (With Examples)

By Jennifer Herrity

Updated July 13, 2022 | Published February 12, 2020

Updated July 13, 2022

Published February 12, 2020

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When leaving a job, writing a simple resignation letter that’s polite and courteous is the most professional way to depart. Learning more about resignation letters and how to properly write them can help you pen an effective document, should such an occasion arise for you.

In this article, we share tips for writing a short, simple resignation letter and offer examples for you to reference when creating your own.

Resignation Letter Format
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Resignation Letter Format

Resignation Letter Format

  1. Date

  2. Address line

  3. Statement of resignation

  4. Last day of work

  5. Statement of gratitude

  6. Next steps

  7. Closing and signature

What is a simple resignation letter?

A resignation letter is an official document that informs your employer that you are ending your employment with the company. Many resignation letters typically contain a variety of elements, including the reason for leaving, gratitude for the work opportunity and an offer to help with the transition.

Simple resignation letters only need basic details that allow the company to begin your exit process. Your resignation letter should include a header with the date, the recipient’s name and the company’s information. The body of your letter can be one statement that explains you’re leaving your job on a specified date. Finally, you should add your contact details at the end of the letter should your employer need to ask clarifying questions.

Reasons for writing a simple resignation letter

You may write a simple resignation letter as opposed to a lengthy statement for the following reasons:

  • You are resigning from a company after less than a year of employment.

  • You do not feel comfortable sharing your reason for resigning.

  • You want to communicate your thanks or reason for leaving with your manager and coworkers less formally.

  • You want to maintain a neutral, formal tone to end your employment on a positive note.

Your human resources department may require a resignation letter to keep in your employment file. They can refer to the document if a potential employer contacts them to confirm your work history. For this reason, it can be helpful to write a brief, polite letter.

Resignation letter vs. email

While some companies require a physical letter, resignation emails are also sometimes acceptable. Simple resignation emails should include the same information as letters. They need to state your resignation, the expected final date of employment and your contact information. Instead of a header, you should write a simple email subject that includes your name and the purpose of the email, such as, “Margerie Goff—Resignation Effective November 6.

Refer to your employee handbook for more information about resignation policies. You can also contact your human resources representative if you have one.

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Simple resignation letter tips

Even if you’re resigning under positive circumstances, it can be a stressful experience. Following these tips can help you feel more prepared and certain in your course of action.

Use a template or example

One of the best methods for writing a letter of resignation is to follow a template or example letter. Templates have blank fields that you can fill in easily and usually already include simple, business-like wording. You can also use an example as guidance when creating your own letter.

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Consider speaking with your manager

Simple resignation letters are official documents. If you have a good relationship with your manager and team members, you can still discuss your reasons for leaving and thank them for positive experiences in less formal formats. Try to inform your supervisor in person before submitting your letter as a professional courtesy.

Remember your audience

You may need to offer your resignation letter to many people in your company. For example, you could have to send your letter to both your manager and human resources representative. Try to keep your information as accessible as possible so different professionals in your organization can clearly understand it.

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Be firm

Be prepared for the possibility of negotiations, a counteroffer or questions about why you’re leaving. Your manager may also ask you to extend your notice period. While helping your former team may be important, you also need to focus on your future. A simple resignation letter can help you end your employment on positive, firm terms.

Prepare to leave immediately

While it is still common practice to give at least two weeks’ notice, some employers have security policies that will require your immediate departure. Make sure your work area and computer are clean so you can leave without notice.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you choose the right format for your letter and leave your job on a professional note.

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Simple resignation letter example

This example contains only the important information about your resignation. The date and employer’s information is in the header, while the employee’s contact information is at the end of the letter. When writing your simple letter, you can include as many other elements as you want, including your reason for leaving or an expression of gratitude.

September 1, 2019

Marco Asensio
Marathon Shoes
3453 Swann Ave.
El Paso, TX 79835

Dear Mr. Asensio,

Please accept this letter as notification that I am leaving my position with Marathon Shoes on September 15.


Melissa Khalifa

Simple resignation email example

The body of your email should look identical to a resignation letter. While emails tend to have a less formal tone than physical letters, it’s important to maintain the same professionalism. In this email, the employee offers a statement of gratitude and an offer to help with the transition.

Melissa Khalifa—Resignation

Dear Mr. Asensio,

Please accept this email as notification that I am leaving my position with Marathon Shoes on September 15.

I have enjoyed my time with Marathon Shoes, and I am thankful for the opportunity of working with my team and coworkers. If I can be of assistance during this transition, please let me know.

Melissa Khalifa

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