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Learn About Being a Nurse Practitioner

What Does a Nurse Practitioner Do?

  • Perform initial patient screenings and patient history and physical examinations.
  • Update patient records and check records for accuracy at each patient appointment.
  • Analyze test data and determine the need for follow-up appointments and further treatment options.
  • Deliver quality care while maintaining all company metrics pertaining to productivity.
  • Serve as the resource patients need for ongoing care information, counseling and provide guidance for any patients with critical conditions.

Typical Salary

  • Common salary in US: $102,525 yearly
  • Typical salaries range from $74,759 - $140,604 yearly
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Salary Distribution
yearly $74,759 $140,604

Common Requirements

  • Master's Degree in Nursing
  • 5+ years' nursing experience
  • Valid nurse practitioner license
  • Ability to work within a team and take direction
  • Must be familiar with the EHR medical charting system
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills

Example Nurse Practitioner Job Description

We are looking for a professional Nurse Practitioner who can deliver primary medical care to a wide variety of patients. The Nurse Practitioner will be responsible for caring for patients, maintaining accurate and current patient records and scheduling and administering follow-up appointments to patients as required. The successful candidate will work as a team with our nurses and physicians and will assist in delivering premium care to each and every patient.