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Learn About Being a Physician Assistant

What Does a Physician Assistant Do?

  • Prepare and update patient records through our EHR system and publish test results to our online medical care portal.
  • Treat patients for internal medicine ailments and order blood work and other tests as needed.
  • Establish rapport with patients and encourage them to talk with you candidly and frankly.
  • Provide advice on healthy habits and practices for patients based on their current health status.
  • Prescribe and refill medications as needed.
  • Provide referrals to specialists when required.
  • Assist practice physicians when needed.
  • Perform physical examinations.
  • Create treatment plans.

Typical Salary

  • Common salary in US: $123,046 yearly
  • Typical salaries range from $78,745 - $192,270 yearly
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$78,745 $192,270

Common Requirements

  • Unrestricted Physician Assistant license required
  • 2+ years' experience as a Physician Assistant
  • Familiarity with EHR/EMR programs
  • Confidence to work independently
  • Willingness to take over existing patients as well as take on new patients

Example Physician Assistant Job Description

Our internal medicine practice needs a Physician Assistant to help cope with our expanding roster of patients. We have four Physicians currently practicing at the clinic as well as one Nurse Practitioner. The Physician Assistant will be responsible for taking over many of our new patients as well as some of our existing patients. We're looking for a professional who is passionate about internal medicine and conservative care. We focus on encouraging our patients to pursue preventive care, such as wellness check-ups, as well as informing us immediately of changes in symptoms. If this sounds like a match for your style of practice, get in touch.