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Career Development

The Self-Advocacy Gap for Women (Plus How To Overcome It)

Indeed surveyed 2,100 women to gauge self-advocacy in the workplace. Learn how the data from the survey breaks down and our top tips for how to better advocate for yourself at work.

Finding a Job

In this edition of Pave My Way, we sit down with Bianca Bennett-Scott. Bianca talks us through her journey—from being in foster care herself to changing the lives of foster care youth and their families—including the emotional healing that happened along the way.

Finding a Job

In recognition of Women's History Month, Indeed surveyed 1,001 women who transitioned from full-time employment to gig work, contract work, part-time work or exited the workforce after the onset of the pandemic to understand how working women have been affected by the continual effects of COVID-19.

Finding a Job

Career ideas and guidance to pick the right role for you

Email Examples: How to Respond to Employer Interview Requests

Discover several email examples to help you respond promptly and professionally when a potential employer requests an interview.

Learn what a job application letter is and how to write one, and review our sample template and letter to help you create your own.

Learn what the top 100 highest paying jobs are along with their national average salaries and some of their primary responsibilities.

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How To Become a Graphic Design Teacher (With Job Duties)
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Resumes & Cover Letters

Writing and formatting tips to make your application stand out

Listing Hobbies and Interests on Your Resume (With Examples)

Learn how to list relevant hobbies and interests on your professional resume and review our examples.

Learn how to highlight 10 common skills employers look for on resumes, how to choose between hard and soft skills and how to list skills on your resume.

Learn how to write a cover letter, with advice on which greeting to use, do and don'ts and templates.

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How To Create a Hospital Pharmacist Resume (With Example)
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Common questions, answers and advice to help you prepare

List of Weaknesses: 10 Things To Say in an Interview

How should you respond when an interviewer asks “What is your greatest weakness?” To help you prepare for your job interview, check out this list of weaknesses and advice for how to reposition your shortcomings as strengths.

Answer this interview question by relating your recent accomplishments to the job requirements. Keep the tone professional and avoid too personal information.

Learn how to discuss your strengths and weaknesses in a job interview by highlighting your skills and habits, and read our example answers.

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33 External Auditor Interview Questions (With Tips)
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Pay & Salary

Data and tips for talking about money at work

Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Well

Work from home jobs may be a good fit for people who require flexibility. There are several opportunities if you desire a work from home position.

Learn how to ask for a raise with our example scripts and review our tips on how to research salary, assess you manager's mood and what to expect afterward.

Knowing how to negotiate salary offers is a valuable skill that can increase your earning potential throughout your career and better ensure you’re fairly compensated for the work you do.

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What Does an IT Project Coordinator Do? (With Skills)
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Career Development

Skills and steps to take your career to the next level

100 Ways to Thank Someone For Their Time

Learn 100 ways to thank someone for their time in common situations and discover why it's important to express gratitude when someone has helped you.

Learn how to write a resignation letter with our templates and examples for different scenarios.

Learn how to say farewell to a coworker in a thoughtful way that promotes future networking opportunities.

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Workforce Analytics: Definition, How It Works and Tips
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Job Search Resources

Job Cast by Indeed

Check out our free webinars to learn tips for a successful job search and beyond.

When we are able to understand each other, we are able to create environments of compassion, collaboration and connection. Let's champion a world of work where people are hired and seen for their strengths and talents—free from bias and discrimination.

Check out our resources to help you feel confident in your next virtual interview.

Starting a New Job

10 Ways To Get the Most From Your Internship

Tips for a making a great impression during your internship, including advice on being prepared, following through and making new connections.

You can build rapport in any professional setting by taking time to learn and understand the other party. Doing so can help you be successful at work.

Interested in getting paid to learn job skills? Learn how on-the-job training works and the benefits of learning through observation and hands-on experience.

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Articles by Industry

Career Advice for Healthcare Jobs

Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, or start a new job in Healthcare.

Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, or start a new job in Construction and Extraction.

Career advice on how to find a job, write your resume and cover letter, ace your interviews, or start a new job in Sales & Business Development.

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16 Restorative Aide Skills (Plus How To Use Them at Work)

Learn about important restorative aide skills, including what they are and how you can improve them, use them at work and highlight them during your job search.

Learn about writing a stock manager resume, including the type of content you may include and a template and example for reference when writing your own.

Read about project coordinator skills, discover examples of skills and learn about ways to improve or showcase your abilities at work and during a job search.

Learn how to write a project officer resume by reviewing how to write a resume, exploring a template and example and studying tips to help you create your own.

Learn what radiation therapists are and how to write a radiation therapist resume with a step-by-step guide, a resume template and an example you can reference.

Learn what a quality assurance manager does, how to write a cover letter for the role, and explore a template and example to help you write your own.

Learn how to write a sales development representative resume, understand which skills to include, and discover a resume template and example for guidance.

Discover how to write a strategy consultant resume with steps, a template and an example to help you prepare your job application for a position in this role.

Discover what a public adjuster is, and learn how you can write a public adjuster resume that gets you noticed, with a template and example for guidance.

Learn what skills you might include on a resume for a school administrator, discover how to write one in six steps and view a template and example for guidance.

Learn how to write an undergraduate CV to help you earn a job, including steps and tips you can follow to create the most effective CV possible.

Learn how to create a resume that gets you hired and learn which elements of a resume to avoid, plus see a template and resume example in this article.

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How To Create a Hospital Pharmacist Resume (With Example)

Learn what a hospital pharmacist does and how to write a resume for this position, and use our resume template and example for guidance when creating your own.

Explore what a hydrographic surveyor is, how to become a hydrographic surveyor and the expected earnings and job growth for a hydrographic surveyor.

Learn what a behavioral scientist is, how to become a behavioral scientist and see the average annual salary and expected job growth for the career.

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