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What does an Assistant Store Manager do?

An assistant store manager is the first-line supervisor of a retail store who acts in a supportive capacity to the store manager by assuring a smooth flow of day-to-day operations. The assistant manager assumes all managerial decision-making duties for the store in the manager's absence. This entry-level role can groom ideal candidates for store manager roles or higher, like district and regional managers.


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Working as an Assistant Store Manager

  • Serving as the front-facing customer-centric liaison between the company, employees and customers regarding service and sales inquiries or complaints
  • Scheduling employee shifts, ordering and processing merchandise, supervising store personnel and creating reports for upper management
  • Keeping the store organized, training and developing new hires, directing the sales employees when they take inventory, sorting out cash receipts and engaging with customers
  • Inspecting products for correct display pricing and making certain the retail performance of merchandise is just as the advertisements claim
  • Assigning employees with different duties and tasks and monitoring their production rate of completing assignments on time
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How much does an Assistant Store Manager make in the United States?

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The average salary for a assistant store manager is $19.16 per hour in the United States. 19.3k salaries reported, updated at August 4, 2022.

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Where can an Assistant Store Manager earn more?

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Common questions about for an Assistant Store Manager

What is the most important responsibility of an assistant manager's job?

The main duty the assistant manager has is to step in as the acting manager when the manager is away. In general, keeping the company running day-to-day requires taking on a few managerial duties, like supervising the store personnel or assessing the quality of sales service given to the customers.

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How do you describe the role of an assistant store manager on your resume?

A common job description for assistant manager describes tasks that highlight providing supervision of projects, implementing store policies and company procedures, creating various reports, overseeing employees, scheduling, and monitoring sales productivity, task completion and inventory.

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What is the difference between a team leader and an assistant store manager?

Both team leaders and assistant managers provide supervisory authority over employees. An assistant store manager has more responsibilities over staff and operations. Whereas, team leaders cannot make significant decisions without approval from another supervisor. Many times, assistant management roles groom a candidate for a manager's position.

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What are the typical number of hours an assistant store manager works each week?

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