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Common questions about being an Automotive Technician

What skills do I need to be an automotive technician?

An excellent automotive technician is able to build great rapport with customers and explain problems and solutions in a clear way. They should have up-to-date knowledge of new and products on the market and tool knowledge (both power tools and manual tools) They need to be problem solvers and possess the technical aptitude for determining what tools are needed for diagnosing and fixing problems.

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What advancement opportunities are there for an automotive technician?

When an automotive technician has superior mechanical knowledge and strong customer service skills, there are opportunities to advance to a master mechanic. The master mechanic still needs the same expertise as an automotive technician, but at this level, the role also requires management abilities since there is responsibility taken on for the work of other employees.

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How much do similar professions to automotive technician get paid?

Check the below Indeed career pages for the detailed pay ranges for the similar professions here:

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Will the role of an automotive technician evolve?

What is the difference between an automotive mechanic and automotive technician?

How can I know if I am being paid fairly as an automative technician?

What is the outlook for careers as automotive technicians?