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What does a Back End Developer do?

A back end developer is responsible for building and maintaining the back end of a website including the server, application code and database. The back end developer works as a team with clients, front end developers and software engineers to create web applications. Back end developers work in offices with other computer professionals.


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Working as a Back End Developer

Depending on their educational background, work experience and special skills, a back end developer may:

  • Work as a team with front-end developers, customers, system administrators and web designers to create a functional and attractive web application
  • Write, debug and document code that runs on the web server
  • Implement data protection and security protocols
  • Be responsible for optimizing the speed, efficiency and scalability of web applications
  • Design, implement and maintain database storage for web applications
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How much does a Back End Developer make in the United States?

Average base salary

Average $159,238
Low $108,608
High $233,471
Non-cash benefit
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The average salary for a back end developer is $159,238 per year in the United States. 8.6k salaries reported, updated at October 1, 2023

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Where can a Back End Developer earn more?

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Common questions about for a Back End Developer

Which computer languages and tools are most helpful as a back end developer?

Back end developers should be proficient in one or more server-side languages including PHP, Ruby, Python and Java. Working knowledge of database tools such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server is essential. Experience working with Linux is a huge plus for a back end developer. Understanding of PHP frameworks such as Zend and Symfony as well as version control software such as SVN and Git is also valuable.

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What is the difference between a front end developer, a back end developer and a full stack developer?

Front end developers are most concerned with the appearance of a web application. Front end developers enjoy the graphic and creative aspects of web design. Back end developers build the logic behind the website. Back end developers enjoy programming and working with data. Full stack developers are "jacks of all trades." Full stack developers work on both the front end and back end components of a web application.

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How much do similar professions to Back End Developer get paid?

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Can Back End Developer work from home?

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