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Common questions about being a Banker

What are some important skills for bankers?

It's important for bankers to be analytical thinkers who are good at critical thinking, problem-solving and math. They also need to have strong interpersonal skills because they will be helping their clients make important decisions. They also need good communication skills so that they are comfortable explaining sometimes complicated financial situations to their clients in a clear manner.

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What's a typical day like for a banker?

Most bankers work in an office setting. Typically, they work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. More banks are offering night and weekend hours, however, so it isn't unusual to work outside of the traditional bankers' hours.

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What are the different kinds of bankers?

There are four main kinds of bankers. Personal bankers help individual clients. Commercial bankers typically work with small businesses. Investment bankers typically work to help build the capital of their banks through advising investors and acting as the middleman between those investors and the businesses they invest in financially. Lastly, merchant bankers are responsible for managing the investments of the bank itself.

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What are fields related to banking?

What is the job outlook for bankers?