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What does a Building Superintendent do?

A building superintendent is responsible for a residential building's general maintenance. This includes handling routine maintenance, keeping the public areas within the building clean and overseeing the work of outside contractors for major maintenance works. They typically live in the building they supervise and are frequently on call to respond to tenant concerns.


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Working as a Building Superintendent

The main responsibilities for a building superintendent include:

  • Keeping the building clean and aesthetically pleasing
  • Delegating repair tasks to maintenance staff
  • Hiring and supervising contractors for major renovation works
  • Handling repair works, such as fixing faulty pipes, changing locks and painting common areas
  • Keeping all maintenance costs within the allocated budget
  • Making sure every part of the building is compliant with safety standards and city regulations
  • Reporting to the building owner regarding various updates concerning the building and its tenants
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How much does a Building Superintendent make in the United States?

Average base salary

Average $66,196
Low $42,277
High $103,649

The average salary for a building superintendent is $66,196 per year in the United States. 234 salaries reported, updated at September 29, 2023

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Where can a Building Superintendent earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in United States?


Job openings

Average $94,886 per year

Maintenance Superintendent

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Average $48,943 per year

Construction Superintendent

Job openings

Average $94,364 per year

Construction Project Manager

Job openings

Average $92,481 per year

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Common questions about for a Building Superintendent

What are the advantages of being a superintendent?

The advantages vary depending on the building and the employer but generally include competitive pay and a package containing medical, dental and life insurance benefits. Another major advantage is that the job of a building superintendent usually offers long-term security.

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Do superintendents pay rent?

Most building superintendents live in the apartment building they manage and either pay no rent at all or pay a highly discounted rate. Aside from lower housing costs, the fact that their workplace is within the building they live in minimizes commute costs.

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What's the difference between a building superintendent and a building manager?

While superintendents are generally responsible for the maintenance of residential buildings or complexes, building managers also work in other buildings, such as schools and other businesses. This typically implies less hands-on involvement and more delegating.

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What is the job outlook for superintendents?

Aside from practical organizational and communication skills, what other qualities do employers expect from a building superintendent?

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