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What does a Camp Counselor do?

A camp counselor is a person who directs, coordinates and supervises camp activities for kids and teenagers. The camp counselor is responsible for creating a fun, safe environment during the camping program. A camp counselor's job involves teaching and leading camp activities. They usually work in an immersive environment with kids between the ages of 7-16 years. A camp counselor can also be referred to as a camp advisor, camp lead or camp director.

Working as a Camp Counselor

While there are many responsibilities as a camp counselor, some that should be expected include:

  • Coordinating, leading and creating camp activities for kids
  • Facilitating interpersonal relationships between campers and settling disputes among them
  • Helping kids in the camp understand ground rules and ensure compliance
  • Organizing and leading evening activities
  • Providing counsel and support to individual campers

How much does a Camp Counselor make in Brooklyn, NY?

38 salaries reported
Average base salary
per hour
The average salary for a camp counselor is $15.30 per hour in Brooklyn, NY.
20% higher
than national average
Most common benefits
  • Paid housing
  • Food provided
  • Gym membership
  • Employee discount
  • Paid sick time

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