What does a Computer Engineer do?

A computer engineer designs, develops, assembles and repairs electronic circuits to maintain computerized systems. Examples include deciding the types of micro controllers, connecting networks and troubleshooting problems in hardware and software. Additionally, a computer engineer is also responsible for installing software, analyzing and upgrading IT systems, as well as checking compatibility. A successful computer engineer can progress to become a systems architect.

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Working as a Computer Engineer

  • Designing, developing, testing and deploying new hardware systems with electronic circuits and components
  • Assembling circuits, computers, networked systems and swarms, monitoring resources and solving logic problems
  • Installing software like operating systems, device drivers, applications, databases and security systems
  • Designing different computer systems based on x86, x64 architecture and embedded systems using ARM processors
  • Developing, deploying, testing and debugging essential software through computer coding in various programming languages
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How much does a Computer Engineer make in the United States?

437 salaries reported, updated at January 11, 2022
per year

The average salary for a computer engineer is $52,012 per year in the United States and $6,000 cash bonus per year.

Cash bonus
per year

Most common benefits

  • Referral program
  • Health savings account
  • Paid jury duty
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Military leave
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Where can a Computer Engineer earn more?

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about being a Computer Engineer

Are computer engineers still in demand?

Computers have become part of the daily life of an average person. All these systems need people for constant maintenance and operation. As hardware and software are constantly evolving, computer engineers are required to upgrade and replace obsolete systems on an ongoing basis.

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What is the difference between a software engineer and a computer engineer?

Both occupations require knowledge and working experience in hardware and software, but in varying capacities. A software engineer is an expert in designing software applications through coding, whereas a computer engineer designs and develops various hardware systems. However, a software engineer does not need to have extensive knowledge about electronics, just as a computer engineer does not need expertise in software design.

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Can computer engineers work from home?

Computer Engineers can usually work from home.

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What opportunities are there for computer engineers?

Which companies hire computer engineers?

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