What does a Customer Success Manager do?

A Customer Success Manager is an individual who represents a company and helps customers make the most of their experience with that company. They are the primary point of contact for any client concerns regarding billing, product or support. A Customer Success Manager should provide the best consumer experience possible with the goal of improving market expansion and client retention.

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Working as a Customer Success Manager

Working as a Customer Success Manager involves:

  • Customizing workflows depending upon customer profiles
  • Understanding the needs of the customer to help them exploit the organization's software
  • Handling and resolving customer requests and complaints
  • Evaluating and improving tutorials and other infrastructure for communication
  • Developing and managing client portfolios and minimizing client churn
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How much does a Customer Success Manager make in the United States?

4.3k salaries reported, updated at October 19, 2021
per year

The average salary for a customer success manager is $58,153 per year in the United States.

Most common benefits

  • Stock options
  • Food provided
  • Commuter assistance
  • Gym membership
  • Unlimited paid time off
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Where can a Customer Success Manager earn more?

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about being a Customer Success Manager

What is the significance of customer success?

Customer success enables the effective adoption of technology, leading to increased renewal rates and subsequent expansion of selling opportunities. Customer success teams ensure that consumers stay on the platform. The success team achieves this by ensuring that clients extract the most value from their existing technology subscription.

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How does a Customer Success Manager execute customer success?

Customer Success Managers deliver customer success through event, time and value-based interactions between the supplier, the consumer and the supplier's technology. For instance, a customer success manager may engage with a client via a quarterly business review or as clients achieve predetermined milestones. Customer success managers also implement effective adoption strategies that meet and exceed the client's business goals.

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When does customer success happen?

Customer success ensures that the promises of the supplier to the consumer are realized. Customer success happens throughout the life cycle between the consumer and the supplier. It requires active, prescriptive customer engagement.

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