What does a Deli Associate do?

A deli associate, also known as a deli worker or deli clerk, is a person who provides cleaning, food preparation and customer service functions at deli counters, restaurants and cafeterias. Associates work as a team to clean the counters and dining area, assist with food preparation and ensure customers receive a warm welcome while they await their orders.

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Working as a Deli Associate

Depending on the level of experience, the employer and the individual role, a deli associate may:

  • Welcome guests, recommend foods and answer questions about menu items
  • Take customers' orders, prepare food and drinks and ensure kitchen staff fulfill orders correctly
  • Serve food and drinks, provide samples for customers and package orders
  • Clear tables and clean the serving counters, dining tables and work area
  • Provide customer service and promote special events and offers
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How much does a Deli Associate make in the United States?

10.4k salaries reported, updated at May 15, 2021
per hour

The average salary for a deli associate is $11.86 per hour in the United States.

Most common benefits

  • Adoption assistance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Flexible spending account
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Employee discount
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Where can a Deli Associate earn more?

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about being a Deli Associate

What other roles can a deli associate do?

Deli associates can use their role as a stepping stone to positions of higher responsibility. They can become waiters and waitresses, bartenders, kitchen staff and line cooks. With formal training, deli associates can specialize in food safety, bakery and other branches of the restaurant industry.

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Do deli associates work at night?

It depends on the employer. If you work in a 24-hour store, you may work varying shifts including days, nights, overnights and weekends. The work environment can also be hot or cold depending on your duties.

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Does a deli associate's duties include operating machinery?

Yes, a deli associate's duties can involve operating powered equipment such as meat slicers, ovens, deep fryers, coffee and tea makers and other appliances.

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