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How to become a Dental Receptionist

There are no specific qualifications required to be a dental receptionist and many entry-level roles only require a high school diploma or GED as there will be a lot of training offered to new hires. There are further qualifications that you can take if you choose, including diplomas, certificates, and degrees in office administration, medical administration or any related subject.

What skills help Dental Receptionists find jobs?

  • Dental Receptionist
  • Dental Office Experience
  • Eaglesoft
  • Front Desk
  • Dentrix
  • Dental Assisting
  • Customer Service
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Office Experience
  • Computer Skills
  • Chairside Assisting Experience
  • Organizational Skills

Career progression for Dental Receptionist

Education levels for Dental Receptionists

2%6%92%Bachelor's DegreeAssociate's DegreeHigh School Diploma or GED

Based on the requirements of Dental Receptionist job openings on Indeed in the United States within the last three years.

Expected salary by experience

0-44-88-1212-1616-2020-24Years of experience28k30k31k33k34kAnnual salary in USD

Based on resume data from Indeed users who reported working as a Dental Receptionist in the United States within the last three years.

Common qualifications for Dental Receptionists

  • X-Ray Certification
  • Certified Dental Assistant
  • Radiology Certification
  • Registered Dental Assistant
  • Coronal Polish Certificate
  • Sealant Certification
  • Nitrous Oxide Certification
  • EFDA Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • EDDA Certification
  • Certified Orthodontic Assistant
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional
Frequently asked questions
Common questions about career advices for a Dental Receptionist

What other skills do I need to become a dental receptionist?

There are a number of other skills and personal qualities that make someone a good fit for a dental receptionist role, with the most important being good organizational skills. Keeping everything running smoothly requires a methodical approach as there are lots of jobs which need doing regularly on top of interacting with patients and helping with their queries.

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What personal qualities are needed to be a dental receptionist?

Dental receptionists also need excellent time management skills. They will need to manage their own time effectively as well as managing the schedule of one or more dentists so making sure that everything gets done within an appropriate timescale is incredibly important.

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