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Common questions about being a Digital Marketer

Why do businesses hire digital marketers?

To compete with digital businesses and reach the most consumers where they spend their time, it's important that businesses invest in digital marketing. Another reason businesses use digital marketing is that it's easy to get started at low-cost.

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What is search engine optimization to a digital marketer?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing a webpage's visibility on search engines. When digital marketers refer to SEO they are usually talking about ensuring a website ends up on the first page or two of organic search results for certain terms. This is done by ensuring the website meets the quality standards of major search engines that seek to deliver the best content and information based on the searcher's intent.

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What is the value of content marketing for a digital marketer?

Content marketing is a modality of digital marketing that is popular among enterprise businesses. When a business participates in content marketing they create blogs, produce native content for publications and try to receive backlinks for publications with high domain authority (DA). Content marketing helps businesses reach more users, increases SEO and pushes traffic to the brand's website.

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As a digital marketer, do I need to update content regularly?

Should I work for an agency as a digital marketer?